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Series V. Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

The Publications series contains all scholarly writings found among Cohen's papers. For many of her articles there is evidence of publication, often in the form of a clipping from the relevant journal. Some articles however exist only in manuscript or outline. It should be noted that correspondence bearing directly on Cohen's publications -- that is, requests for reprints, requests for elaboration on how Cohen conducted her experiments, and commentary on individual works -- is filed with the relevant publication for context. This series includes not just articles but also monographs, tracts, and a copy of Cohen's dissertation.

Box 1
Folder 92 “Chronic Illness: A Case of Role Conflict Using a Multi-Modal Role Formulation”
Folder 93 “Cognitive Styles, Culture Conflict and Non-Verbal Tests of Intelligence”
Folder 94 “Cognitive Styles, Culture Conflict and Under- and Over-Achievement”
Folder 95 “Compulsory Sterilization Statutes: Public Sentiment and Public Policy”
Folder 96 Conceptual Styles and Social Change (first edition with second edition materials enclosed)
Folder 97 "Conceptual Styles, Culture Conflict, and Nonverbal Tests of Intelligence”
Folder 98 “Conceptual Styles: New Educational Strategies for Cultural and Linguistic Minority Children”
Folder 99 “Deprivation, Culture Difference and Culture Conflict in the Sciences”
Folder 100 “Effect of Socio-Conceptual Styles on Achievement in School: An Interim Report of Research on Educational Disadvantage”
Folder 101 “Effecting Planned Innovation in Schools through Indigenous Change Agents”
Folder 102 “Exclusions and Adaptations: A Reevaluation of the Culture of Poverty Theme”
Folder 103 “Formal Role Analysis and the Culture of Poverty”
Folder 104 “Four Paradigms: Their Consequences”
Folder 105 “Higher Education and Affirmative Action Law: A Case Study of Six Related Law Suits”
Folder 106 “How to Structure a Dissertation Research Proposal”
Folder 107 “Implications for ‘Culture Conflict’ from a Semantic Feature Analysis of the Lexicon of the Hard Core Poor”
Folder 108 “Implications of Cognitive Norms for the Study of Social Change”
Folder 109 “Implications of the Flexible Style for Social Change”
Folder 110 “Influence of Conceptual Rule-Sets on Measures of Learning Ability”
Folder 111 “In-Service Councils and Their Programs”
Folder 112 “Is Formal Status-Role Analysis Generalizable to Low-Income Groups?”
Folder 113 “Language and the Structure of Poverty”
Folder 114 “A Match or Not a Match? A Study of Immediate Science Materials”
Folder 115 “Middle States Review: The Public University (Responsibility) Issue”
Folder 116 “Multi-Theoretical Evaluation Research Teams as Conflict-Generating Milieus”
Folder 117 “Neglected Legal Dilemmas in Community Psychiatry”
Folder 118 “Occupational Segregation and Sex Related Cognitive Differences”
Folder 119 “Primary Group Structure, Conceptual Styles and School Achievement”
Folder 120 “Primary Group Structure, Conceptual Styles and School Achievement” (Ph.D. Dissertation w/ related materials)
Folder 121 “The Relation Between Socio-Conceptual Styles and Orientation to School Requirements”
Folder 122 “Relational and Analytical Intelligence in Designers and Research”

Box 2
Folder 1 “Resistance to Contemporary Mental Health Developments: Compulsory Sterilization Statutes as Indicators of Public Sentiment”
Folder 2 Review of Education and Social Control: A Study in Progressive Primary Education (Rachel Sharp & Anthony Green)
Folder 3 Review of Hightown Grammar: The School as a Social System (Colin Lacey)
Folder 4 Review of Policy Issues in Education (ed. Ornstein & Miller)
Folder 5 Review of The Role of the Pupil (Barbara Calvert)
Folder 6 “The Role of Primary Group Structure in the Development of Values”
Folder 7 “Role Theory and Chronic Illness”
Folder 8 “School Reorganization and Learning: An Approach to Assessing the Direction of Social Change”
Folder 9 “Social Structure, Change and the Integration of Residual Groups”
Folder 10 “Sociology of Education: A Definition of the Field”
Folder 11 “Sociology of Poverty: A Definition of the Field”
Folder 12 “Some Legal Constraints on the Effective Operation of ‘The Team’ in Medical Settings”
Folder 13 “Some Problems in Implementing the Better Decision – State of New Jersey”
Folder 14 “Sources of Communication Failures in the Language of the Hard-Core-Poor”
Folder 15 “Subcultural Variations and Dominant Societal Themes”
Folder 16 “A Systems Approach for Transforming Institutional Models”
Folder 17 “Taxonomy of Test Response Characteristics and Socio-Behavioral Correlates of Conceptual Styles”
Folder 18 “The Value-Laden Context in Programs for the Educationally Disadvantaged: A Critical Comment”
Folder 19 “Valuing, Values and Value: An Introduction to Systems of Knowing” (outline)