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Series IV. Manuscripts, Drafts, Articles, Chapters and Notes

Scope and Content Notes:

This series has manuscripts and drafts of various writings that Nietz wrote or shared authorship of. Often files are partial chapters and some remain unidentified.

Box 4
Folder 19-25 Old Textbooks

Box 5
Folder 1-2 Old Textbooks
Folder 3-5 Old Secondary School Textbooks
Folder 5a Evolution of Old Secondary School Textbooks Flyers and Dust Jacket
Folder 6 Textbooks McGuffy Didn't Write
Folder 7 Old Secondary School Grammar Textbooks
Folder 8 History or Women's Clubs in America
Folder 9 Adult Education
Folder 10 A Gift of Old School Textbooks
Folder 11 Beginnings of the Idea of Educational Administration
Folder 12 Evolution of American School Textbooks
Folder 13 Evolution of American Arithmetic Textbooks
Folder 14 Early Education in Pittsburgh
Folder 15 Agricultural Extension Education
Folder 16 Development of Correspondence Education in the United States
Folder 17 Methodism on the Headwaters of the Ohio
Folder 18 Education of Adult Prisoners
Folder 19 Experiences of a Book Collector
Folder 20 Development of Reading Textbooks
Folder 21 Kingdom of the Mind
Folder 22 Nietz Old Book Collection
Folder 23 History of Reform Jewish Education in America
Folder 24 More Students Taking Science and Mathematics
Folder 25 Schools of Western Europe
Folder 26 Secondary Education
Folder 27 Guiding Principles in Teaching the Social Studies
Folder 28 Development of Physiology Textbooks
Folder 29-29a Europe: Post World War II Education
Folder 30 A Philosophy of Education for Pennsylvania
Folder 31 Education in Pennsylvania
Folder 32 Good Citizenship Education
Folder 33 Education and National Defense
Folder 34 European Schools (Published Interview)
Folder 35 More High School Students Taking Basic Subjects (Criticism)
Folder 36 Most Popular American Histories
Folder 37 University of Pittsburgh Historical Writings

Includes two essays: "Early Pitt Head an Pioneer in Professional Education" (about Gilbert Morgan), "Origin and Development of the University of Pittsburgh" and a report for the School of Education.

Box 6
Folder 1-3a History of Education
Folder 4 History of Education in Pennsylvania
Folder 5 Forward Look for Teacher Training Institutions
Folder 6 History of Education in the U.S.
Folder 7 Assorted Histories Manuscript Chapters
Folder 8 Values and Objectives in Teaching Education (partial)
Folder 9 Visual Aids in Teaching Social Studies
Folder 10 Why Do Textbooks Get Bigger?
Folder 11 Why the Longevity of the McGuffy Reader?
Folder 12 Workers' Education
Folder 13 Evolution of the Teaching of Civil Government in the U.S.
Folder 14 Story of Theater in America
Folder 15 Student Life in Schools of the Ohio Valley Ninety Years Ago, 1940
Folder 16 Some Findings of Old Textbook Analyses
Folder 17 Manuscripts on Consumers' Education, Academic Freedom, Language Arts, New England Academies
Folder 18 Terms in History of Education
Folder 18a Book Reviews 1954

Beginnings of Bucknell University; Cultural History of Western Education and Development of Standards in Secondary and Higher Education

Box 15
Folder 1 Nietz Textbook Collection typescript

Box 17
Folder 1 American School Board Journal issues with Nietz Articles 1921-1930