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Series XII. Great Britain

Folder 1056 British Food Mission
Folder 1057 Future Needs of Domestic, British and Unoccupied European Countries. Letter to President, April 8, 1941
Folder 1058 Ministry of Health - General
Folder 1059 Nutrition in Great Britian

Box 65
Folder 1060 Various Booklets on Air Raids, British cities at war, and information concerning casualties and evacuations.
Folder 1061 Correspondence (to G.B.)
Folder 1062 Air raids and shelters in G.B.
Folder 1063 Misc. G.B. (Air raid info., casualty, articles)
Folder 1064 Great Britain (Civil defense, post war plans)
Folder 1065 Supplemental report on Public Health, Medical and Sanitation aspects of civil defense in Great Britain

Box 66
Folder 1066 Civil defense measures for the protection of children (in G.B.)
Folder 1067 Birmingham and Coventry Data
Folder 1068 British Medical Association
Folder 1069 Emergency Medical Service
Folder 1070 French Food Position
Folder 1071 London-School of Hygiene and Public Health
Folder 1072 London County Council
Folder 1073 Col. Harrison - V.D.
Folder 1074 London Water Supply
Folder 1075 Medical Research Council
Folder 1076 Ministry of Foods
Folder 1077 Willesdan and Ken. data
Folder 1078 British Food Mission. U.K. requirements from the U.S.A., 1941-43