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Series I. Academic Career, 1958-1998

Scope and Content Notes:

This series consists of 85 folders, arranged in five subseries, containing documents pertaining to the academic work of Dr. Robert Toll Norman. These include manuscripts written by Dr. Norman during his formal schooling at both Stanford and Harvard Universities; draft versions of short manuscripts written while he was at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA); two longer manuscripts; lecture notes, class handouts, assignments and student work; and official publications of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, including 1958-1959 provisional bulletin.

Subseries 1. Undergraduate/Graduate Papers and Teaching, 1955-1964

Scope and Content Notes:

The first subseries, Undergraduate/Graduate Papers and Teaching, consists of 20 folders containing draft and completed versions of manuscripts and seminar papers written by Dr. Norman during his formal schooling. These early writings are concerned with topics such as local and regional transit planning; administrative policy; the future of urban government; metropolitan integration; and a copy of a speech discussing the future of government in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Box 1
Folder 1 'The Sacred Cow Steps Up To the Trough' or A Study of: The Politics of Education in A Federal System, 03/06/1956
Folder 2 The Problem of Knowledge for Meaningful Decision in Transportation Planning: The Case of a Regional Rapid Transit System for San Francisco, 12/10/1957
Folder 3 Euphoria and the Sythions: The Soviet Challenge to American Administrative Theory, 1957
Folder 4 The Autonomous Metropolis, 1958
Folder 5 Politics, 1961
Folder 6 Federal Policy on State and Local Government, 1963
Folder 7 Community, 07/1960
Folder 8 Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1961
Folder 9 The Future of Urban Government
Folder 10 The Harvard Plan for Metropolitan Boston, 1963
Folder 11 Defense By Contract, 1963
Folder 12 Yale University Speech
Folder 13 Max Weber and The Asian City
Folder 14 A Turning Point on the Road to Freedom
Folder 15 A Local Government Approach to World Order
Folder 16 On Why City Government is in Crisis
Folder 17 Civic Associations
Folder 18 Metropolitan Integration
Folder 19 Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America
Folder 20 Assorted Manuscript Title Pages

Subseries 2. GSPIA: Drafts and Short Manuscripts, 1967-1998

Scope and Content Notes:

The second subseries consists of 49 folders containing draft and final versions of manuscripts and journal articles written by Dr. Norman during his time as professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh. These writings adress various subjects such as local urban government; urbanization; urban planning at both the local and regional level; the role of cities in their global context; theories of public administration; the Pittsburgh Steelers victory in Super Bowl XIII; and other issues associated with urban affairs. This subseries represents a substantial portion of the comprehensive body of work of Dr. Norman during his 31 year stay at GSPIA.

Folder 21 The Political Subsystem
Folder 22 PIA 2707: Third World Urbanization and Political Development
Folder 23 Empowerment of Cities and Citizens, 08/04/1988
Folder 24 Politics of Global Resources and Empowering Cities and Citizens
Folder 25 Administration of Public Affairs
Folder 26 Politics of Global Resources
Folder 27 Urban Theory
Folder 28 Third World Urbanization and Political Development
Folder 36 Subscriptions of Large Nations, 01/25/1970
Folder 29 World Cities
Folder 30 GSPIA Closing, ca. 1984
Folder 31 Annexation: White Power? Black Power? Action in Alphadelphia, 09/09/1969
Folder 32 Black Power, Irish Bosses and the Metropolis, 09/12/1969
Folder 33 Education for All: A Crucial Test for the Urban Community, 10/05/1969
Folder 34 Rough Notes on City vs. National Power: Or Will Regional Development Produce Better Cities? 11/10/1969
Folder 35 The Future of Urban Government, 01/1970
Folder 37 On the Government of Cities, 01/1970
Folder 38 Urban Political Development: India, 09/11/1971
Folder 39 Regional Cities, 11/10/1971
Folder 40 Distance, Technology, and the Areal Division of Power,
Folder 41 What Americans Might Learn from the Study of Regional Development in India, 10/1978
Folder 42 Towards An Urban Political Development Model, 02/1972
Folder 43 Urbanization in Europe and The United States, 01/28/1973
Folder 44 Poverty, Politics, and Participation in Kanpur, India: A Regional Analysis, ca. 1976
Folder 45 Prospects for Decentralization Under the Janata, 10/03/1977
Folder 46 The Theory of Sub-National Government: or The Value of Wormes in the Body Politick, 03/18/1978
Folder 47 On Winning Super Bowl XIII, 01/21/1979
Folder 48 The Theory of Compensatory Control, 01/23/1979
Folder 49 Like Wormes in the Entrayles of the Body Politick: The Linking of Sub- and Supra-National Theories of Government, 06/1979
Folder 50 Cities As Hostage, 09/22/1981
Folder 51 Walls and the Tradition of Civil Defense, ca. 1982
Folder 52 Hurdles, Obstacles, and Objectives, 03/1982
Folder 53 Beyond Soveriegnty, 06/26/1982
Folder 54 Public Administration and the Arms Race, 08/09/1982
Folder 55 Why Cities Should Have Offices of Community Survival, 09/08/1982
Folder 56 The City as Urban Region: Toward a Redefinition, 10/1982
Folder 57 The Alternative of Integrated City-States, ca. 1983
Folder 58 The Unconstitutionality of American Government, 12/10/1983
Folder 59 War, Women, and Work: The Democratic Imperative, ca. 1984
Folder 60 Public Administration- 1984
Folder 61 Metropolitan Integration, 01/25/1984
Folder 62 City Management, 01/28/1984
Folder 63 The Autonomous Metropolis, 01/28/1984
Folder 64 Public Administration and the Arms Race, 01/1986
Folder 65 World Order Thinking: Alternatives to the Sovereign State, 08/09/1991
Folder 66 Regime Theory in Cultural Context 04/18/1991
Folder 67 Vienna: The Shaky Tradition, 08/27/1995
Folder 68 Municipal Corporations: Borrowings and Failures
Folder 69 Subscriptions of Large Nations, 01/25/1970

Subseries 3. GSPIA: Completed Manuscripts

Scope and Content Notes:

The third subseries consists primarily of two completed manuscripts written by Dr. Norman during his time as GSPIA. The first manuscript, entitled "Two Flags Flying: Toward A City-Based World Order Model," is focused on the role of cities in the world, and how cities can contribute to the quality of government. The second manuscript, "Beyond the United States: America After the Cold War," discusses the emerging problems of urbanization and governance faced by the United States following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Additionally included are three completed chapters focused on warfare and its justifications, presumably written by Dr. Norman; the book in which these chapters were to be included is unknown.

Folder 70-72 Two Flags Flying: Toward A City-Based World Order Model, 07/1989
Folder 73-76 Beyond the United States: America After the Cold War, 07/04/1990
Folder 77 War and Why We Have It

Chapters 2-4

Subseries 4. GSPIA: Lecture Notes, Assignments and Student Work

Scope and Content Notes:

The fourth subseries consists of six folders which contain the notes, graphs, handouts, and miscellaneous assignments used by Dr. Norman during his time as a professor in GSPIA. The personal lecture and organizational notes of Dr. Norman account for the majority of this subseries; these notes provide a unique glimpse into the mind of a college professor, and address a wide variety of topics related to urban affairs and metropolitan integration. However, this subseries also includes copies of work--both draft and completed--submitted by students of Dr. Norman. Topics addressed within this subseries include: political theory; metropolitan integration and issues; the nuclear crisis and more.

Folder 78 Lecture Notes
Folder 79 Class Notes & Maps
Folder 80 Handouts
Folder 81 Assignments
Folder 82 Articles for Class
Folder 83 Student Work

Subseries 5. GSPIA: Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

The fifth subseries consists of two folders containing a few official publications of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) located at the University of Pittsburgh. Included in the subseries are both public and private releases which provide a look into the development of the renowned school from 1978-1997. Many of the documents are concerned with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the creation of the school, which took place in 1997. Also included in this subseries is the original provisional bulletin of GSPIA from 1958; this proposal led to the creation of the school.

Folder 84 Assorted GSPIA Publications
Folder 85 GSPIA Bulletin 1958-1959 1958-1959