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Subseries 4. Writings, 1945-1969

Scope and Content Notes:

The Writings subseries features story leads and drafts of articles, notes, and journal entries. Prattis wrote for the Pittsburgh Courier and other publications during this time period. Recently added material can be found under the section "New Material Added." The subseries is arranged chronologically.

Box 1
Folder 64 Journal entries for the United Nations Conference on International Organization in San Francisco, 1945
Folder 65 Writings by P.L. Prattis while on assignment in India, 1949
Folder 66 "Statement to General Lucius D. Clay," 1949
Folder 67 "Issues: Good and Bad." Draft for article in Associated Negro Press, 1954
Folder 68 Report on Courier Caravan, October 2- December 1957
Folder 69 Draft of the Courier Church Supplement, 1958
Folder 70 "The People of the Earth: History Special for Children," 1968-1969
Folder 71 Writing Assignment on Josephine Baker, undated
Folder 72 Story Lead on Draft of Constitution of Latin-Bloc Countries, undated
Folder 73 Book review on "The First Circle," undated
Folder 74 "Homewood- Brushton- Belmar Boomtown, '68," undated
Folder 75 "The Horizon," Writing Assignment from the ship Argentina, undated
Folder 76 Writing Assignment on Gaston Monnerville from Paris, undated
Folder 77 "Must We Surrender?" undated
Folder 78 "Over the Shoulder History," Lead for Pittsburgh Courier series, undated
Folder 79 "Poverty of the Negro, Prosperity of the Whites," undated
Folder 80 Profile of Virginia Paris, undated
Folder 81 "Road to Freedom," undated
Folder 82 "Reference to Maso Tse," undated
Folder 83 Story Lead on Wilkinsburg Coalition, undated
Folder 84 Writing Assignment from Cairo, undated
Folder 85 Writing Assignment from London, undated
Folder 86 Writing Assignment from Paris, undated
Folder 87 "Peace Prospects in the Holy Land," undated
Folder 88 "Thirteen Years under Nazi Terror: as told to P.L. Prattis," Third and Final Drafts, undated
Folder 89 "Truth is Delight," Review for the Pittsburgh Courier, undated
Folder 90 Story Lead on the death of Jessie M. Vann, undated
Folder 91 Story Lead on Dr. Euguene Younge, undated
Folder 92 Untitled Writing, undated
Volume 1 United Nations International Conference, San Francisco, Scrapbook, 1945

Section: New Material Added, 2011

Box 2
Folder 72-73 "The Horizon" newspaper clippings of column, 1943-1944

Box 2
Folder 85 "Autobiography", fragmentary undated