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Section: Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania

Scope and Content Notes:

Dr. Marion Hathway’s file from August, 1933 to March, 1938 concerning the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania. The Association had its headquarters in Philadelphia. Its Executive Director was George R. Bedinger with whom Dr. Hathway had extensive correspondence on a variety of public and confidential subjects.

Folder 166 Correspondence

August 1933 “Tentative Report of the Sub-Committee Appointed to Recommend the Program for the New Division of Family Welfare and Relief”; Extensive work on the Public Welfare Act of 1935 in Pennsylvania; Opposition to political patronage in the Pennsylvania Welfare Department under Governor Earle and promotion of a civil service or merit system; Minutes of meetings of the “PCA Committee on State Welfare Department”; List of the March, 1935 full and part-time faculty in the Division of Social work.

Folders 167-167a County Welfare Boards Plan, 1933-35

Extensive correspondence, minutes, reports and correspondence in connection with the writing, passage and implementation of Pennsylvania’s Public Welfare legislation.

Folder 168 Adoption Study Committee September 1932-April 1935

Minutes from several area “sections” of the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania Committee on Adoptions; Includes information on the “Ten Year Program Committee on Adoptions” and “A Plan for the Study of Adoptions in Pennsylvania.

Folder 169 Family & Child Welfare Committee, Advisory Committee, November 1932-January 1938
Folders 170-171 Family & Child Welfare Division, Executive Committee, April 1935-March 1938

Minutes and meeting related materials from this committee of the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Mary Denman of Pittsburgh is mentioned. Mary T. Denman was a social welfare activist who earned her law degree from the University of Pittsburgh, taught in the School of Social Work, served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, was president of the Pennsylvania Conference on Social Welfare and a member of many ground breaking boards. She was known as a consumer advocate.

Folder 172 Committee on Penal Affairs, May 1934-May 1938

Legislative Program of the Committee on Penal Affairs of the Public Charities Association of Pennsylvania for 1934; Correspondence, meeting announcements, agenda, minutes and reports.

Folder 173 Mental Hygiene Committee January, 1937 to May, 1938
Folder 174 Committee on Public Assistance and Relief, May-December 1936