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Subseries 8. Pittsburgh Public Schools, 1996-2004

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 8 contains correspondence, memoranda, meeting materials, press releases, and other records covering Elsie Hillman’s involvement with Pittsburgh Public Schools. Hillman served on the K-12 team as part of an advisory team to the schools administrators. This subseries is comprised of two sections; one covering the K-12 team, and another covering the Mayor’s Commission on Public Education, an external commission organized to evaluate and reform the city schools.

Section: K-12 Team

Folder 23 Call Reports, 2001-2002
Folder 24 Correspondence, 2001-2003
Folder 25 Discussion Paper, "Getting the Pittsburgh Public Schools Back on Track," 2002
Folder 26 Heinz Endowments Magazine, "Tough Love: Why we said no to the Pittsburgh Public Schools," 2002

Box 64
Folder 1-2 Meeting Agendas and Related Materials, 2001-2002
Folder 3 Membership List and Statement of Purpose, 2001-2002
Folder 4 Membership List, 2004
Folder 5 Memoranda, 2001-2002
Folder 6-7 Newspaper Articles, 2001-2004
Folder 8 Notes, c.2003
Folder 9 Op-Ed by Hillman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "The region's No. 1 priority: The Pittsburgh Public Schools," 2001
Folder 10 Pittsburgh School Board Election, 2003
Folder 11 "Principle for a Day" Program, 2002
Folder 12 Report, Final Report and Recommendations of the Resource Equity Adequacy panel of the Allegheny Policy Council, 1996
Folder 13 Report, "Finding Common Ground," Prepared by Dr. John W. Thompson, 2002
Folder 14 Report, "Grading the Graders: Evaluating the Pittsburgh Public School System," 1998
Folder 15 Report, Pittsburgh Public School District "Community Report," 2003
Folder 16 Report, School Board Members Status Report, 2002
Folder 17 Report, Strategic Plan for Equity and Excellence, 2002
Folder 18 Report, Suggestions to Improve the Effectiveness of the Pittsburgh School Board, 2002
Folder 19 School Board Action Plan, Draft, 2002
Folder 20 Status Update Presented to K-12 Team, 2004
Folder 21 Thompson, John, 2002-2004

Section: Mayor's Commission on Public Education

Folder 22 Booklet, "Keeping the Promise: the Case for Reform in Pittsburgh Public Schools," 2003
Folder 23 Call Reports, 2003
Folder 24 Commission Committee and Membership List, 2003-2004
Folder 25 Correspondence, 2003
Folder 26 Leadership and Governance Committee Agenda Book, 2002
Folder 27 Memoranda, 2002-2003
Folder 28 Op-Ed by Hillman and Tom Murin on importance of Mayor's Commission on Public Education, Draft, 2002
Folder 29 Report, "Student Performance in Pittsburgh Public Schools," 2003
Folder 30 Superintendent's Response to Commission's Report, 2003