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Series VII. Projects, 1932-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

Beside a prolific literary career, Allen dedicated his life to numerous roles outside of writting including various academic, government, and even inventor occupations. Featured in this series are documents that demonstrate Allen's involvement with various academic institutions including the University of Miami (then Miami University), St. John's College, Cazenovia Junior College, Ransom School, and Washington and Jefferson College; his tenure as Regional Information Representative in the US War Manpower Commission at Atlanta, Georgia; and documentation of a machine he invented called the "Tangential Engine."

Subseries 1. Miami University (University of Miami), 1932-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

Hervey Allen had a number of diverse roles at the University of Miami. He lent his name and support to the development of various literary programs, like the Winter Institute of Literature and the Hispanic-American Institute. Allen was also influential in the establishment of the then nascent University, serving as a member of its Board of Trustees, the Committee on Development, and other various administrative roles. Featured in this subseries is correspondence with other influential individuals at the University such as Dr. Bowman F. Ashe. Due to the overlapping nature of the material, some material has been filed under one individual's folder, though it may also involve other individuals who have assigned folders of their own.

Folder 8 Ashe, Dr. Bowman F., (President), 1940-1949
Folder 9 Board of Trustees, 1938-1949
Folder 10 Committee on Development, 1939
Folder 11 Dorean Tharp, Charles, (Dean, College of Liberal Arts), 1949-1950

Box 118
Folder 1 General Correspondence, Undated, 1938-1947
Folder 2 General Correspondence, 1948
Folder 3 General Correspondence, 1949
Folder 4 General Correspondence: Booklets and Pamphlets, 1948-1950
Folder 5 Harkins, William G., (Librarian), 1948-1949
Folder 6 Hispanic-American Institute, 1933-1949
Folder 7 Lowe Memorial, 1939-1941
Folder 8 Marine Laboratory: Correspondence with F.G. Walton Smith, 1946-1949
Folder 9 Marine Laboratory: Preliminary Sketches of Laboratory by Marion I. Manley, 1944
Folder 10 Marine Laboratory: Reports, 1945-1949

Box 119
Folder 1-2 Pan American Affairs, 1943-1945
Folder 3 Pan American Affairs, 1946-1949
Folder 4 Rasco, R.A., (Dean, School of Law), 1947-1949
Folder 5 Ross, Malcolm, (University Editor), 1947-1949
Folder 6-8 Winter Institute of Arts and Sciences, 1943-1944

Box 120
Folder 1-4 Winter Institute of Literature, 1932-1946

Subseries 2. St. John's College, 1938-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

As a member of the Board of Visitors and Governors, Allen played a vital role in the administration of the College. He lent his name to the College in order to procure endowments and establish other fundraising groups such as founding the Friends of St. John's. He helped reconfigure their education program and promote St. John's achievements and programs by writing articles in the local newspaper and other publications such as the Atlantic Monthly. Included in this subseries is correspondence between the College and the Department of Navy, who wanted to expand the Naval Academy by purchasing part of St. John's campus. Due to the overlapping nature of the Committee of Development, Resource Committee, and Board of Visitors and Governors these materials are all filed under the latter's name.

Folder 5 Books and Pamphlets, 1939-1944
Folder 6 Books and Pamphlets, 1949
Folder 7 Board of Visitors and Governors, October 1938 - September 1939
Folder 8 Board of Visitors and Governors, October 1939 - December 1940
Folder 9 Board of Visitors and Governors, April 1941 - December 1946

Box 121
Folder 1 Board of Visitors and Governors, 1947
Folder 2 Board of Visitors and Governors, January - April 1948
Folder 3 Board of Visitors and Governors, May - December 1948
Folder 4 Board of Visitors and Governors, 1949
Folder 5 Education, Undated, 1939-1949
Folder 6 Friends of St. John's, 1948-1949

Box 122
Folder 1 General Correspondence, Undated, 1939-1949
Folder 2 The Great Teachers Return Seminar, 1948
Folder 3 Naval Academy Correspondence, 1940-1946
Folder 4 Publicity, Undated, 1940-1949

Subseries 3. Tangential Engine, 1942-1950

See Also: Related material can be found in Box 120, Series XII: Projects, Subseries 2: St. John’s College.
Scope and Content Notes:

In 1942-1943, Allen invented a rotary internal combustion motor called the Tangential Engine. Included in this subseries are blueprints, correspondence, patent information, and sketches relating to Allen’s engine.

Box 123
Folder 1 Blueprints, 1942
Folder 2-5 Correspondence, 1942-1950
Folder 6 Patent Information (Work of Other People), 1934
Folder 7 Sketches

Subseries 4. US War Manpower Commission, 1943-1945

Scope and Content Notes:

During World War II, Hervey Allen served as Regional Information Representative for the US War Manpower Commission. Due to domestic labor shortage during the war, President Roosevelt signed an executive order to establish the Commission whose primary charge was to draft policies that effectively managed and recruited labor for war and essential civilian industries. Allen was employed by the Commission for eight months but was forced to resign and become a non-paid consultant due to tax reasons. Several of Allen's close friends were also affiliated with the Commission including Philip S. Broughton and Frank Constangy. B.F. Ashe, President of the University of Miami, was the Regional Director of the Atlanta division of the Commission.

Included in this subseries are correspondence and associated documents about the Commission.

See Also: B.F. Ashe, Box 117, Folder 8. Philip Broughton, Box 48, Folder 7-8.

Box 124
Folder 1 Correspondence with Frank Constangy, 1944-1948
Folder 2-4 General Correspondence, 1943-1945

Subseries 5. Other Academic Institutions, 1947-1949

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains correspondence and material related to other academic institutions Hervey Allen was affiliated with as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Section: Cazenovia Junior College for Women

Folder 5 Invitations, Pamphlets, and Articles, 1947-1949
Folder 6 Board of Trustees, 1947-October 1948
Folder 7 Board of Trustees, December 1948-April 1949
Folder 8 Board of Trustees, May-November 1949
Folder 9 Ransom School (Adirondack-Florida School), 1949
Folder 10 Washington and Jefferson College, 1948-1949