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Subseries 2. Bound Publications

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains 67 items arranged in chronological order and ranging from 1948 to 2005. These publications come from a variety of local, regional, state, and federal organizations and include material that was used as a reference during the planning and execution of the Three Rivers Second Nature Project.

Folder 19 "Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Compact" 1948
Folder 20 "Ground-Water Resources of the Valley-Fill Deposits of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania" by: J. H. Adamson Jr., J. B. Graham, and N. H. Klein 1949
Folder 21 "Aquatic Resources of the Ohio River" by: Ohio River Water Sanitation Commission 1962
Folder 22 "Management of Urban Watersheds: The Potential Impact of Regulatory Action" by: Mitchell J. Small and William P. Darby 1974
Folder 23 "An Evaluation of the Effects of Mainstem Navigation Dams on the Water Quality of the Upper Ohio River" by: U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District 1975
Folder 24 "Monongahela River Navigation Projects Annual Water Quality Report" by: U. S. Army Corps of Engineers 1976
Folder 25 "Guide to the availability of Hydrologic Data, Greater Pittsburgh Region, Pennsylvania" by: U. S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 76-352 1976
Folder 26 "Implementing Stormwater Management in Allegheny County: A Training Manual" by: Allegheny County Department of Planning 1985
Folder 27 "Remaking Cities: Proceedings of the 1988 International Conference in Pittsburgh" by: The Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Institute of Architects 1988
Folder 28 "Water Quality Trends Ohio River and its Tributaries" by: Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission 1990
Folder 29 "A Casebook in Managing Rivers for Multiple Uses" by: Association of State Wetland Managers 1991
Folder 30 "Assessment of ORSANCO Fish Population Data Using the Modified Index of Well Being" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 1992
Folder 31 "Water Quality Trends on Ohio River and its Tributaries 1980-1990: A Supplement to the 1977-1987 Study" by: Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission 1992
Folder 32 "Toxics Substances Control Program: Pittsburgh to Wheeling Field Study" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 1992

Box 5
Folder 1 "Water Quality Trends Ohio River and its Tributaries: Organic Compounds 1992
Folder 2 "Ground Water Studies of Neville Chemical Site Mile Point 6.2 of the Ohio River" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 1992
Folder 3 "Wetlands Guide to Science, Law, and Technology" by: Mark S. Dennison and James F. Berry 1993
Folder 4 "Best Management Practices for Erosion Control During Trail Maintenance and Construction" by: State of New Hampshire 1994
Folder 5 "What's a River Worth: A Valuation Survey of the Ohio River Corridor" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission, the National Park Service, and the Ohio River Basin Commission 1994
Folder 6 "Municipal Authorities in Pennsylvania" by: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development 1994
Folder 7 "A Handbook of Constructed Wetlands" by: Luise Davis 1995
Folder 8 "Endangered and Threatened Species of Pennsylvania" by: Pennsylvania Game Commission, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and Bureau of Forestry 1995
Folder 9 "School of Forest Resources Biennial Report" by: Penn State University 1995-1996
Folder 10 "Native Plants in the Creation of Backyard, Schoolyard, and Park Habitat Areas" by: Audubon Council of Pittsburgh 1996
Folder 11 "Biennial Assessment of Ohio River Water Quality Conditions" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 1996-1997
Folder 12 "State Source Water Assessment and protection Programs Guidance: Draft Guidance" by: Environmental Protection Agency 1997
Folder 13 "Partnerships for Environmental Health Education" by: National Association of County and City Health Officials 1997
Folder 14 "Pollution Control Standards for Discharges to the Ohio River: 1997 Revision" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 1997
Folder 15 "Restoration Ecology Journal, The Journal of the Society for Ecological Restoration Vol. 5 No. 4S" 1997
Folder 16-17 "Stream Corridor Restoration: Principles, Processes, and Practices" by: U. S. Department of Agriculture, U. S> Environmental Protection Agency, Tennessee Valley Authority, Federal Emergency Management Agency, U. S> Department of Commerce, U. S. Department of Defense, U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and U. S. Department of the Interior 1998
Folder 18 "Pennsylvania Stream Relief: A Plan for Restoring and Conserving Buffers along Pennsylvania Streams" by: Department of Environmental Protection 1998
Folder 19 "Inventory and Monitoring of Biotic Resources in Pennsylvania" Proceedings of the First Conference of Pennsylvania Biological Survey 1998
Folder 20 "What's Working on Working Rivers: A Handbook for Improving Urban Rivers" by: Naomi Cohn 1998
Folder 21 "Report of the Pennsylvania 21st Century Environment Commission" 1998
Folder 22 "Experiences with Urban Stream Quality Management" by: Nancy Schultz 1998
Folder 23 "1948-1998 A Fifty-Year Pursuit for Clean Streams" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 1998
Folder 24 "Ecological Restoration 95-629" 1998
Folder 25 "Earthday Snapshot of Water Quality" by: The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection 1999
Folder 26 "Work Plan: A Study of Impacts and Control of Wet Weather Sources of Pollution on Large Rivers" by: The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission 1999
Folder 27 "Terrestrial and Palustrine Plant Communities of Pennsylvania" by: Jean Fike 1999
Folder 28 "Regional Long Term Wet Weather Control Concept Plan Draft" by: Allegheny County Sanitary Authority 1999
Folder 29 "Plumbing the Future: Seage Infrastructure and Sustainability in Western Pennsylvania" by: Environmental Law Institute 1999
Folder 30 "Daylighting: New Life for Buried Streams" by: Richard Pinkham 2000
Folder 31 "Quality Monitor: An Appraisal of Conditions in the Ohio River and some of its Tributaries" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 2000
Folder 32 "Water Quality Phase I, Executive Summary" by: the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry 2000
Folder 33 "Alcosan Regional Long-Term Wet Weather Control Concept Plan: Municipal Comments and Alcosan Response" by: Allegheny County Sanitary Authority 2000
Folder 34 "Program Plan" by: Ohio River Valley Sanitation Commission 2000-2001
Folder 35 "Riverlife Task Force: A Progress Report" by: Riverlife Task Force 2001
Folder 36 "Accepting the Challenge: A Primer about History, Cause, and Solutions to Abandoned Mine Drainage" by: Slippery Rock Watershed Coalition 2001
Folder 37 "Stream restoration and Daylighting Phase I" by: the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry 2001
Folder 38 "Social Project Reports Phase 2" by: the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry 2001
Folder 39 "Terrestrial Project Reports: Monongahela River Valley Phase 2" by: the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry 2001
Folder 40 "Monongahela and Youghiogheny Rivers pools 2 and 3 Riverbank Geology, Conditions, and Access Reports Phase 2" by: the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry 2001

Box 6
Folder 1 "The Citizen's Plan: An Alternative to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission's Plan to Complete the Mon-Fayette Toll Road" by: Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future 2002
Folder 2 "Ecological Restoration Vol. 20 No. 4) 2002
Folder 3 "Three Rivers Second Nature Terrestrial Reports: Allegheny River Phase 3" by: the STUDIO for Creative Inquiry 2002
Folder 4 "The Living Rivers and Streams of Allegheny County Draft Proclamation" by: Three Rivers Second Nature Outreach Advisory Committee 2002-2004
Folder 5 "Mid-Atlantic Highlands Action Program: Transforming the Legacy" by: Canaan Valley Institute 2002
Folder 6 "Biodiversity in Pennsylvania" by: Pennsylvania Biodiversity Partnership 2002
Folder 7 "Water Monitoring for Watershed Planning and TMDLs" by: Wesley M. Jarrell, University of Illinois 2003
Folder 8 "Back to Prosperity: A Competitive Agenda for Renewing Pennsylvania" by: The Brookings Institution Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy 2003
Folder 9 "Waterways and Wildlife: A Guide to Assessing and Improving Riparian Buffer Habitat" by: Nell Hanssen 2003
Folder 10 "Root Shock: Connecting People and Communities to Pittsburgh's Three Rivers" by: Find the Rivers! Partners 2004
Folder 11 "Find the Rivers! River Opportunity Report" by: Find the Rivers! Partners 2005
Folder 12 "Regional Cooperation for Water Quality Improvement in Southwestern Pennsylvania" by: National Research Council of the National Academies 2005
Folder 13 "Relationship Between Ohio River Water Quality and Drinking Water Quality" by: Ohio Valley River Sanitation Commission Undated
Folder 14 "We All Live Downstream: A Benefit for Conservation Consultants" by: Equitable Gas Undated