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Subseries 7. Political Allies and Friends, 1964-2013

Scope and Content Notes:

Subseries 7 contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other records relating to Elsie Hillman’s relationships with numerous political friends and allies. Throughout her career, Hillman was able to craft strong working relationships and friendships as she was instrumental in a number of their political careers.

Among those relationships she cultivated, several are documented here. They include fellow Pennsylvania State Committee Member Anne Anstine, Barbara Hafer, Colin Powell Tom Ridge, Senator Hugh Scott, Governor Bill Scranton Jr., Arlen Specter, and Richard Thornburgh. In addition to these individuals there are two sections relating to the Senator H. John Heinz III; One on the Heinz Family, and another on the memorial for Senator Heinz and the H. John Heinz III Memorial Committee.

Section: Anne Anstine, 1990-1997

Folder 24 Biography and Correspondence, 1990-1997
Folder 25 Memoranda, Republican National Committeewoman Succession after death of Anstine, 1997
Folder 26 Memorial Remarks by Hillman for Anstine, 1997
Folder 27 Obituary and Statements on Anstine's Death, 1997

Section: Barbara Hafer 1975-2002

Folder 28 Correspondence, 1975-2004
Folder 29 Letter of Support in Favor of State Treasurer Post, 2006
Folder 30 Newspaper Clipping, 1984
Folder 31 "Ode to Barbara Hafer" by Hillman, c. 1990s
Folder 32 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women Event Honoring Hafer, 1997
Folder 33 Roast Honoring Hafer, 1986

Section: Heinz Family 1972-2004

Folder 34 Biography of Senator H. John Heinz III, 1991
Folder 35 Common Cause, Voting Issues Record, 1981
Folder 36 Correspondence (General), 1972-1985
Folder 37 Heinz Awards, 1993-1994
Folder 38 Jack Heinz, Allegheny Conference Dinner Honoring H. John Heinz II, 1983
Folder 39 Jack Heinz, Distinguished Republican Award Dinner Honoring Jack Heinz, 1980
Folder 40 Jack Heinz, Newspaper Clipping, 1987
Folder 41 Joke Telegram Ideas after Reagan Budget Vote, 1981
Folder 42 Mailings, 1977-1978
Folder 43 Mailings and Article Packets sent to Hillman from Heinz's Office, 1984-1985
Folder 44 National Committee Contacts for Senate Campaign Committee, 1979
Folder 45 Newspaper Clippings and Articles, 1972-1987
Folder 46 Note Card, Legislative Assistants, Undated
Folder 47 Notes, Desired Senate Committee Placements, 1977
Folder 48 People for John Heinz, Questionnaire, c. 1970s
Folder 49 Proposed Plan Outlining Potential Presidential Candidacy, 1976

Box 56
Folder 1 Statements and Remarks of Senator Heinz, 1978
Folder 2 Teresa Heinz, Jewish National Fund Tree of Life Award, 1996
Folder 3 Teresa Heinz, Media as a Congressional Wife, Newspaper Clippings, 1983-1984
Folder 4 Teresa Heinz, Potential Candidate as Interim Senator, 1991
Folder 5 Teresa Heinz, Potential Exploration for Senate Candidacy, Newspaper Clippings, 1993
Folder 6 Teresa Heinz, Potential Exploration for Senate Candidacy, Press Statements, 1993-1994
Folder 7 Teresa Heinz, Role in US Presidential Campaign, Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Articles, 2004

Section: H. John Heinz III, Memorial and Memorial Committee, 1991-2001

Folder 8 Funeral Service for Heinz, Invitation, Program, Seating Chart, 1991
Folder 9 Heinz Memorial Committee, List of Committee Members, 1991
Folder 10 Heinz Memorial Committee, List of Memorial Suggestions, 1991
Folder 11 Heinz Memorial Committee, Meeting Minutes and Notes, 1991
Folder 12-13 Heinz Memorial Committee, Memorial Proposals, 1991
Folder 14 Heinz Memorial Committee, Press release calling for Citizen Suggestions, 1991
Folder 15 Heinz Memorial Committee, Reports on Proposed Memorials, 1991
Folder 16-17 Letters of Condolence, 1991
Folder 18 Memoranda, 1991
Folder 19 Newspaper Clippings and Reports, 1991
Folder 20 Op-ed, "If Heinz Had Lived," by John Baer, 2001
Folder 21 Personal Reflection on Heinz (by Elsie Hillman), 1991
Folder 22 Personal Statement by Elsie Hillman on Death of Heinz, 1991
Folder 23 Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Memorial program for Heinz, 1991
Folder 24 Service of Thanksgiving Program Held at Washington National Cathedral, 1991

Section: Colin Powell, 1995-2000

Folder 25 Citizens for Colin Powell, Campaign Report, 1995
Folder 26 Citizens for Colin Powell, Correspondence, 1995-1996
Folder 27 Citizens for Colin Powell, Magazine Articles, 1995-1997
Folder 28 Citizens for Colin Powell, Memoranda and Notes, 1995
Folder 29 Citizens for Colin Powell, Newspaper Clippings, 1995-1996
Folder 30 Citizens for Colin Powell, Polls and Reports, 1995-1996
Folder 31 Correspondence, Letter from Powell thanking Elsie Hillman for welcome to GOP, 1995
Folder 32 Speaking and Appearance Requests, 1998-2000

Section: Tom Ridge 1989-2009

Box 57
Folder 1 Correspondence, 1989-2002
Folder 2 Correspondence, Draft of Letter to Ridge on Concerns of the Far Right, c.1998
Folder 3 Friends of Tom Ridge, Letter regarding Fundraising Concerns, 1995
Folder 4 Governor's Residence Advisory Committee, 1995-1997
Folder 5 Homeland Security, Correspondence and Proposals sent to Hillman, 2001
Folder 6 Homeland Security, Newspaper Clippings and Articles, 2001-2002
Folder 7 Homeland Security, Report, "Recommendations for the First 100 Days," 2002
Folder 8 Homeland Security, Hospital Counter Terrorism Exercise, 2002
Folder 9 Homeland Security, Pennsylvania Region 13 Working Group, 2003
Folder 10 Newcomen Society Address by Governor Ridge, 2000
Folder 11 Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Articles, 1995-2009
Folder 12 Vice Presidential Considerations, Correspondence and Newspaper Clippings, 2000
Folder 13 Visit of Governor Bush to Pennsylvania, Correspondence, 1999
Folder 14 Women's Health, Newspaper Clippings and Correspondence, 1995
Folder 15 Woodrow Wilson Awards, Ridge Honored with Public Service Award, Ceremony Program, 2006

Section: Hugh Scott 1964-1994

Folder 16 Congressional Records and Reports, 1974-1975
Folder 17 Correspondence, 1965-1978
Folder 18 Federal Expenditures for Allegheny County, 1968-1969
Folder 19 Hugh Scott Foundation, Articles of Incorporation and Meeting Minutes, 1975
Folder 20 Invocation for Dinner Honoring Scott, 1973
Folder 21-23 Mailings, 1971-1975
Folder 24 Newspaper Clippings, 1964-1975
Folder 25 Philadelphia Inquirer Article, "the Artful Dodger," 1973

Box 58
Folder 1 Statement by Elsie Hillman on Scott's Decision Not to Seek Reelection, c.1974-1975
Folder 2 Statement by Scott on Retirement, 1975
Folder 3 Statements, Eulogies, and Obituaries on Scott's Death, 1994
Folder 4 "Win with Scott," Program and Contact List, 1964

Section: William Warren Scranton, Jr. 1963-2013

Folder 5 Biography and Overview of Achievements, c. 2000
Folder 6 Correspondence, 1966-2005
Folder 7 Newsweek Magazine on Presence at Republican National Convention, 1964
Folder 8 Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Articles, 1968-1998
Folder 9 Statement on the Death of William Scranton, 2013

Section: Arlen Specter, 1985-2012

Folder 10 Correspondence, 1996-2003
Folder 11 Events Honoring Specter, Invitations and Planning Materials, 2003-2007
Folder 12 Luncheon Event, Correspondence and Memoranda, 2004
Folder 13 Luncheon Event, Draft of Script for Lynn Swann, 2004
Folder 14 Luncheon Event, Planning Materials, 2004
Folder 15 Luncheon Event, Thank you letters, 2004
Folder 16 Federal Appropriation Requests, Fiscal Year 2006, 2005
Folder 17 Federal Appropriation Requests, Fiscal Year 2007, 2006
Folder 18 Federal Appropriation Requests, Fiscal Year 2008, 2007
Folder 19 Federal Appropriation Requests, Fiscal Year 2009, 2008
Folder 20 Federal Appropriation Requests, Fiscal Year 2010, 2009
Folder 21 Federal Appropriation Requests, Fiscal Year 2011, 2011
Folder 22 Official Portrait Card of Specter, undated
Folder 23 Party Change, Press Statement and Correspondence, 2009
Folder 24 Politics Pennsylvania Article, "Specter Enemies List," 2005
Folder 25 Presidential Campaign, Newspaper Clippings, 1995
Folder 26 Press Packet, 2004
Folder 27 Support for Senate Nomination, Correspondence, 1985
Folder 28 Support for Senate Nomination, Newsletters, 1985
Folder 29 Support for Senate Nomination, Newspaper Clippings, 1985
Folder 30 Support for Senate Nomination, Prepared Statements, Talking Points and Notes, 1985
Folder 31 Speech in Support of Re-election campaign, 1988
Folder 32 Statement by Elsie Hillman and Articles on Specter's Death, 2012
Folder 33 Statement by Elsie Hillman on Specter's Medical Emergency, 1993

Section: Richard L. Thornburgh, 1971-2007

Folder 34 Correspondence, 1983-2007
Folder 35 Newspaper Clippings and Magazine Articles, 1975-1987
Folder 36 Note from Dorothy Lawson on Thornburgh's Appointment to Criminal Justice Division, c.1975-1975
Folder 37 Note, On Senatorial Aspirations, c.1986
Folder 38 Southwestern Pennsylvania Dinner, Honoring Thornburgh, 1979
Folder 39 Speech by Thornburgh, On the Future of the Republican Party, 1984
Folder 40 Speech by Thornburgh, On Republican Principles, 1988
Folder 41 Speech by Thornburgh, "Today's Youth - The Not So Silent Majority," 1971
Folder 42 Speech in Favor of Thornburgh's Campaign for US Senate, 1992
Folder 43 Thornburgh and Prochoice Efforts, Correspondence, 1982
Folder 44 Thornburgh and Prochoice Efforts, Newspaper Clippings, 1982
Folder 45 Vice President's Reception Committee, Memo regarding Thornburgh's Invitation, 1980