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Series IX. Reviews of Carnap's Work, 1934-1969

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains mostly reviews written about Carnap's publications, ranging from the years 1934 to 1969. Included are also three drafts of an article by Gerhard Tintner, which he wrote for the Encyclopedia of Unified Science, when Carnap acted as its associate editor together with Charles Morris.

Folder 50 Tintner-Galley for "Methodology of Mathematical Economics and Econometrics," 1967
Folder 51 Tintner Manuscript, Second Version of "Methodology of Mathematical Economics and Econometrics," ca. 1966
Folder 52 Reviews "Logical Structure of the World," 1966-1968
Folder 53 Reviews "Logischer Aufbau" and "Scheinprobleme," Meiner, 1963-1968
Folder 54 Reviews "Philosophical Foundations of Physics", 1966-1968
Folder 55 Reviews Schilpp-Carnap Volume, 1964-1965
Folder 56 Reviews Synthese Festschrift, 70th Birthday, "Logic and Language", 1962-1964
Folder 57 Reviews Probability, 2nd Edition, 1962-1967
Folder 58 Reviews Logik, 2nd Edition, 1960-1969
Folder 59 Reviews Logischer Aufbau, 2nd Edition, 1961
Folder 60 Reviews Carnap-Stegmüller, 1959-1962
Folder 61 Reviews Logic, Dover, 1958-1960
Folder 62 Reviews International Encyclopedia of Unified Science, 1955-1957
Folder 63 Reviews Einführung in die symbolische Logik, 1954-1958
Folder 64 Reviews Continuum, 1952-1954
Folder 65 Reviews Probability, 1950-1963
Folder 66 Reviews Meaning and Necessity, 1947-1960
Folder 67 Reviews Introduction to Semantics, (1942-1952)
Folder 68 Reviews Earlier Books, 1959
Folder 69 Reviews Logische Syntax, 1934-1937, 1969
Folder 70 Tintner "Methodology of Mathematical Economics and Econometrics": First Draft, 1965-1966