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Series II. General Office Files, 1955-1965

Box 148
Folder 1234 University Study Committee Reports for each Area, August 1965
Folder 1235 Time Sheet for Chauffeur, 1960-1963
Folder 1236 Plane Schedules, 1961-1963
Folder 1237 Oct. 22, 1959 issue of This Week October 22, 1959

Appointment of Walter T. Stace as Third Visiting Andrew Mellon Professor and Clay and Denton to Board of Trustees

Folder 1238 Resolution adopted by Senate of Pennsylvania on, commending University of Pittsburgh, along with two other institutions on twelve-month program, July 14, 1959
Folder 1239 Proposed University By-Laws Revisions: Designations of graduate degrees for Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and School of Nursing and Adjustment of University fees, June 10, 1959
Folder 1240 Joint Convocation for the Pittsburgh Bicentennial, May 12, 1959
Folder 1241 Consideration of the use of Pitt Stadium as a Municipal Stadium and Graduate Degrees in Engineering, April 2, 1959
Folder 1241 Announcements of the Gift from the A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trusts for Endowed Professorships, Predoctoral, and Postdoctoral Fellowships
Folder 1241 Resolution by Board of Trustees approving articles on agreement on Health Center Hospitals campaign, dated February 1959
Folder 1242 Joint Committee on Faculty Participation in Policy- Making and Trimester Plan,
Folder 1243 Archives of the Litchfield Administration (S.C. Crawford)
Folder 1244 Excerpt from Minutes of Executive Committee re: Authority to Negotiate for Forbes Field Purchase - Dedication of the Babcock Memorial Room November 13, 1958, November 24, 1958

Box 149
Folder 1245 Organization Chart plus Board resolutions on appointments, Schenley and Ruskin properties, Forbes Field and Babcock Room, October 1958
Folder 1246 Organization Chart and Job Descriptions, 1958
Folder 1247 Faculty Manual, Relationship between the College of the Academic Disciplines and the School of Liberal Arts, Planning and Development, Educational Objectives, Trimester Planning, September 1958
Folder 1248 Board of Trustees resolution on New Tenure Plan, first issue of The Pennsylvania Way, tuition Exchange with Carnegie Tech, Faculty Housing, and updated By-Laws for the University, June 1958
Folder 1249 Resolutions changing the College to the School of Liberal Arts and Emeritus Status, Newsletter to Faculty, April 1958
Folder 1250 Retirement from Administrative Assignments, Johnstown Center to Johnstown College, Establishment of General Studies, Trustees Emeritus, Stadium Lease, March 1958
Folder 1251 Executive Committee Authorizing negotiations to purchase Ruskin Apartments and Tentative Terms for Ruskin Apartments Bonds, Buidling F of Schenley Park Apartments, February 1958
Folder 1252 Tuition Remission Schedule, College Teaching Seminar, Criteria for Faculty, Land for Langley Hall, Purchase of Municipal Hospital, July 1957-December 1957
Folder 1253 Establishment of Tuition and General University Fee, Letter to Students, QPA for Graduate Study, Change of name for School of Retailing, Approval of Sale of Student Union Bonds June 1957
Folder 1254 Board of College Advisors, Business Affairs, Tuition and Fee Structure, Part Time Insturctors, Authorization for Major Medical Expense Insurance, Area 8, May 1957
Folder 1255 Summary Analysis of Gifts, Closing of Darragh St. (Area 8), 1946-1956
Folder 1256 Change in Name of School of Social Work March 1957
Folder 1257 Winter 1956 - 1957 copy of Pitt: New Counseling Center and Computation and Data Processing Center and Polio Report: Mass Polio Shots Program January 1957-February 1957
Folder 1258 Authorization to establish Graduate School of Public Affairs, Tuition Increase, Creations of Boards of Visitors, Insurance and Retirement Programs December 11, 1956
Folder 1259 Graduate School of Public Affairs, Organization of Graduate Study, November 1956
Folder 1260 Sabbatical Leave Policy, Sale of Properties: School of Pharmacy and 651 Morewood Avenue, Graduate School of Public Affairs, October 1956
Folder 1261 Meeting of Scaife and Leader regarding financing of Health Professions Building, Scholarships and Grants, Ford Foundation Grant, September 1956
Folder 1262 Proposed Policies for Disciplines, Memo: Procedural Relations between the Board of Trustees and the University Administration, - Excerpt from Minutes of Board of Trustees, Authorization to Negotiate with the General State Authority August 1956
Folder 1263 Organization and Job Description Manual University of Pittsburgh, Procedure on Contract Approvals Signatures, Purchase of Schenely Park Hotel and Apartments, July 1956
Folder 1264 By-Laws of the Board of Trustees, Spring 1956 Issue of Pitt about Sarah Mellon Scaife Radiation Laboratory, Letter from the Ford Foundation regarding grant of $965,000 , April 1956-June 1956

Box 150
Folder 1265 New policies and organization, Autumn 1955 issue of Pitt : appointment of Litchfield, Copy of Resolution Adopted by Board of Trustees Autumn, June 1955-November 1955
Folder 1266-1269 Budget Requests, 1963-1967
Folder 1270-1271 Supplies 1964-1965

Box 151
Folder 1272 Books for Chancellor's Office 1962-1963
Folder 1273 Administration Listings (Advisory Boards - Regional Programs; Alumni Council; Presbyterian - University Board of Trustees; NASA / INDUSTRY / University; Magee Womens Hospital; Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania; Health Center Hospital - Service Corporation; Joint Trustees - Health Center; Eye and Ear Hospital; Education, School of; Ecuador; Council of Deans; Children's Hospital; Child Guidance Center; Central Blood Bank; Board of Trustees; Law, School of; Magee Women's Hospital; NASA/Industry/University; Presbyterian University Board of Trustees; Regional Programs; University Senate; Womens Association; Western Psychiatric Institute)

Each of the following titles contains correspondence,or other material by or about that organization

Folder 1274 Procedure, Deaths to be reported
Folder 1275 EHL awaiting answers
Folder 1276 Bailie awaiting answers and hold for future
Folder 1277 Speeches; EHL
Folder 1278 Dr. Litchfield's Inaugural Address - May 1957
Folder 1279 Personal expense vouchers
Folder 1280-1281 Requisitions, 1955-1963

Box 152
Folder 1282 Rentals, service charges, stockroom supplies, work requests
Folder 1283 Book Purchases, Outside Orders, Printing Requisitions
Folder 1284 GSA 'Project Reports', Miscellaneous A-Z, Magazines, Slides, Supplies
Folder 1285 Reports: Development Plans and Projects in the College of Academic Disciplines and Development Plans and Projects for the Social and Engineering Professions, 1963-1965
Folder 1286 Financial Survey and Analysis the University of Pittsburgh, 1955-1965
Folder 1287 Proposal to the NSF for a Five Year Science Development Program, 1964
Folder 1288 Proposed organic law for state-relationship between the University of Pittsburgh and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Folder 1289 Tax aspects of giving to University; Ten year report to Community,"Cathedral" memorial poem to Dr. S. C. Crawford by Dr. Lawrence Lee; Organization of the University and "Spin Off", 1955-1965
Folder 1290 Ecuador Project - 2nd report, 1963

Box 153
Folder 1291 University of San Carlos and University of Pittsburgh, 1963
Folder 1292 Governor's Council of Science and Technology, report, 1966
Folder 1293 NASA Proposal

Includes Organizational Chart from October 1961.

Folder 1294 Long-range development plan, February 15, 1961
Folder 1295 Selected Policy Papers and Statements, October 10, 1961
Folder 1296 Long term financing program, January 21, 1963
Folder 1297 General Plan for University Development, 1957
Folder 1298 Five year plans for Biological Science Department of Chemistry, Department of Physics, Crystallography Laboratory, 1961-1962
Folder 1299 Policy Paper #1, 1957-1958

General Principles for the long range plan

Box 154
Folder 1300 Program for the College of the Academic Disciplines at the University of Pittsburgh
Folder 1301 Campus Development Plan including Map showing alternative research areas, 1961

Copy of letter from Dr. E. H. Litchfield to Mr. Gwilym A. Price, Chairman of the Board Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Oakland Corporation pamphlet;

Folder 1302-1305 Oakland Development Corporation, 1961
Folder 1306 Press Releases on Oakland Urban Renewal, Articles of Incorporation for the Oakland Corporation, 1962
Folder 1307 Form of Resolution to be Adopted by Governing Body of Institutions and Corporations Subscribing for Stock in Oakland Corporations, 1962
Folder 1308 Biographical sketch of Frederick Maurice Smith, June 1962

Research: 'The Key to Pittsburgh's Economic Growth,' and address by Chancellor E. H. Litchfield, Pennsylvania Economy League (Research Park); 'Possible Courses of Action to Increase the Opportunity of Faculty to Live in Oakland';Photo copy of letter to Leland P. Deck; Photo copy of Minutes of the Tumble Run Meeting of on Oakland and Faculty Residents; sent to Leland R. Deck from Stanton C. Crawford; Photo copy of letter to Dr. Karl H. Oermann from L. L. Monnett, Jr regarding Recreation-playground study in Oakland area; Minutes of the Tumble Run Meeting of July 30, 1962; Photo copies of articles on Faculty Housing for the University of Pittsburgh; Organization Chart Oakland Corporation; Proposal to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration by the University of Pittsburgh; Congratulatory letter from University Secretary Stanton C. Crawford to Litchfield regarding NASA proposal; Letter to Dr. John T. Holloway, Chief University Programs, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D. C.

Box 155
Folder 1309 "Toward Higher Ground" A Five-Year Report on Progress of the University of Pittsburgh,;delivered by Edward H. Litchfield at the University's annual alumni convocation; during events which marked the 175th Anniversary of the University; Other files, 1957-1962

Organizing for Spin-Off; Letters, clippings, and memorandum for meeting with the heads of Pittsburgh institutions of higher education and of Mellon Institute to meet at Carnegie Tech on Oct. 24, 1962; Clipping regarding appointments and elections for Oakland Corporation attached to release from Russell R. Jalbert "This is an Urban Area" booklet highlighting projects of the Oakland Corporation for Panther Hollow, Nov. 27, 1962.

Folder 1310 Litchfield Inauguration budgets and plans, 1956-1957
Folder 1311-1312 Board of Trustees - Correspondence, Dr. A. M. Scaife, 1952-1955
Folder 1313-1315 Budget Matters - Correspondence and various Budget Material, 1963-1964
Folder 1316 Reports on Tumble Run Conference, June, July, August 1964
Folder 1317 Personnel Matters [RESTRICTED]