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Subseries 2. Religious Right Research, 1980-2003

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 2 contains article packets, newspaper clippings, and other informational materials regarding Elsie Hillman’s interest regarding the growth of the Religious Right. A long time moderate Republican, Hillman was concerned by the rise of those in groups such as the Christian Coalition, as well as other groups such as the Moral Majority and their effects on the Republican Party’s stance on issues such as abortion.

Folder 5 Article Packets, 1980
Folder 6 Calvary Episcopal Church, Address by Rev. Pamela Foster on Religious Right, 1995
Folder 7 Christian Coalition, Faith and Freedom Rally Program, 2000
Folder 8 Christian Coalition, Leadership Manual, 1990
Folder 9 Christian Coalition, Leadership School, 1993
Folder 10 Christian Coalition, Memoranda and Mailings, 1993
Folder 11 Christian Coalition, "Road to Victory" Conference, 1998
Folder 12 Christian Coalition, "Road to Victory" Mailings, 2000
Folder 13 Christian Coalition, "Road to Victory" Strategy Briefing, 1992
Folder 14 Christian Coalition, School Board Elections, 1993
Folder 15 Christian Exodus, Pamphlet and Newspaper Articles, c. 2003
Folder 16 Correspondence, 1992-1993
Folder 17 Dobson, James, Newspaper Articles, 1998
Folder 18 Draft of Letter to Republican Congressman, 1993

Box 82
Folder 1 Election Guides, c.1993
Folder 2 Index of Leading Cultural Indicators, 1993
Folder 3 Leaflets and News Releases, 1993
Folder 4 Literature Sent to Hillman, 1993
Folder 5 Memoranda and Reports, 1993
Folder 6 Moral Majority, Newspaper Clippings, 1980
Folder 7 Moral Majority, Speech Notes and Writings, c.1980s
Folder 8-9 Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Clippings, 1993-2000
Folder 10 Political Contributions, Incomplete List, 1990-1992
Folder 11 Rove, Karl, Newspaper Clippings, 2001
Folder 12 Religious Right, Speech and Presentation Materials, 1994
Folder 13 Report, Future of the Republican Party, 1993
Folder 14 Sturges, Jock, 1998