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Subseries 9. Awards and Honors (Plaques)

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 9 contains awards, honors, and plaques given to Hillman. For additional information on awards and honors received by Hillman, please see Series VI. Awards.

Box 128
Item 1 American Ireland Fund, 2004

Box 129
Item 1 League of Women Voters, Good Government Award, 2003
Item 2 Jewish National Fund, Tree of Life Dinner, 2003

Box 130
Item 1 Gubernatorial Inauguration, Commemorative Medal Set, 1995
Item 2 National United Affiliated Beverage Association, Tribute to Women Award for Excellence, 1989
Item 3 Jewish War Veterans, Humanitarian Award, 1976

Box 131
Item 1 Shadyside Hospital Foundation, Twentieth Anniversary Commemorative Box, 1995
Item 2 Sharing and Caring Inc., Certificate of Appreciation, 1993
Item 3 African American Republican Council William P. Young Scholarship Award, 1998

Box 132
Item 1 American Heart Association Western Pennsylvania Chapter, Appreciation Award, 1987
Item 2 YWCA Pittsburgh, A Tribute to Women Award, 1995
Item 3 Jewish Sports Hall of Fame of Western Pennsylvania and Sports for Israel, Honor Roll life Member, 1994
Item 4 Blue Cross of Western Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Blue Shield, Plaque 1991
Item 5 Bush Quayle ’88, Plaque of Appreciation, 1988

Box 133
Item 1 Squirrel Hill Kiwanis Club, Women of the Year Award, 1965
Item 2 Guardians of Greater Pittsburgh, Inc., Humanitarian Award, 1973
Item 3 Women’s American Ort, Social Assistance Award, 1973
Item 4 Black Republican Council of Pennsylvania, W.P. Young Award, 1982

Box 134
Item 1 The Forbes Funds, Frieda G. Shapira Medal, 2011
Item 2 University of Pittsburgh Student Activities East-West Martial Arts Club, Award of Support, 2011

Box 135
Item 1 Persad Center, Outstanding Generosity Award, 2002
Item 2 Chapel of Four Chaplains, Legion of Honor Bronze Medallion Plaque, 1999
Item 3 March of Dimes Gala Plaque of Appreciation, 1983

Box 136
Item 1 The Pittsburgh Foundation, Resolution in Honor of Elsie Hillman, 2005
Item 2 YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh, Allerton Award, 1989
Item 3 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Man and Woman of the Year, 2002
Item 4 Chapel of the Four Chaplains, Plaque of Membership, 2002
Item 5 Innovative Systems Inc., Award of Thanks (as first client and customer), 1968

Box 137
Item 1 Western Pennsylvania Republican Hall of Fame, 1986
Item 2 Urban League of Pittsburgh, Recognition of Service, 1998
Item 3 Pennsylvania’s Campaign for Choice, Honorary Citation, c.1990s
Item 4 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women, Resolution Honoring Hillman, 1980
Item 5 Republican State Committee Delegation of Allegheny County, Berley Buchman Memorial Spirit of Lincoln Award, 1986

Box 138
Item 1 Point Park College, Doctor of Humane Letters, 1990
Item 2 Republican State Committee of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Distinguished Republican Award, 1974
Item 3 Pennsylvania House of Representatives Resolution, Congratulations on Appointment as National Committee Woman, 1975
Item 4 United States Capitol Historical Society, Certificate, 1990

Box 139
Item 1 National Conference of Christians and Jews, National Brotherhood Award, 1973
Item 2 The Wheeler School, Community Service Award, 1969
Item 3 Rider University, Bertram Mott Award, 1995
Item 4 Salvation Army, Catherine Booth Award, 1987

Box 140
Item 1 Pittsburgh Jaycees, Community Service Award, 1978
Item 2 Pittsburgh Vectors, Man of the Year, 1982
Item 3 Jewish National Fund, Citation of Honor, 1996

Box 141
Item 1 1967's Outstanding Women of Pittsburgh District
Item 2 National Night of Honors Award, Plaque in Appreciation of Four Decades of Work for Civil Rights Achievements, 1994
Item 3 Republican National Convention, Mounted microphone used by Hillman to cast delegate votes for George Bush, 1988
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Chartiers Valley Council of Republican Women, framed display of campaign buttons presented to Elsie Hillman
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women, framed display of campaign buttons presented to Elsie Hillman, 1991
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities, Sheepskin Award, 2000
Shelf WW 1-E-1 Run Baby Run Kickoff Event foam core board, 2006