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Series IV. Manuscripts from Others, 1931-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

Manuscripts from others contains a number of philosophical manuscripts written by Wilfrid Sellars. Manuscripts written by other philosophers are also included in this series.

Subseries 1. Manuscripts by Wilfrid Sellars, 1947-1982

Box 11
Folder 1 Meaning as Functional Classification (A Perspective on the Relation of Syntax to Semantics), Undated
Folder 2 Mental Events, 1980
Folder 3 The Monist, 1981
Folder 4 More on Givenness and Explanatory Coherence, Undated
Folder 5 More on Givenness and Explanatory Coherence (2), Undated
Folder 6 Naming and Saying, Undated
Folder 7 Naturalism and Ontology, Undated
Folder 8 Naturalism and Process, Undated
Folder 9 Notes on Intentionality; The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. LXI, No. 21, pp. 655-666, 1964
Folder 10 On Accepting First Principles, Undated
Folder 11 On the Introduction of Abstract Entities, 1972
Folder 12 On the Logic of Complex Particulars, Undated
Folder 13 Ontology and the Philosophy of Mind in Russell, 1972
Folder 14 The Paradox of Analysis Resolved, Undated
Folder 15 Partial Manuscript; pages 10-58, 1978
Folder 16 Induction as Vindication; Philosophy of Science, July 1964
Folder 17 Physical Realism; Philosophical and Phenomenological Research, Vol. XV, No. 1, pp. 13-32, 1954
Folder 18 Pure Pragmatics and Epistemology, Undated

Box 12
Folder 1 Reply; 27, pp. 457-466, 1974
Folder 2 Reply to Alan Donagan, Undated
Folder 3 Reply to Aune, Undated
Folder 4 Reply to Marras, Undated
Folder 5 Reply to Quine, Undated
Folder 6 The Role of the Imagination in Kant's Theory of Experience, Undated
Folder 7 Science and Ethics, Undated
Folder 8 Science, Sense Impressions and Sensa: A Reply to Cornman, 1970
Folder 9 R.C. Richardson and G. Muilenburg: Sellars and Sense Impressions, Undated
Folder 10 Sellars on Kant, Undated
Folder 11 Sensa or Sensings: Reflections on the Ontology of Perception; Philosophical Studies, 41, pp. 83-111, 1982
Folder 12 Some Problems About Belief, Undated
Folder 13 Some Reflections on Thoughts and Things, Undated
Folder 14 Some Reflections on Perceptual Consciousness, 1975
Folder 15 Some Remarks on Kant's Theory of Experience, Undated
Folder 16 The Soul as Craftsman, Undated
Folder 17 The Structure of Knowledge: (3) Epistemic Principles, Undated
Folder 18 The Structure of Knowledge: Perception, Undated
Folder 19 Substance and Form in Aristotle, Undated
Folder 20 ...this I or he or it (the thing) which thinks..., Undated
Folder 21 Thought and Action, Undated
Folder 22 Towards a Theory of Predication, Undated
Folder 23 Toward a Theory of the Categories, Undated
Folder 24 Untitled Manuscript, Undated

Box 13
Folder 1 The Adverbial Theory of the Objects of Sensation, Undated
Folder 2 A Sectioning of Descartes' First Meditation, Undated
Folder 3 Behaviorism, Language, and Meaning, Undated
Folder 4 Belief and the Expression of Belief, Undated
Folder 5 Berkeley and Descartes: Reflections on the Theory of Ideas, 1975
Folder 6 Concepts as Involving Laws and Inconceivable Without Them, Undated
Folder 7 Conditional Promises and Conditional Intentions (including a reply to Castaneda), 1980
Folder 8 Conceptual Change, Undated
Folder 9 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy, Undated
Folder 10 The Double-Knowledge Approach to the Mind-Body Problem, Undated
Folder 11 Epistemology and the New Way of Words; Journal of Philosophy, Vol. XLIV, No. 24, 20 November, 1947
Folder 12 Fatalism and Determinism, Undated
Folder 13 Form and Content in Ethical Theory, 1967
Folder 14 Foundations of Knowledge, Undated

Box 14
Folder 1 General Discussion of Sellars' Paper, Undated
Folder 2 Givenness and Explanatory Coherence, Undated
Folder 3 Grammar and Existence: A Preface to Ontology, Undated
Folder 4 Hochberg on Mapping, Meaning, and Metaphysics; Midwest Studies in Philosophy, II : 214-224, 1977
Folder 5 Inference and Meaning, Undated
Folder 6 Is Scientific Realism Tenable? (A), Undated
Folder 7 Is Scientific Realism Tenable? (B), Undated
Folder 8 Kant's Transcendental Idealism; Kant's Analytic pp. 166-181, Undated
Folder 9 Language as Thought and as Communication, Undated
Folder 10 Literatur, Undated
Folder 11 Meaning as Functional Classification, 1973
Folder 12 On Accepting First Principles, Undated
Folder 13 On the Radical Incompleteness of the Manifest Image, Undated
Folder 14 On Reasoning about Values, Undated
Folder 15 The Logical Way of Doing Things, Undated

Subseries 2. Manuscripts from Others, 1931, 1980

Box 15
Folder 1 Bechtel, William: Levels of Description and Explanation in Cognitive Science, Undated
Folder 2 Bonjour, Laurence and Ernest Sosa: Red Triangles and Speckled Hens; IJPS, 12 (4), 465-79, Undated
Folder 3 Bradley, Francis Herbert: Relation and Quality Ch. III; Appearance and Reality: A Metaphysical Essay, Undated
Folder 4 Cornman, James W.: Sellars, Scientific Realism, and Sensa (B), Undated
Folder 5 Fogelin, Robert J.: Contextualism and Externalism: Trading in One Form of Skepticism for Another, Undated
Folder 6 Hanna, Patricia: The World, the Elephant and the Tortoise, Undated
Folder 7 Lavin, Michael: The Thinking Self, Undated
Folder 8 Rescher: Comments on Rescher's Scientific Truth and the Arbitrament of Praxis; Western Pa, (B), 1980
Folder 9 Rorty, Richard: Brandom's Making it Explicit: A First Encounter (B), Undated
Folder 10 Seibt, Johanna: Review of Properties as Processes... (B), Undated
Folder 11 Van Fraassen, Bas: Is Scientific Realism Tenable? (B), Undated
Folder 12 Wittgenstein, L.: Complex and Fact (B), 1931
Folder 13 Wittgenstein, L.: Complex and Fact; Rosenberg Translation, Undated
Folder 14 Views on Schlesinger; Multiple Authors, Undated