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Collection Inventory

Series I. Legal Material, 1798-1893

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains the papers created by Taylor and MacKey in the legal offices of Taylor, Gilfillan & MacKey in the 1860s, and, later, Taylor & MacKey. These chronologically arranged "legal documents" include: drafts of real estate agreements, notes for cases (some of which identify the client), ledgers of client payments, attorney fee forms and checks, subpoenas, witness depositions, and ephemera. This series also contains limited correspondence that relates the Taylor & MacKey firm. The materials reflect the breadth of their practice, including their work for clients in their town of Oil City, Venango County. The firm also represented clients from Altoona, Meadville, Erie, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland, as well as towns in upstate New York. These papers refer to property loss cases, such as Ellis Harris vs. Imperial Fire Co. and estate and real estate cases heard in the Court of Common pleas of Venango County. Also present are drafts of land agreements presumably created by Taylor & MacKey. Many of the papers relate to clients in the oil, mining and railroad businesses, including the Tank Oil Company, the Atlantic Petroleum Company, the Pithole Creek Petroleum Company, the Osceola Oil Company, the Island Oil Company, the Fountain Oil Company, Ritchie Oil Company, and the Oil Well Supply Company. The firm also practiced criminal law, including two murder cases in 1863, and cases argued before the Orphan's Court. The majority of these papers are arranged chronologically. However, depositions and court transcripts from cases of note are located in Box 8, including a worksite bludgeoning murder between log rollers, an 1863 stabbing death, two undated shooting deaths, and the trial of a man accused of raping an eleven-year-old neighbor in the woods near her home.

Subseries 1. Legal Documnents, 1798-1893

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries is chronologically arranged "legal documents" include: drafts of real estate agreements, notes for cases (some of which identify the client), ledgers of client payments, attorney fee forms and checks, subpoenas, witness depositions, and ephemera. The materials also include limited amount of correspondence that relate to the Taylor & MacKey firm. The materials reflect the breadth of their practice, including their work for clients in their town of Oil City, Venango County.

Box 1
Folder 1-10 Legal documents, 1798-1860

Box 2
Folder 1-6 Legal documents, 1861-1864

Box 3
Folder 1-6 Legal documents, 1864-1866

Box 4
Folder 1-9 Legal documents, 1867-1873

Box 5
Folder 1-10 Legal documents, 1874-1893

Box 6
Folder 1-5 Legal documents, undated

Box 7
Folder 01-04 Legal documents, undated
Folder 5 Case notes, undated
Folder 6 Case notes, undated

Subseries 2. Notes and Judgements, 1860-1875

Scope and Content Notes:

The notes and judgements subseries included case notes on shooting, murder testimony, and other general legal documentation.

Box 8
Folder 1 Notes and Judgements, general, 1860-1875
Folder 2 Bludgeoning murder testimony, 1863
Folder 3 Stabbing murder case notes, 1863
Folder 4 Oil contract draft, 1870
Folder 5 Testimony of breach of contract, 1871
Folder 6 Shooting Case Notes, undated
Folder 7 Shooting Case, undated
Folder 8 Account of fire losses, undated
Folder 9 Murder case testimony, undated
Folder 10 Rape case, undated

Series II. Client and Business Papers, 1853-1896

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains correspondence from the clients and business contacts of Taylor & MacKey. The correspondence, receipts, and ledgers in this series are split into two subseries; the first is arranged alphabetically, and the second chronologically. These materials reflect Taylor & MacKey's work for mining and oil interests, such as the Iron City Oil Works of Pittsburgh, the Standard Lubricating Oil Works of Parkersburg, West Virginia, the Walnut Hill Coal Company, and private clients. Their communications with other attorneys, such as C. S. Poor, of Shamburgh, Pennsylvania demonstrate their broader involvement in the legal field. Related to their work, a map of "Oil Creek Lands" dated 1860 depicts numbered plots owned by Hussey, McBride, Haldeman and Farmer along Oil Creek in Cherrytree and Cornplanter Townships, Venango County, Pennsylvania. An additional, though undated, map shows the Island Well on Ball Farm near Pithole Creek and its confluence with an unnamed tributary. Client papers of the the Allegheny Valley Railroad Company include suits filed against the company for damage and injury caused by accidents. Many of the client papers relate to civilian property damage claims.

Subseries 1. Client and Business Papers, Alphabetical Arrangment, 1856-1896

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries is arranged alphabetically by the last name of the author, or sometimes by the name of the company. Some folders represent a single author or company, while others are labeled simply with a letter and contain correspondence from multiple authors. Some clients in the oil industry have been alphabetized seperately in Box 12.

Box 9
Folder 1 A, 1858-1876
Folder 02-12 Allegheny Valley Railroad Company, 1860-1893
Folder 13 Henry Allebach, 1958-1961
Folder 14 Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, 1869-1879
Folder 15 A. G. Curtin, 1864
Folder 16 B, 1859-1877
Folder 17 C, 1859-1871
Folder 18 Chauncey M. Depew, 1864

Box 10
Folder 1 D, 1858-1874
Folder 2 E, 1863-1864
Folder 3 F, 1860-1875
Folder 4 G, 1858-1871
Folder 5 H, 1858-1876
Folder 6 Harris
Folder 7 I, 1864-1873
Folder 8 J, 1858-1896
Folder 9 Jackson Oil Company, 1865
Folder 10 S. P. Johnson, 1858-1871
Folder 11 K, 1856-1871
Folder 12 L, 1863-1875
Folder 13 Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway Company, 1869-1874
Folder 14 Laytonia Town and Oil Company, 1867

Box 11
Folder 1 M, 1858-1882
Folder 2 M, 1858-1882
Folder 3 Mountain Oil Company, undated
Folder 4 N, 1864-1871
Folder 5 New York Pennsyvania and Ohio Railroad, 1885
Folder 6 O, 1869-1874
Folder 7 Oil City and Pithole Railroad, 1869-1872
Folder 8 P, 1869-1876
Folder 9 Pennsylvania Railroad, 1870
Folder 10 Pennsylvania Reserves, 1876
Folder 11 C. S. Poor, 1870-1871
Folder 12 Q, undated
Folder 13 R, 1858-1871
Folder 14 N. B. Robinson v Oil City Gas Company, 1879
Folder 15 S, 1867-1875

Box 12
Folder 1 S, 1867-1875
Folder 2 T, 1870-1871
Folder 3 C. E. Taylor, 1864-1874
Folder 4 Isaac Taylor, 1873
Folder 5 Taylor MacKey, undated
Folder 6 Titusville and Tidiote Railroad, 1821-1871
Folder 7 U, 1874
Folder 8 Simon Ulman, 1860
Folder 9 Vincent, 1869
Folder 10 V, 1863
Folder 11 W, 1859-1879
Folder 12 Wilson, 1869-1871
Folder 13 Y-Z, 1871-1879
Folder 14 Oil-related clients A-E, 1860-1871
Folder 15 Oil-related clients F-L, 1860-1871
Folder 16 Oil-related clients M-R, 1864-1879
Folder 17 Oil-related clients S-Z, 1865-1887
Folder 18 Map of Island Well on Ball Farm, undated
Folder 19 Map of Oil Creek Lands, 1860
Folder 20 Ledgers of client accounts, undated

Subseries 2. Client and Business Papers, Chronological Arrangment 1853-1875

Scope and Content Notes:

Correspondence in this subseries is arranged chronologically by year. There is overlap between these materials and alphabetized correspondence in the previous subseries.

Box 13
Folder 01-13 1853-1870

Box 14
Folder 01-08 1870-1875

Series III. Bill and Reciepts, 1855-1879

Scope and Content Notes:

This series includes reciepts and bills for purchases made by Charles MacKey. Most of these materials document the purchase of items for personal use, including various dried goods, coal, food, liquor, newspaper and legal journal subscriptions, milled grains, and ammunition. The only business-related purchases are for stationary and other paper goods, and tax reciepts are also present.

Box 15
Folder 1 A, 1870-1872
Folder 2 B, 1855-1872
Folder 3 Cooper, 1864-1871
Folder 4 C-D, 1860-1876
Folder 5 E-G, 1860-1872
Folder 6 H, 1869-1876
Folder 7 Johnson, Brough & Bostwick, 1870-1875
Folder 8 K-L, 1868-1873
Folder 9 M, 1872-1887
Folder 10 N-P, 1860-1873
Folder 11 R, 1864-1873
Folder 12 S, 1861-1871
Folder 13 T-V, 1871-1874
Folder 14 W, 1871-1879
Folder 15 Bank reciepts, 1868-1872
Folder 16 Miscellaneous reciepts, undated
Folder 17 Tax receipts, 1871
Folder 18 Credit A-L, 1862-1874
Folder 19 Credit M-Z, 1861-1874

Series IV. Personal Papers of Charles MacKey, 1855-1876

Scope and Content Notes:

The series includes personal correspondence, an insurance policy, and papers related to local politics. Because the personal letters are written to Charles or Charlie, and no envelopes are present, it is presently unclear if these materials belong to Taylor or Mackey. Much of the personal correspondence is from Thomas and Catherine Kane of Philadelphia. Both MacKey and Taylor received letters from Masons in Pennsylvania, and each are addressed as "brother." Masonic materials include a form letter notifying Taylor about train reservations made for him on the Pennsylvania Railroad, a letter regarding a three-sided brass lamp MacKey had ordered, and an announcement for a meeting at the Myrtle Lodge. A letter frrom Charles M.S. Powell of the Knights Templar, Pennsylvania, can also be found among the Masonic correspondence. Additional personal correspondence are alphabatized by the last name of the author; within the alphabatized correspondence, there is a letter from G.A. Allen regarding Taylor's son, Johnny, who was taken out of school and employed at a tannery.

In addition to correspondence, this series contains materials relating to local politics, including the contested election of R. D. McCready to the general assembly, and materials relating to a board of elections inquiry into Democrats buying votes with whiskey. It is unclear whether these materials relate to Taylor or MacKey's professional or civic lives.

Box 16
Folder 1 Correspondence, local politics, 1868-1876
Folder 2 Petition contesting election of John P. Park, 1875
Folder 3 List of voters in Venango County, 1874
Folder 4 Charles Taylor Insurance policy, 1880
Folder 5 Correspondence from Thomas and Catherine Kane, 1855-1857
Folder 6 Masonic correspondence to Taylor MacKey, 1859-1871
Folder 7 Personal correspondence A-D, 1858-1876
Folder 8 Personal correspondence E-L, 1859-1874
Folder 9 Personal correspondence M, 1864-1876
Folder 10 Personal correspondence N-Z, 1862-1882
Folder 11 Miscellaneous Personal correspondence, undated