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Series I. Research

Scope and Content Notes:

This series holds correspondence, notes, interview transcripts, reports, etc. used to document the organization structures of the American Shakespeare Festival, the Stratford Festival, and the Royal Shakespeare Company. There is also one file containing research material sent from the Arts Council of Great Britain. This material was used to generate Ms. Doherty's paper "A Model Theatre".

Subseries 1. American Shakespeare Theatre

Box 1
Folder 1 Bader, Richard (Executive Director)
Folder 2 By-Laws, December 1980
Folder 3 Campbell, Graeme (Actor)
Folder 4 Coe, Peter (Artistic Director)
Folder 5 Cooper, Roberta (Director of Planning)
Folder 6 Coorman, William (Chairman, Board of Directors)
Folder 7 Correspondence, 1981-82
Folder 8 Dotrice, Roy (Actor)
Folder 9 Financial Statements, 1978-1980
Folder 10 Misc. Notes and Organizational Chart, 1981-82
Folder 11 Newman, Ellen
Folder 12 Patria, Joe (Technical Manager)
Folder 13 Pheneger, Richard (Director of marketing and Public Relations)
Folder 14 Sheftis, Bob (Manager of Theatre Operations)
Folder 15 Valente, Esther (Director of Financial Services)

Subseries 2. Arts Council of Great Britain

Folder 16 Arts Council of Great Britain, 1981

Subseries 3. Royal Shakespeare Company

Folder 17 Agreement with Actor Equity Association, 1978
Folder 18 Book Excerpt
Folder 19 Bowler, Simon (Deputy Technical Manager), September 1971
Folder 20 Brierly, David (General Manager), 1981
Folder 21 Charter and By-laws
Folder 22 Correspondence, 1981-82
Folder 23 Godfrey, Derek
Folder 24 Fleetwood, Susan (Actress)
Folder 25 Malcolmson, Carole (Deputy Planning Controller), 1981
Folder 26 Notes, 1981
Folder 27 Organizational tree, May 1979
Folder 28 Reports, 1979-1981

Subseries 4. Stratford Festival, Canada

Folder 29 Beattie, Rod (Actor)
Folder 30 Benson, Susan (Head of Design)
Folder 31 By-laws
Folder 32 Corner, Gerry (Box Office Manager)
Folder 33 Correspondence, 1979-1982
Folder 34 Hays, John (Executive Producer), August 1981
Folder 35 Job Descriptions, 1980-1982
Folder 36 Ladell, Dan (Archivist)
Folder 37 Lawson, John (Chairman, Board of Governors)
Folder 38-40 Misc. Notes and Reports, 1979-1984
Folder 41 Patterson, Tom (Founder),

Box 2
Folder 1 Power Struggle - newspaper clippings and notes regarding internal disputes, 1979-1980
Folder 2 Sherrin, Muriel (Producer)
Folder 3 Schonberg, Michal (Literary Manager)
Folder 4 Selby, Anne (Director of Publications and Publicity)
Folder 5 Thomas, Gary (General Manager), 1981
Folder 6 Uren, John (Director of Marketing), 1981