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Series II. Lantern Slides

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains lantern slides utilized by George M. Baird in his lectures on theatre history and production. See Box 6, folder 18 for the lecture notes that correspond to these slides.

Box 18
Slides 1-4 Evolution of drama
Slides 5-20 Primitive drama
Slides 21-42 Greek drama
Slides 43-50 Hellenistic, Greco-Roman, Roman theatre
Slides 51-53 Modern Greek theatre
Slides 53-58 Strolling players
Slides 59-75 Medieval drama

Box 19
Slides 1-28 Tudor Theatre, Shakespeare
Slide 29 Tudor Theatre, Shakespeare -- Renaissance theatre
Slide 30-36 Court masque
Slide 37-54 Continental theatres: 16th-18th centuries
Slide 55-72 British theatre: 16th-19th
Slide 73 British theatre: 16th-19th -- Commedia dell'arte

Box 20
Slides 1-3 French classic theatre
Slide 4 French classic theatre -- Stage lighting and mechanics
Slide 5 French classic theatre -- 19th century drama and stage
Slide 6 French classic theatre -- Stage design: 20th century
Slides 7-14 Art theatre
Slides 15-26 Multiple unit and revolving stages

Box 21
Slides 1-3 Realism and naturalism
Slides 4-8 Stylization
Slides 9-27 Theatre slides (not arranged)
Slides 28-48 Misc. slides (non-theatrical)
Slides 48-53 Slides in preparation