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Series VIII. Realia, 1918-1953

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains objects that belonged to Mary Roberts Rinehart. They include awards presented to her, mementos from her travels in Europe during World War I, and items from her desk, including those she used in her writing. Specific references to some of the items, such as those obtained during World War I travels, can be found in her writings, such as My Story and Kings, Queens and Pawns. Letters related to some of the awards she received can be found in the Correspondence series. Some of the desktop items, such as the silver inkstand with inkwell and the dial barometer, can seen in photographs in the Photographs, Drawings, and Artwork series. Notable items in the series include a long pair of scissors and a small jar of straight pins. A note with the scissors indicates that Mary Roberts Rinehart often edited her manuscripts by cutting up pages and pinning sections of text together in a different order. Evidence of this practice can be seen in some manuscripts in the Manuscripts and Notes series.

Box 34 1. Academic hood
2. Black Sengbusch dip pen
3. Circular clear plastic paperweight with shells embedded
4. Compass in green dish with clear cover (compass is unattached)
5. Dial barometer and Abercrombie & Fitch clock mounted in metal desktop stand (compass is unattached)

"TS JUVENIA FRANCE" engraved on back of clock and barometer.

6. Devotional scapular and medal sewn on to card, with silk case

A scapular is referenced in chapter 24 of My Story by Mary Roberts Rinehart.

7. Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine award: Bacon pistol and wooden plaque, 1951
8. Fragment of artillery shell removed from brain of soldier, wrapped in gauze, with explanatory note on envelope

Referenced in "The Cause" in Kings, Queens and Pawns by Mary Roberts Rinehart

9. Framed letter and medal of Queen Elisabeth from the Belgian Embassy to honor Mary Roberts Rinehart's service to Belgium, December 10, 1919
10. Glass ashtray with MRR monogram
11. Medal: Monvment Commemoratif De La Bataille De La Marne, 1932
12. Medal: Exposition of Women's Arts and Industries Cancer Award, 1947
13. MWA [Mystery Writers of America] award: cermaic bust of Edgar Allen Poe, 1953

See accompanying Edgar Allen Poe Award certificate in Personal Documents and Ephemera series.

14. Model of circular staircase
Separated Material:
Item is on display in Reading Room of Special Collections Department.

15. Narrow sterling silver Grogan Company tray engraved with MRR monogram and ornate floral design
17. Ornate round metal box with hinged lid and inlaid stones and/or colored glass
18. Pair of long scissors with explanatory note on tag and envelope

"MRR cut ruthlessly into her yellow paper originals and typed first copies, wrote in and pinned pieces together with common pins."

19. Paperweight commemorating 100th anniversary of Joseph Horne Company, circa 1949
20. Parker fountain pen with explanatory note on envelope

Notebook referenced on envelope is in Contracts and Business Records series.

21. Pennsylvania Ambassador citation: engraved aluminum plaque, 1945
22. Plastic cube paperweight
23. Promotional "prescription" for The Doctor, with half of capsule and box

Prescription was originally folded inside capsule. Address on box: Stanley D. Mayer, Esq, Fantasy Magazine, 950 Heberton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

24. Sengbusch inkwell - black plastic (lid is cracked) with clear glass jar inside
25. Short glass jar filled with straight pins
26. Silver figurine of horn player with inset stones or colored glass
27. Square glass inkwell with hinged sterling silver Grogan Company lid engraved with monogram and ornate floral design

Goes with sterling silver monogrammed inkstand

28. Sterling silver cigarette box with hinged lid and wood interior

Contains two cigarette, pencil, and explanatory note: "MRR smoked constantly as she wrote!"

29. Sterling silver Grogan Company inkstand, engraved with MRR monogram and ornate floral design

Goes with glass inkwell with sterling silver monogrammed lid

30. Sterling silver letter opener
31. Theta Sigma Phi Achievement Award: ceramic tile (broken) 1952
32. Wooden crucifix with ivory Christ figure (broken)

A crucifix is referenced in chapter 25 of My Story by Mary Roberts Rinehart, and one is depicted on the plate opposite page 563 in My Story: A New Edition and Seventeen New Years.

33. World War I era silver plated box with Richard Caton Woodville battle scene and Rudyard Kipling quote

Lid depicts battle scene after R. Caton Woodville, with Rudyard Kipping quote: "Who stands if freedom fall? Who dies if England live?"