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Series III. Correspondence

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes both business and personal letters. They are arranged alphabetically by the name of the sender. The business correspondence includes letters from booking agencies and advertisers.

Box 4
Folder 1 Abrams, Morris
Folder 2 Arlington, Harvey
Folder 3 Bert Marshall Vaudeville Circuit
Folder 4 Billboard magazine
Folder 5 Bridge, Al
Folder 6 Brydon's Imperial Vaudeville Co.
Folder 7 Canfield Booking Exchange
Folder 8 Challis, Beverly, Challis
Folder 9 Church Printing Co.
Folder 10 Cleveland Vaudeville Co. Inc.
Folder 11 Consolidated Booking Offices
Folder 12 George H. Webster Theatrical Exchange
Folder 13 Gilmore, Charles P.
Folder 14 Great Mars, The
Folder 15 Greenwood Theatrical Agency
Folder 16 Griffin Vaudeville Circuit
Folder 17 Gus Sun Booking Exchange
Folder 18 International Theatrical Co.
Folder 19 Inter-State Vaudeville Circuit
Folder 20 Jenkins, Scott
Folder 21 Kelly, Clyde U.S. Representative
Folder 22 Kingston Booking Assoc.
Folder 23 Liberty Vaudeville Contracting Co.
Folder 24 Marcus Loew William Morris Consolidated Booking Agency
Folder 25 McLaughlin, I.C.
Folder 26 Milburn Booking Exchange Co.
Folder 27 Morganstern, C.W.
Folder 28 music publishers
Folder 29 Nagle, Irwin W.
Folder 30 Nelson, Charles W.
Folder 31 Nixon-Nirdlinger Booking Agency
Folder 32 Polack Theatrical Exchange
Folder 33 Princess Theatre Co.
Folder 34 Puni Circuit Vaudeville Exchange
Folder 35 Rea Vaudeville Circuit
Folder 36 stage supply dealers
Folder 37 Toledo Booking Exchange
Folder 38 Verbeck and Farrell
Folder 39 Western Reserve Vaudeville Manager's Assoc.
Folder 40 Western Vaudeville Manager's Assoc.
Folder 41 White Rats of America
Folder 42 Williams, B.J.
Folder 43 Unidentified