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Series IV. General Correspondence, 1730-1806

Scope and Content Notes:

General Correspondence refers to the letters and documents included within the Burd-Shippen Papers, which seemingly have little direct connection to either family, aside from geographic region. Some of the documentation makes reference to land deals, financial information, and social correspondence with distant relatives. These may represent some of Edward Shippen or Edward Burd's clients during their business or legal work.

Box 3
Folder 1 Benjamin Hopkins to Captain, October 14, 1730
Folder 2 William Logan Receipts, 1740
Folder 3 Cover Letter for Land Survey of Whippening, New Jersey, September 24, 1749
Folder 4 Count Referees to Make Reports, Court of Carlisle, September 7, 1751
Folder 5 Letter Drafts, 1766-1768
Folder 6 Letters to Mrs. Yeates, 1770-1778
Folder 7 Deed; John Webb and Benjamin Webb, April 3, 1774
Folder 8 George Smithers Order to Pay Joseph Nelson, January 25, 1775
Folder 9 Sofia (Marsh) Burrow to E. D. Pietersoon, 1780
Folder 10 Captain Burnham, Receipts and Orders, 1782-1786
Folder 11 Thomas Connor Deed Poll, April 1, 1784
Folder 12 List of Jurors Struck, 1787
Folder 13 Lands Surveyed in Northumberland County, October 15-25, 1792
Folder 14 Charles Gallagher Case Evidence for Counterfeit Dollars, August 1794
Folder 15 Joseph Duncan and Robert Walker Receipts, 1801-1806
Folder 16 Miscellaneous Scribbling, undated