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Series II. Articles, Essays, Lectures, Workshops and Other Projects 1980s-1990s

Scope and Content Notes:

This series comprises materials from Stern's editorship of American Jewish Poetry Anthology as well as notes, research and drafts of various articles and essays written by Stern, including records pertaining to lectures and talks given by Stern. There are three subseries, dates ranging from the 1980s through the 1990s.

Subseries 1. Articles

Folder 14 Jewish Encyclopedia
Folder 15 Jewish Encyclopedia
Folder 16 Jewish Encyclopedia
Folder 17 American Jewish Poetry
Folder 18 American Jewish Poetry

Subseries 2. Essays

Folder 19 Research for Notes on the River
Folder 20 Drafts of Notes on the River
Folder 21 Notes on the River, Column 2
Folder 22 Correspondence concerning Notes on the River
Folder 23 Drafts of Nostalgia
Folder 24 East Liberty notes
Folder 25 Sabbath
Folder 26 Port Authority
Folder 27 Some Secrets
Folder 28 Living in Ruin
Folder 29 Caves
Folder 30 Essay on Heaven
Folder 31 Essay on Music
Folder 32 Chanty
Folder 33 Research for essay on Gil Orlovitz
Folder 34 Miss Pink at Last
Folder 35 Correspondence concerning Orlovitz essay
Folder 36 Tilting the Universe
Folder 37 Notebook
Folder 38 Research material on Mourning
Folder 39 Research material on Anti-Semitism
Folder 40 Research material on James Wright
Folder 41 Research material on Edith Stein

Subseries 3. Lectures, Workshops and Other Project

Box 13
Folder 1 Thoughts for talks
Folder 2 Poetry selections for readings
Folder 3 Poems for talks
Folder 4 Domestic poetry lecture
Folder 5 Poetry and Subversion notes
Folder 6 Stern's statements on his poems
Folder 7 Notes for a talk on writing programs
Folder 8 Amazon.Com's Millenium Poem Project
Folder 9 Content in Poetry talk
Folder 10 Pound and Paradise lecture
Folder 11 Poetry and Anthropology lecture
Folder 12 Speech for New York high school students
Folder 13 Lecture on Justice and Injustice
Folder 14 Talk on Persona
Folder 15 Lecture on Healing
Folder 16 Coleridge Lecture, New School
Folder 17 Sonnet Class material
Folder 18 Oxford photography project
Folder 19 Introduction to Crossing Limits
Folder 20 Poetry East essay
Folder 21 Stern film
Folder 22 Essays on Growing Up, 1949 versus 1987
Folder 23 Poet's Project in Philadelphia
Folder 24 Canthara: essays on W. C. Williams
Folder 25 Essay on class about Matthew Arnold
Folder 26 Three Rivers - Ten Years
Folder 27 Paris essay
Folder 28 Lecture on What Coheres
Folder 29 Myself and Walt Whitman
Folder 30 Introduction to Ploughshares
Folder 31 A Few words on form
Folder 32 Stern on Stern
Folder 33 A Seer: essay on Baja
Folder 34 Life Is Not a River
Folder 35 Essay on For Night to Come
Folder 36 Nicaragua
Folder 37 What Is A Poet?
Folder 38 Karl Stirner
Folder 39 Filling the Page
Folder 40 Roethke
Folder 41 Linda Gregg
Folder 42 Lou Asekolf
Folder 43 Galway Kinnell
Folder 44 Muriel Rukeyser
Folder 45 Allen Grossman
Folder 46 Kathleen Pierce
Folder 47 Susan Mitchell
Folder 48 Bob Haas
Folder 49 Brenda Hillman
Folder 50 Stanley Kunitz
Folder 51 Hayden Carruth
Folder 52 Bob Behr
Folder 53 W. S. Mirwin
Folder 54 Chris Davis
Folder 55 Bill Matthews
Folder 56 Liz Stout
Folder 57 Li-Young Lee
Folder 58 Deborah Digges
Folder 59 Stanley Plumley