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Subseries 6. Photographs, 1857-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains the bulk of all photographs in the papers. When possible, folders are listed by identified individuals and date. If there is no discernable name and/or date associated, photographs were grouped as unidentified individuals, groups, or places. Other materials found here are photographic negatives, photographic reproductions, and associated materials found with photographs. Please note: folders are fastened with plastic clips, please use precaution upon perusal. Place folders flat on a stable surface upon removal of clips.

See Also: Oversized photographs of Hervey Allen and the Allen family exist in Boxes 189-194.

Section: Individuals

Box 174
Folder 1 Amelia Bindley (Mrs. Edward Allen, great grandmother)
Folder 2 Ann Allen (wife)
Folder 3 Annette Allen (niece), 1921
Folder 4 Bishop Carleton Hunt (brother-in-law)
Folder 5 Doris Appel (secretary)
Folder 6 Edna Allen Rickmers (aunt)
Folder 7 Edward Allen (paternal great grandfather)
Folder 8 Edward Jay Allen (paternal grandfather)
Folder 9 Edward Allen (uncle)
Folder 10 Edward Jay Allen III (brother), 1911-1913
Folder 11 Elizabeth Allen (sister)
Folder 12 Elizabeth R. Allen (paternal grandmother)
Folder 13 Friends: DuBose Heyward
File-cabinet 14 Friends: General
Folder 15 Friends: Robert Frost, 1947
Folder 16 Gill Family, 1865
Folder 17 Helen Allen (sister-in-law)

Box 175
Folder 1-3 Helen Eby Myers Allen (mother), 1865-1918
Folder 4 Helen Mar Allen (sister)
Folder 5 Helen Mar Myers Gill (maternal grandmother), 1857-1900
Folder 6 Hervey Allen (baby portraits), 1889-1895
Folder 7-8 Hervey Allen (childhood photos), 1896-1905
Folder 9 Hervey Allen, 1909-1918

Photographs of Hervey Allen at the Naval Academy.

Box 176
Folder 1 Hervey Allen, 1920-1930
Folder 2 Hervey Allen, 1931-1939
Folder 3 Hervey Allen, 1940-1949
Folder 4 Hervey Allen Portraits: Headshots, ca. 1930s
Folder 5 Hervey Allen Portraits: Artwork (in likeness of), 1925-1942
Folder 6 Hervey Allen Publicity
Folder 7 Hervey and Ann Allen
Folder 8 Jacob Myers, Mr. and Mrs. (maternal great grandparents)
Folder 9 John Gill (maternal great grandfather)
Folder 10 John Gill, Mrs. (maternal great grandmother)
Folder 11 Mable Allen (Mrs. Harold Allen)
Folder 12 Mary Ann Allen (daughter)
Folder 13 May L. Allen (aunt), 1901-1905
Folder 14 Rebecca Turner (great aunt)
Folder 15 Richard Francis Allen (son)
Folder 16 Sylvia Allen (niece)

Box 177
Folder 1-2 Unidentified Individuals
Folder 3 Uriah Myers (maternal grandfather)
Folder 4 William H. Allen (father), 1860-1911
Folder 5 William H. Allen (great uncle)
Folder 6 Winthrop Allen (brother)

Section: Groups

Folder 7 Allen Children
Folder 8 Allen Family, 1897-1905
Folder 9 Allen Family, 1949
Folder 10 Friends
Folder 11 Unidentified

Section: Places and Other Material,

Box 178
Folder 1 Charleston, South Carolina, 1924-1938
Folder 2 Edgehill Home, 1899-1900

These are photographs of the home Colonel Edward Jay Allen kept on Braddock Road, Pittsburgh. According to inscriptions on the back of these photographs, the home was built at about 1879. The Allens lived here until 1900 when it was purchased by a M. Lovejoy who demolished the home soon after.

Folder 3 Estates and Residences
Folder 4 Johnny Appleseed's Grave
Folder 5 Landscapes and General Travel
Folder 6 Mexican Border, Ysleta, 1916-1917
Folder 7 Negatives
Folder 8 Other Material Found with Photographs
Folder 9 Reproductions and Photographs of Figurines