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Series IV. Cap and Gown Productions

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes materials related to the Cap and Gown Club listed chronologically by production. It contains souvenir and/or leaf programs, scripts, phonograph records, musical scores, news clippings, other miscellaneous promotional material, and 16-millimeter films. Each of the productions contains some or all of the materials previously mentioned. The 16-millimeter films are shelved independently from their corresponding productions at the end of the series. It also includes financial records and correspondence pertaining to the Club's productions. Items marked with an asterisk (*) have the music for the production in the program.

Folder 11-12 When Pitt Was Young - Programs and Scripts
Folder 13 Little Suffragettes - Scripts
Folder 14 The Maxixe Girl - Programs and News Clippings

Box 2
Folder 1-2 Suite 16 - Programs and Musical Scores
Folder 3 The Diamond Girl - Musical Scores: The Diamond Girl lyrics only.
Folder 4 Mary Grow Round* - Programs
Folder 5-6 Yip-Yip* - Programs and Scripts
Folder 7 Manhattan Preferred* - Programs
Folder 8-9 What's Up* - Programs and Scripts
Folder 10-11 The Silver Domino* - Programs, News Clippings, and Scripts
Folder 12 All to the Point* - Programs, News Clippings and Nixon Theatre Program with Advertisement
Folder 13 Hello Again* - Programs
Folder 14-15 In the Soup* - Programs and Scripts

Box 3
Folder 1-2 Out for the Count* - Programs and Scripts
Folder 3-4 Trailor Ho!* - Programs and Scripts
Folder 5 Pickets, Please* - Programs and Alumni Review
Folder 6-7 At Your Service - Programs, News Clippings, Alumni Review, and Scripts
Folder 8-9 At Your Service - Musical Scores
Folder 10-11 At Your Service - Phonograph Record: Nothing is too Perfect for You (side 1) Diary of Dreams (side 2) - 2 copies

Box 4
Folder 1-2 Snap Your Fingers - Programs and Musical Scores
Folder 3-5 Head Over Heels* - Programs, Scripts, and Musical Scores
Folder 6-7 Kilroy Is Here - Programs and Scripts
Folder 8 Cap and Gown Music 1940 - Phonograph Record
Folder 9 Financial Reports - Receipts and expenditures for 1931-1941
Folder 10 Correspondence: from Louis M. Fushan to G. Norman Reis
Folder 11 Films -- All to the Point, (contains shots of Gene Kelly) and Silver Domino, 1932-1933
Folder 12 Films -- Hello Again, 1934
Folder 13 Films -- In the Soup, 1935
Folder 14 Films -- Out for the Count, 1936
Folder 15 Films -- Trailer Ho!, 1937
Folder 16 Films -- Unidentified Cap and Gown Production