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Series I. Lectures, 1942-1969

Scope and Content Notes:

Oliver's lectures cover a range of topics and reflect his research interests in historical sites, World War II, local history, science, and American leadership. The file folders mainly consist of lecture notes both typed and hand written. The date, year, and place of each lecture are noted where that information was available. In addition to covering a wide range of topics, the lectures also were delivered to various organizations and groups.

Box 1
Folder 1 Why Study History in the Time of War?, University of Pittsburgh, December 29, 1942
Folder 2 Thomas Jefferson-Scientist, 1943
Folder 3 Social Situation of Women, Graduate Nurses, 1944
Folder 4 World Peace: An Unkown Idea, 1945
Folder 5 Some History Lessons I Would Teach, Allegheny Co. Institute, October 11, 1945
Folder 6 Effects of World War II upon the Teaching of History and Social Studies, 1945
Folder 7 Slippery Rock Vesper Service, Homecoming, October 6, 1946
Folder 8 Pitt’s Alumni History, 1946
Folder 9 Radio Talk Charter Day , February 28, 1947
Folder 10 Northwest Airlines Comes to Pittsburgh, 1948
Folder 11 A Great Miracle to Me, Heinz Chapel, April 5, 1948
Folder 12 An Awakening in Early Pittsburgh History, The Department of Fine Arts, University of Pittsburgh, 1948
Folder 13 Leadership in Democracy, Pitt Fraternity Leaders, November 11, 1949
Folder 14 The War and the Prophets, 1950's
Folder 15 Let’s Try Another Remedy for Our Patients, University of Pittsburgh, School of Nursing, June 14, 1950
Folder 16 Another Approach to the Study of American History, 1950
Folder 17 The Historical Significance of Point Park, 1950
Folder 18 Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Modern Society, Graduate School of Public Health, January 10, 1951
Folder 19 Give Deserving Youth a Chance, Mercersburg Mothers, January 17, 1951
Folder 20 Some History Lessons I Would Teach, Pittsburgh Freedom Committee, September 19, 1953
Folder 21 Washington Scientific Leader, Ligonier Rotary Club, September 28, 1954
Folder 22 Conestoga Wagon Day, Point Park, Pittsburgh, September 20, 1954
Folder 23 The Conestoga Wagon: A Symbol of Early Transportation, College Club, May, 20, 1955
Folder 24 Westmoreland-Fayette County Historical Society, 1956
Folder 25 Why Preserve Historical Sites?, Conference at Rollins, 1958
Folder 26 Theodore Roosevelt: Pioneer Leader in the Conservation Movement, University Club Winter Park, February 22, 1958
Folder 27 Winter Park Kiwanis Club, July 13, 1959
Folder 28 Early American Know-How Goes Abroad: Western Pennsylvania's Part, Westmoreland-Fayette County Historical Society, 1959
Folder 29 Early American Know-How Goes Abroad: Western Pennsylvania's Part, West Overton, June 20, 1959
Folder 30 Abraham Alfonse Albert Gallatin, West Overton, June 18, 1960
Folder 31 The Civil War Centennial: Lincoln, The War President, Westmoreland-Fayette County, Founder’s Day, June 17, 1961
Folder 32 Destiny and Glory, Winter Park J. C.’s, April 19, 1961
Folder 33 Lincoln: The War President, Westmoreland-Fayette Historical Society, June 17, 1961
Folder 34 Another Bequest from the Mayflower, Annual State Meeting of Mayflower Descendants, November 15, 1963
Folder 35 Abraham Lincoln: War President, University Club (Winter Park), January 9, 1963
Folder 36 A New Challenge to American Historians, University of South Dayton History Conference, May 2, 1963
Folder 37 Huguenot Society, 1964
Folder 38 George Washington: Farmer, University Club (Winter Park), February 22, 1964
Folder 39 Another Lesson in American History, D.A.R. (Winter Park), February 10, 1964
Folder 40 The Gallant Mrs. Stonewall, May 31, 1969
Folder 41 Josephus Daniels in Mexico
Folder 42 Why Study History?
Folder 43 Functional History or Service History?