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Subseries 3. Photographs, 1936-1961

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains the photographs of P.L. Prattis taken while traveling on assignment for the Pittsburgh Courier. The subseries features images of the United States Armed Forces during World War II, which includes a photograph taken at a press conference with General George Marshall and Colonel Benjamin O. Davis. The Photographs subseries also features images of Prattis being honored at banquets, along with some photographs of Robert L. Vann, the Pittsburgh Courier's long-time editor, and his wife Jessie. Recently added material can be found under the section "New Material Added." The subseries is arranged by year with many images undated.

Folder 44 P.L. Prattis at Professional Events, 1936-1940s, undated
Folder 45 Organizing Committee of the War Bond Savings Club, ca.1942
Folder 46 Blair House Press Conference for Edwin Barclay, President of Liberia, 1943
Folder 47 P.L. Prattis and Robert L. Vann with unidentified man, 1940s
Folder 48 P.L. Prattis with African American Soldiers in Army Mess Hall, 1940s
Folder 49 The Pittsburgh Courier's Frank Bolden as a War Correspondent, 1940s
Folder 50 Colonel Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., and Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., at Press Conference for African American Press, 1940s
Folder 51 General George Marshall addressing the African American Press, 1940s
Folder 52 P.L. Prattis and Jessie M. Vann with group, 1950s
Folder 53 P.L. Prattis in group with President Eisenhower, 1950s
Folder 54 P.L. Prattis in Tel Aviv, 1954
Folder 55 P.L. Prattis as speaker for National Insurance Convention, Durham, North Carolina, 1954
Folder 56 Wilhelmina Butler, Jessie M. Vann, P.L. Prattis, Patricia Prattis, Ethel Ramos, and Paquita Harris, 1960s
Folder 57 Testimonial dinner in honor of P.L. Prattis, 1961
Folder 58 Roy Wilkins and P.L. Prattis, undated
Folder 59 Lester Granger, Reba Schinault, and P.L. Prattis at Press Conference, undated
Folder 60 P.L. Prattis at a shrine in Jerusalem, Israel, undated
Folder 61 P.L. Prattis in Europe while on assignment for the Pittsburgh Courier, undated
Folder 62 P.L. Prattis with unidentified men, undated
Folder 63 P.L. Prattis, Rev. Toliver, Dr. Eugene Younge, Jr., and two other unidentified men, undated

Section: New Material Added, 2011

Box 2
Folder 71 P.L. Prattis and unidentified man (possibly related to Community Chest and Councils of America), 1960s