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Series V. Theory of Teaching and School Reform, 1957-1981

Scope and Content Notes:

Series V covers two areas in which de Finetti showed great personal interest and involvement, and which extend beyond his professional activities. One of them is his interest in the theory of teaching, its application, and its improvement. The second area documents de Finetti's political and social activism and ensuing legal issues. Both areas are divided into two subseries. The first subseries is entitled Theory of Teaching and School Reform and contains typescripts, newspaper clippings, journal issues, and correspondence that illustrate de Finetti's efforts to improve science and mathematics teaching, teacher education, and school curricula. Subjects discussed are de Finetti such as Il "saper vedere" in matematica and Perchè la matematica?, de Finetti's plans for educational movies, and a project for an educational center for teachers. The second subseries is comprised under Socio-Political and Juridical Issues and holds letters, memoranda, newspaper clippings, articles, and court records. Documented are his membership in the facist party, his participation in the Movimento Politico Lavoratori (MPL), and his role as editor of the Radical Party's publication Notizie Radicali.

Subseries 1. Theory of Teaching and School Reform, 1957-1981

Box 11
Folder 1 "Mat. Log. Int. e corrisp. Didattica ecc.", 1957-1958
Folder 2 "Zanichelli", 1963-1964
Folder 3 "Saper vedere", 1965-1967
Folder 4 "Per Ing. Max", 1970-1974
Folder 5 "Regione Emilia Romagna", 1972
Folder 6 "PKM" (Draft of an Introduction to de Finetti's Perchè la matematica?), 1972
Folder 7 "CIME", 1973-1978
Folder 8 UMI-Ingegneria: Survey by Unione matematici italiani on mathematics curricula, 1976-1977
Folder 9 Program for Teaching Methodology at the University of Rome, no date
Folder 10 Material on Teaching Methodology and Mathematics Teaching, 1957-1980
Folder 11 "Insegnamento di materie scientifiche nella scuola media unica e preparazione degli insegnanti", 1963
Folder 12 "Apunti di Lombardo Radice", 1963-1966
Folder 13 Mathematics Curricula in Economics and Political Economy in High Schools, no date
Folder 14 "Centro Europeo dell'educazione", 1971-1972
Folder 15 "Corona Cinematografica", 1970-1974
Folder 16 Science and Mathematics Teaching in Secondary Schools, 1966-1977
Folder 17 "Corso Aggiornamento 1964: Compl. Di Matematica.", 1964
Folder 18 "Frascati IUCTS 1963", 1963
Folder 19 "Mathesis", 1972-1981
Folder 20 Mathesis 2, 1966-1974
Folder 21 Mathematical Contest in Rome and Mathematics Olympiad in Moscow, 1962-1968

Subseries 2. Socio-Political and Juridical Issues, 1934-1985

Box 12
Folder 1 U.S. Politics and Culture, 1958
Folder 2 "DLS-65", 1964-1965
Folder 3 "Antiimbecillite", 1965
Folder 4 "Ist. Matem. Castelnuovo", 1970-1972
Folder 5 "MPL", 1971-1974
Folder 6 Overpopulation and Sustainable Development, 1972
Folder 7 "Giornali; Mandato di Cattura 1977", 1972-1981
Folder 8 "Ambasciata Americana", 1977-1978
Folder 9 Political Notes, 1964-1978
Folder 10 Political Articles and Newsletters, 1971-1985
Folder 11 "Sociologia." 1942-1945
Folder 12 Material on "Burofrenia", 1952-1963
Folder 13 "Questionario Min. Costituente - 'Epurazione'." 1945-1948
Folder 14 Christianity and the Catholic Church, 1965-1982
Folder 15 Newspaper Clippings, 1934-1985