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Series XV. 2012 Additions

Scope and Content Notes:

The documents contained in this series were added to the collection in 2012. The subseries are meant to roughly correspond to the existing categories that are found in Series I through Series XIV. It contains several unpublished manuscripts written by Gordon Prange and Katherine Dillon.

Subseries 1. Korea

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries consists of two folders of writing on the U.S. relationshio with Korea. It is unclear if the author is Goldstein, Ridgway or someone else.

Box 81
Folder 5-6 U.S. Policy Towards North Korea

Manuscript, author unknown but possibly Ridgway.

Subseries 2. Ennis Whitehead

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains additional documents and correspondence related to Whitehead.

Box 79
Folder 1 Ennis Whitehead Documents

Box 81
Folder 1 Ennis Whitehead Correspondence and Research

Subseries 3. World War II

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains some ancillary research materials and some files that duplicate the materials elsewhere in this collection. Since all these files were heavily used during the publication of at least eight books the decision was made to keep any duplicates in case some files were misplaced or lost.

Box 79
Folder 2 Precis

Precis for Target Tokyo, At Dawn We Slept and Miracle at Midway.

Folder 3 Great Pearl Harbor Photographs
Folder 4 Letters About Books
Folder 5 Midway Materials
Folder 6 Fuchida Original Manuscript
Folder 7 Unpublished Ms.

Racing Towards Maturity

Folder 8 Manuscript

South Pacific Islands

Folder 9 Manuscript Revisionists Revisited Once Again

Reaction by Donald Goldstein and Katherine Dillon on declassified documents especially with regard to Tolands's book Infamy.

Folder 10 Manuscript on Neutron Bomb, 1984
Folder 11 Okinawa Diary

Log of Commander Oliver Martin Sell, MD, Commnader of a field hospital in Okinawa.

Folder 12 Copy of: Yoshida memoirs; the story of Japan in crisis, by Yoshida, Shigeru, 1878-1967. .

Translated by Kenichi Yoshida re-edited by Hiroshi Nara

Folder 13 World War I Aces
Folder 14 Time Magazine, December 1941
Folder 15 American Aircraft Drawings by Henry Clark
Folder 29-30 Untranslated Materials

Box 81
Folder 2-3 World War II Correspondence

Box 81
Folder 4 World War II Primary Documents
Folder 5 Pearl Harbor U.S. Interviews
Folder 6-7 Pearl Harbor Japan Interviews
Folder 8-10 Fuchida Interviews
Folder 11 Chihaya Study
Folder 12 Chigusa War Diary


Folder 13 Rengo Kantai by Ryunosuke Kusaka, 1952


Box 79
Folder 31-32 Unidentified Photos and Materials

Box 81
Folder 7 Letter Handwritten, June 3, 1946

Author is unknown but seems to be a recollection of the tensions between the U.S. and Japan from the point of view of the author who was in Japan in 1940.

Folder 8-9 Typed and Handwritten Notes and Miscellany
Folder 10 Three Louis Raemaeker Cartoons and One Watercolor
Folder 28 Pearl Harbor Child: a Child's View of Pearl Harbor-from Attack to Peace, by Dorinda Makanaonalani Stagner Nicholson.

Subseries 4. Academic and Course Matierials

Section: University of Pittsburgh

Box 79
Folder 21 Security and Intelligence Studies, Theories and Public Policy
Folder 22 Ethical Leadership in Public and International Affairs
Folder 23 American Way of War
Folder 24 Nationality, Nation States and International Politics
Folder 25 Theory and Practice of International Affairs
Folder 26 Policy Analysis
Folder 27 World War II, the Cold War and it's Impact on Developing Nations
Folder 28 Panama Canal, Semester at Sea Course Materials

Subseries 5. Personal, Donald Goldstein

Box 79
Folder 16 Military Records, 1958-1960
Folder 17 Katherine Dillon Eulogy
Folder 18 Midway Keynote Address on USS Harry S. Truman, 2002
Folder 19 Advancement of Kimmel and Short
Folder 20 Thank You Notes and Misc.

Subseries 6. Deshazer

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains some of the personal correspondence that Goldstein had with Deshazer's family and documents relating to Deshazer's funeral.

Box 80
Folder 1 Jacob Deshazer Memory Book
Folder 2 Attack, by Mitsuo Fuchida
Folder 3-5 Research Materials
Folder 6 Manuscript Draft

Subseries 7. Gordon Prange

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains research and manuscripts given to Goldstein by Gordon Prange.

Box 81
Folder 14 Manuscript Correspondence
Folder 15 Book Correspondence
Folder 16 Prange's Notes on Yomiuri Shimbun
Folder 16 Prange Correspondence with Robert E. Barde
File 17 Prange Critique of Mitz Manuscript
Folder 18-18a Prange Book Correspondence
Folder 19 Five Starred Mikado (Confessions of a Court Historian) by Gordon W. Prange


Folder 20 Guardian of Empire by Gordon W. Prange


Folder 21 How Americans Reacted to Pearl Harbor Twenty Years Ago by Gordon W. Prange


Folder 22 That Fateful Sunday on Oahu by Gordon W. Prange


Folder 23 These Women Remember Pearl Harbor by Gordon W. Prange


Folder 24 The Truth About Japan's Pearl Harbor Spy by Gordon W. Prange


Folder 25 Who Knew About Pearl Harbor? by Gordon W. Prange


Folder 26 GHQ Memorandum, History Section, 4 June 1949

Assignemnt of Gordon Prange to oversee the postwar reports on U.S. and Japanese military.

Folder 27 Gordon W. Prange Vita, 1973

Subseries 8. Katherine Dillon

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries has correspondence and articles written by Katherine Dillon, collaborator with Goldstein and Prange on the Pearl Harbor books.

Box 82
Folder 1 Correspondence, 1982-1985
Folder 2 Pearl Harbor and Hawaii's Japanese by Katherine Dillon.


Folder 3 United States, Hawaii and the Powers, 1778-1850 by Katherine Dillon