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Subseries 5. Dissertations, 1954-1984

Scope and Content Notes:

Some dissertation contain handwritten and typed inserts by Hempel and others.

Box 89
Folder 1 Bachmann, Friedrich. "Untersuchen zur Grundlegung der Arithmetik mit besonderer Beziehung auf Dedekind/Frege und Russell," 1934
Folder 2 Brown, Lee Miller. " The Sufficiency of Nomological Subsumption for the Explanation of Events," 1986
Folder 3 Bohnert, Herbert. "The Interpretation of Theory" (with inserts), 1961
Folder 4 Fetzer, James H. "The Statistician’s Dilemma: A Study in the Logic of Concept Formation," 1970
Folder 5 Hoffman, Lester Victor. "Crucial Issues in Explanation: The Content, Scope, and Method of the Nomological Theory," 1970
Folder 6 Jeffrey, Richard C. "Contributions to the Theory of Inductive Probability," 1957
Folder 7 Maher, Patrick. "Rationality and Belief," 1984
Folder 8 Massey, Gerald J. "The Philosophy of Space," (with inserts) 1963
Folder 9 Matheson, Gordon. "The Concept of Analyticity," (with inserts) 1954
Folder 10 McCord, Edward LeRoy. "The Groundwork of Cultural Anthropology," 1980
Folder 11 Santoro, Maria Rosa. "La spiegazione storica nell'analisi di C.G. Hempel," 1971-1972

Box 90
Folder 1-5 Railton, Peter Albert. “ Explaining Explanation: A Realist Account of Scientific Explanation and Understanding, 1980