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Subseries 3. Professional Papers, 1949-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

The original, chronological order of the material was preserved.

Folder 16 “Carnap Bibliography,” 1949
Folder 17 Untitled Note on a Point in Meaning and Necessity addressed to Mates, 1948
Folder 18 American Philosophical Association Meeting, Program and Abstracts, 1949
Folder 19 Untitled Note on a Point in von Wright, 1949-1950
Folder 20 Suggestion for a Name of Philosophy Club, 1950
Folder 21 Translation from German to English of Tarski’s “The Concept of a True Sentence in Everyday Language,” 1950
Folder 22 “Carnap Bibliography,” 1953
Folder 23 “Comments on Rynin’s The Logic and Semantics of Argument, 1953
Folder 24 Inserts found in Books of Benson's Library