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Series X. Oversized Material, 1856-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

This series is dedicated to housing oversized or three-dimensional materials including artwork, galleys, newspapers, and familial ephemera. Some materials in this series are on permanent display, please see Special Collections staff for more information.

Subseries 1. Artwork Collection, ca. 1880-1933

Scope and Content Notes:

Featured here are various art works including pieces by John White Alexander, who lived with the Allen family as a young man. While working as a telegraph boy, the orphaned Alexander was taken under Edward Jay Allen's tutelage. Allen provided financial support and encouragement to the young Alexander, allowing him an artist studio in his home at "Edgehill." A photograph of Alexander as a young man and the rest of the Allen family posing outside of "Edgehill" exists in the Family Oversized, Box 193.

Other art works include prints, reproductions, and oversized Anthony Adverse posters. Some of these materials are on permanent display, please see Special Collections staff for access to these materials.

Section: Artwork on Display

Frame 1 [ Anthony Adverse Film Poster]
Frame 2 [Portrait of Edward Allen (great-grandfather)]
Frame 3 [Portrait of Mrs. Edward Allen, Millicent (Amelia Bindley) Allen (great-grandmother)]

Section: John Alexander,

Frame 4 [Edward Jay Allen, Three-Quarter-Length Portrait, Standing, Face Right], 1899

Box 186
Folder 1 [Lobster Painted on Wood, Xmas], 1880
Folder 2 [Proof of Drawing of Robert L. Stevenson at Bournemouth, Presented to Hervey Allen by Mrs. John Alexander], 1886
Folder 3 Clippings and Correspondence To John Alexander, 1915-1933

Section: John Bennett

Folder 4 House of The Doctor of the Dead, Charleston, S.C.

Section: Prints and Other Art, 1921

Folder 5 [Christ Icon]
Folder 6 Downtown, The El / Lower Manhattan by John Marin, 1921
Separated Material:
Item is on shelf next to Box 186.

Folder 7 [Reproduction of Portrait of Woman Standing] by John Alexander
Separated Material:
Item is on shelf next to Box 186.

Folder 8 [Reproduction of Woman with a Ring] by John Alexander
Separated Material:
Item is on shelf next to Box 186.

Map-case 1 Diorama - Possibly of Anthony Adverse
Separated Material:
On top of Map-Case 1.

Subseries 2. Galleys, 1921-1950

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries includes galley proofs of Allen's works. Each proof is described on an item-level by title.

Box 187 Box 1
Action at Aquila: Complete Proofs (enclosed), 1938
Action at Aquila: Proofs (2 copies), 1938
Action at Aquila: Frontmatter and Backmatter (2 copies)
Anthony Adverse: Odd-sized proofs, including Book 5 title page and pages 411, 430, 1173, 397, and 469
Anthony Adverse: Vol. 1-3 (2 versions of Book 9), 1932
Bedford Village: Proofs (3 copies), 1944
Carolina Chansons: Complete Proofs, 1922
Carolina Chansons: Loose Pages (folder), 1950
City in the Dawn: Complete Proofs, 1950
City in the Dawn: Sample Printed Sheets (folder), 1950
Box 188 Box 2
The Disinherited: Vol. 1, Albine's Saga (3 copies), 1943

Subseries 3. Hervey Allen General Material, 1906-1948

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries features oversized materials such as awards and diplomas, blueprints, photographs, literary works and promotional materials regarding Hervey Allen. Hervey Allen's military coat and a honorary flag are featured in the Military Ephemera box.

Box 189 Awards and Diplomas, 1906-1948
Box 190 Military Ephemera
Box 191 Works - Manuscripts and Publications, 1919-1949
Box 192 Works - Promotional Posters; Blueprints to his Homes, 1933-1948

Subseries 4. Family, 1856-1948

Scope and Content Notes:

In this subseries are oversized materials belonging to the Allen family including personal items, ledgers, photographs, obtituaries, and manuscripts. Some highlights include a handwritten poem by Colonel Edward Jay Allen and an oversized photograph of the Allen family pictured with a young John White Alexander at "Edgehill" dated in 1876 (note: photograph is in two pieces).

Item 1 Portrait of Allen Family with John W. Alexander at Edgehill, 1876

Series 5. Newspapers, 1876-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

Oversized newspapers relating to Hervey Allen or his family members.