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Series II. Photographs c1885-1890

Scope and Content Notes:

Included in this series are 49 photographic images, predominately taken by Tate in and around Economy, Beaver County, Pa. Twenty-five of the images were sent to Japan for hand coloring, according to the text by Tate. These images depict scenery in and around Economy, private homes of the Harmonists, their commercial buildings, and some individuals (particularly the leadership of the community). With the exception of some of the portrait images, these images were most likely taken by Tate between 1885-1890.

Item 6 "Economy from across the Ohio"
Item 7 “Bridge over the Big Sewickley Creek”
Item 8 “Big Sewickley Creek”
Item 9 “The Great House and Town Hall” [aka Feast Hall]
Item 10 “Great House”
Item 11 “Great House and Garden”
Item 12 “Great House from Churchyard”
Item 13 “Garden”
Item 14 “Great House Parlor”
Item 15 “Great House Parlor”
Item 16 “Great House Parlor”
Item 17 “The Town Hall” [Feast House]
Item 18 “The Town Hall [Feast House] and Great House”
Item 19 “The Church”
Item 20 “Church and Great House”
Item 21 “Interior of Church”
Item 22 “Hotel”
Item 23 “Hotel”
Item 24 “Overlooking the Ohio River”
Item 25 “Store and Post Office”
Item 26 “Store and Post Office”
Item 27 “A House and Garden”
Item 28 “The Ephraim Blaine House“
Item 29 “The Cotton Mill“
Item 30 “The Woolen Mill“
Item 31 “The Flour Mill and Cotton Mill“
Item 32 “The Flour Mill“ [with Men at the Door]
Item 33 “The Miller"
Item 34 “The Wine Press”
Item 35 “The Wine Cellar“
Item 36 “Town Pump“
Item 37 “Wine Vat used as Cistern“
Item 38 “Grotto in Garden“
Item 39 “Coach“
Item 40 “Coach“
Item 41 “Printing Press “
Item 42 “The Fire Engine“
Item 43 “Doorway, Old Hall, New Harmony, Ind. “
Item 44 “Cemetery Gate, Harmony, Pa“
Item 45 “George Rapp “
Item 46 “George Rapp from a painting”
Item 47 “Jonathan Lenz “
Item 48 “Father Henrici “
Item 49 [unidentified female]
Item 50 “A door yard “ [Women on the Step]
Item 51 “Father Henrici” [Walking on the street]
Item 52 “Father Henrici and John Duss” [Walking on the street]
Item 53 “A Member in her garden”
Item 54 “A Member in her garden”