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Series I. Subject Files (Alphabetical)

Section: A

Box 1
Folder 1 Peter Alldred Memorial Library
Folder 2 Alumni Fund

First Annual report of Alumni Giving Plan, May 1, 1924; (History of Alumni Giving Plan); Correspondence concerning financing of the construction of Alumni Hall, 1920-36, 1931.

Folder 3 125th Anniversary Fund, 1912-1915

Lists of subscribers; Minutes of meetings, 1912-15; Plans for use of the money raised; signatures

Folder 4 Appropriations from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Correspondence; House bills; Budget requests; List of appropriations, 1904-1929; 1927-1929 – 1933-35

Folder 5 Athletics

Athletic Council constitution and Bylaws; WUP Committee on regulation of athletic sports; Silver cup trophy for football between Pitt and Carnegie Tech; Football game not played: complaint (University of Pennsylvania and Pitt) 1905; Rules for eligibility for team

Section: B

Folder 6 Base Hospital Unit No. 27 (American Expeditionary Forces, France) 1917-1921

Unit supplied by the University; Correspondence concerning establishing and paying for the Unit; 1917

Box 2
Folder 7-17 Bequests [RESTRICTED]

Elbert H. Gary, David L. Gillespie, George B. Gordon, Florence H. Guthrie, Harbison Estate, Belle C. Hershman Martinek, Sarah C, Miller, Z. Bailey Ogden, Solomon Rosenbloom, Edwin Ruud, Mary Sloan, Rosalie Sprang, Daniel H. Wallace

Folder 18 Bonds, Surety for Employees

Also Biddle estate resolution

Section: C

Folder 19 Carnegie Foundation Committee on Pennsylvania

Pamphlets on the study; Minutes of the committee meetings, 1928; Correspondence on the study of the Relations of Secondary and Higher Education in Pennsylvania

Folder 20 Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Concerning pensions; Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, 1921, 1936; Correspondence; Lists of professors having

Folder 21 Carnegie Institute of Technology

Memos and Minutes concerning cooperation with University of Pittsburgh, 1921

Folder 22 Central Athletic Association (Central Turnverein) Mortgage Papers

Gardner Steel Conference Center

Folder 23 Central District Telephone Company (Bell System)
Folder 24 Contracts

With Indiana Normal School of Pennsylvania; Bell Telephone Co. of Pennsylvania; Carnegie Institute of Technology; Duquesne Light Co.; Browning King and Co.; City of Pittsburgh (water mains); Wilmore Coal Co.;

Box 3
Folder 25 Competition Documents, Western University of Pennsylvania

Competition for University plan for buildings on the hillside

Folder 26 Cathedral of Learning Nationality Classrooms

Deeds of gift for the German Room, 1931; Swedish Room, 1936; Lithuanian Room, 1935; Yugoslav Room, 1931; Scottish Room, 1934; Polish Room, 1931; Czechoslovak Room, 1931; Russian Room, 1931; Rumanian Room, 1931; Chinese Room, 1931; Hungarian Room, 1931

Section: D-F

Folder 27 Frank, Issac W. Trust Fund

Trust fund agreement; Friendship Avenue property to West Penn Hospital; Mortgages; R.B. Mellon; Edward M. MacFadden;

Folder 28 Fund Committee

Letters of appointment to the Committee, 1919; Gray, Captain Richard C.; Building to be given in memory of James Park, Jr., 1913

Section: G-I

Folder 29 Grierson Property, 1929-1933

DeSoto and O'Hara Streets

Folder 30 Halket Street Property

Dimling Property along Halket Street; Indentures, deeds, agreements, correspondence, 1923-26; Blue print;

Folder 31 Harmon Foundation

Correspondence, applications for loans, few Harmon News Bulletins, pamphlet on Harmon Foundation, 1924-26;

Folder 32 Heating Agreement (Carnegie Institute Boiler Plant)
Folder 33 Hill Property

Agreement of sale; deeds, 1927; Fifth Avenue and Lothrop Street.

Folder 34 History of the University

Several typed papers on the history; Letter from Mr. Black, Secretary of University to Rec. Dr. McLaren that he was elected Principal of the Faculty, 1855; Correspondence with Andrew Carnegie about a contribution (Chancellor McCormick, 1905);

Box 4
Folder 35 Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

Deed for the transfer of land located in Polish Hill from the University of Pittsburgh to the Church.

Folder 36-37 Insurance

Insurance Endowment Fund, 1919; Group Insurance; General University Insurance policies, 1925-1927

Section: J-M

Folder 38 Jacob Brothers, Joseph T. Quinn Affidavit
Folder 39 Emma Kaufmann Clinic

Correspondence, Inusurance and Deeds

Folder 40 Legislative appropriations, 1913-1921
Folder 41 Magee Family

Memorial Fountain and Hospital correspondence

Folder 42 Dr. C.R. Mann Survey and Report on the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Institute, 1914-1915
Folder 43 W.L. Mellon Scholarship Fund
Folder 44 Mellon Institute

Agreement for smoke abatement, 1923/24; Reprint of article on dedication of the Mellon Institute, 1915; Agreement, 1928 between University of Pittsburgh and Mellon Institute; Agreements, 1913, 1921, and 1928;

Folder 45 Montefiore Hospital

Center Avenue, 1929 drawing of the area

Section: N-P

Box 5
Folder 46 National Research Council Grants, 1929-1930
Folder 47 Nesbit Street Property, 1915
Folder 48 Pittsburgh Skin and Cancer Foundation and Presbyterian Hospital

Foundation's agreement with the University of Pittsburgh, 1932; Presbyterian Hospital Agreement and Conveyance of land for the hospital, 1930 and 1936

Folder 49 Plans and for Temporary Buildings, August 1914

Two Drawings, specifications, agreement with Mellons for the Institute

Folder 50 Price, Waterhouse and Co. Balance sheets for the University of Pittsburgh, 1910-1929

Section: R

Folder 53 Research Bureau for Retail Training, 1925-1933

Endowment Fund; Trust Agreement

Folder 52 Research Laboratory

Construction documents; Industrial Chemistry

Folder 53 Rosanoff Endowment

Willard Gibbs Chair of Research in Pure Chemistry

Section: S

Folder 54-56 Scholarships

Lily Frederick Endowment, Carrie T. Holland Scholarship Fund, Louise Mulert and Ferdinand Max Mulert Fellowship Fund, Stephen Ridinger Scholarship

Folder 57-57a School of Medicine

“Terms of Union” of the Western Pennsylvania Medical College and the Western University of Pennsylvania; Building: Proposal, contract, bond and specifications; Correspondence with Palmer, Hornbostel and James L. Stuart; Mortgage, 1908; Building contract by James L. Stuart; Box 6

Separated Material:
The original Charter of the Western Pennsylvania Medical College has been relocated to Box 16 of this collection.

Box 6
Folder 58-59 School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy, Pittsburgh College of Pharmacy merged with Scio College of Pharmacy and Chemistry of Scio, Ohio; Merged with Western University of Pennsylvania to become the School of Pharmacy; 1905 agreement for Pharmacy and Dental School to share building. Historical documents in 14 envelopes

Folder 60 Stowe Township Land. 1927

Documents regarding the sale of Land in Stowe Township, that was deeded to the University by Thomas Pittock, to Edith Phlegar.

Folder 61 Pittsburgh Aviation Management Corporation, 1930

Agreement to use facilities at Butler Airport for aviation ground school.

Folder 62 Pittsburgh Free Dispensary, 1932

Agreement for staffing of dispensary with persons from the School of Medicine.

Folder 63 Pittsburgh Musical Institute, 1931

Agreement to allow courses from the Institute to be used toward a Bachelors degree from the University.

Folder 64 Walter B. Scaife Papers, 1921-1925

Donation to the University to support lectures on vegetarianism.

Folder 65 Schoeneck property

Agreement for purchase of Property along Fifth Avenue, blueprints.

Folder 66 Science-Chemistry Building, 1921-1930

Donations and correspondence.

Folder 67 Sies, Dr. Raymond W. and Dr. C. K. Lyans, 1918

Controversy over termination of contracts.

Folder 68 Solicitors: Patterson, Crawford, Arensberg and Dunn, 1921-1931

Box 7
Folder 69-70 Stadium

Mortgage, dated December 1, 1924; Window Installation, 1928; Turner Construction Company bills; Stone & Webster Company; Minutes of meeting of Stadium Committee of Seven; Pitt Stadium financial statements; Stone & Webster, Inc. to direct and supervise the construction; Statistics on excavation and grading; Blue print of stadium, July 10, 1924; Agreement with Carnegie Tech for use of Stadium; 1933, incineration certificate for Stadium bonds, 1924; Contract with Stone & Webster, 1925; Balance sheets and income accounts;

Folder 71 Survey Report

Repor on the Survey and Assessment of the University of Pittsburgh conducted in 1916, by Dr. William C. White.

Box 8
Folder 72 Sutherland, John B.

Contract, 1934.

Section: T

Folder 73 Taxes and Tax Exemption

Also some real estate transactions.

Folder 73a Trautman, Emma

Alldred Endowment

Folder 74 Trees Memorial Gymnasium and Athletic Field, 1911-1914
Folder 75 Tuesday Musical Club and Stephen Foster Collection and Memorial

Construction of building, 1935; W.F. Trimble & Sons Co. contracted for building; Accounts; Program for Laying of Cornerstone, 1935; Agreement between Tuesday Musical Club and the University for use of the building, 1931; Agreements for construction, 1935; Hornbostel as Architect, 1933; Correspondence with Mr. Josiah K. Lilly

File 76 Turner, Ralph S. 1934-1935

Letters and documents of the investigation of his dismissal

Section: U-W

Folder 77 United Presbyterian Women’s Association, 1931

Property sold to University, 1931, 4th ward

Folder 78 University Hospital

Merger with Eye & Ear and Presbyterian;

Folder 79-79a Western Pennsylvania Medical College

Agreements and correspondence, 1876; Drs. Boggs and Johnston to teach, 1903; Incorporation of Reineman Hospital, 1902; Mortgages; Bonds; Deeds; WUP bought Western Pennsylvania Medical College in 1908 for $100,000; Mercy Hospital and Western Pennsylvania Medical College agreement, 1901; Property purchase agreements; Indenture between Western Pennsylvania Medical College and University of Pittsburgh,1890 (and Agreement, 1908); Report and accounts, June 30, 1907 of Western Pennsylvania Medical College; Reineman Hospital claim against the University

Box 9
Folder 80 Western State Psychiatric Hospital

Deeds and Agreements with the State of Pennsylvania and the University, 1932; Issue of taxes before building erected;

Folder 81 Western Theological Seminary

Class of 1894; Centennial Fund; List of class; Pamphlet: Western Seminary’s services in field of learning, by Reverend George Taylor, Jr., D.D., Wilkinsburg; (mention of ‘Pittsburgh Forward Movement’);