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Subseries 14. Oversized Images and Cartoons, 1967-2006

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 14 contains oversized images and cartoons. These include a number of enlarged photographs as well as cartoons by Cy Hungerford drawn to commemorate Elsie Hillman's role as Allegheny County Republican Chair.

Box 110
Folder 1 Gerald Ford
Folder 2 Elsie Hillman, Barbara Bush and Sophie Masloff, 1989
Folder 3 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. and Barbara Bush, and Esther Curley, c. 1980s
Folder 4 Elsie Hillman and Gerald Ford
Folder 5 Elsie Hillman and Nelson Rockefeller, 1968
Folder 6 Elsie Hillman, Nelson Rockefeller, George Bloom, Hugh and Marion Scott, and Dick Frame, 1968
Folder 7 Elsie Hillman, Nelson Rockefeller, Edward Speer and his wife (unnamed), 1968
Folder 8 Elsie Hillman with Political Supporters, 1980
Folder 9 William W. Scranton Jr.
Folder 10 Ray Shaffer
Folder 11 National Republican Senatorial Committee, Group Photograph
Folder 12 White House Christmas Reception, Elsie Hillman and Barbara Bush, 1989

Box 111
Folder 1 Ray Bliss
Folder 2 Cartoon of Hugh Scott (as William Penn)
Folder 3 Election Day Newspapers, 1971
Folder 4 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George H.W. and Barbara Bush, c. 1980s
Folder 5 Hungerford, Cy, Cartoon commemorating Elsie Hillman's election as County Republican Chairwoman, 1967
Folder 6 Hungerford, Cy, Cartoon commemorating Elsie Hillman reacting to Democratic landslide
Folder 7 Hungerford, Cy, Cartoon commemorating Elsie Hillman's retirement as Allegheny County Republican Chairwoman, 1970
Folder 8 Northside Urban Pathways Charter School Event
Folder 9 Parson, A., Cartoon depicting Elsie Hillman as a nurse
Folder 10 Pittsburgh Rotary Club, Drawing of Elsie Hillman, 1990
Folder 11 Presidential Election Newspapers, 1980
Folder 12 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, c. 1980s
Folder 13 Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, Presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald R. Ford, c.1990s
Folder 14 Salute to the President Dinner honoring President Richard M. Nixon, 1971
Folder 15 John Walker
Folder 16 Women's Health Services Inc, "An Open Letter to 21 Million Women"

Box 112
Folder 1 George H.W. and Barbara Bush
Folder 2 Allegheny County Republican 14th Ward, Signed Thank You Poster, c. 1974
Folder 3 Duquesne University, Doctorate of Humane Letters, 1979
Folder 4 Inauguration Day Newspaper Clippings, 1989
Folder 5 Philadelphia Association of School Administrators Award, 1989
Folder 6 Poster, “Ike the Cook”
Folder 7 Poster, Pennsylvania for Bush
Folder 8 Elsie and Henry Hillman with George H.W. and Barbara Bush
Folder 9 Elsie Hillman, George H.W. Bush, Audrey Hillman Fisher, and Tim Fisher, 1988
Shelf WW 1-A-1 Elsie Hillman with Richard Scaife, Ed Howard, John Rawlins, and Richard Nixon, 1971
Shelf WW 1-A-1 Photographic Display of 1996 Republican National Convention, given to Hillman from Tim Shaffer, 1996
Shelf WW 1-A-1 Photographic Display of Pennsylvania Bush Volunteer Day, given to Hillman by Tim Shaffer, 1989