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Series IV. Topics and Organizations, 1963-1982

Scope and Content Notes:

Rabinowitz collected an array of materials that illustrate the social, political, and economic issues that she experienced throughout the 1960s and 1970s. These materials provide a glimpse into the issues and organizations that emerged during this period. Included are pamphlets, fliers, letters, press, and organizational materials. The series is divided into three subseries divided by topics, local organizations, and national organizations.

Subseries 1. Topics, 1965-1983

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries contains an array of materials that Rabinowitz collected throughout the 1960s and 1970s that demonstrate her interests and concerns; it is organized alphabetically. She kept the materials organized in files according to topics which range from international issues, to labor issues, draft resistance, and socialism.

Box 6
Folder 1 Black Power Movement, 1968-1978
Folder 2 Chile, 1973-1979
Folder 3 China, 1965-1976
Folder 4 Civil Rights and Racism, 1963-1983
Folder 5 Communes, 1973
Folder 6 Conscientious Objection, 1967-1969
Folder 7 Criminal Code Reform Act, 1979
Folder 8 Draft Resistance, 1966-1970
Folder 9 Health, undated
Folder 10 GI Movement and Amnesty, 1973-1974
Folder 11 Indochina, 1974-1975
Folder 12 Labor Issues, Local and Regional, 1975-1979
Folder 13 Labor and Unions, 1975-1982
Folder 14 Labor Related Films, 1970
Folder 15 Labor, Safe Energy, and Anti-Nuke, 1979-1981
Folder 16 Labor, United Aircraft and Olin Drug, 1969-1970
Folder 17 Labor, United Auto Workers, 1964-1979
Folder 18 Labor and Workplace Health Issues, 1979-1980
Folder 19 Marxist-Leninist Groups, 1975
Folder 20 Military Intervention, Disarmament, and Conversion, 1977-1981
Folder 21 National Student Conference Against Racism, Pittsburgh, 1974-1976
Folder 22 National Tax Organizing, 1972-1974
Folder 23 The New Right, 1978-1981
Folder 24 New York City Issues and Organizations, 1968-1969
Folder 25 Socialism, undated
Folder 26 Vietnam, 1965-1966
Folder 27 Worker Ownership, 1982

Subseries 2. Local Organizations, 1969-1980

Scope and Content Notes:

This subseries is organized alphabetically and includes material Rabinowitz collected concerning local social justice and activist organizations that emerged in the 1970s and include literature, fliers and brochures.

Folder 28 Anti-Vietnam Organizations, 1972-1976
Folder 29 Committee of Concerned Unionists, 1978
Folder 30 Pittsburgh Area Committee on Occupational Safety and Health, 1972-1974
Folder 31 Pittsburgh Chapter Coalition if Labor Union Women, 1974-1975
Folder 32 Pittsburgh Committee Against Registration and the Draft Card (CARD), 1980
Folder 33 Pittsburgh Neighborhood Alliance, 1974-1975
Folder 34 Pittsburgh Radical Women's Union, 1973
Folder 35 Pittsburgh Chapter of Students for a Democratic Society, 1969
Folder 36 Political Prisoner's Solidarity Committee, 1971-1978
Folder 37 Professional Air Traffic Controller's Organization, undated
Folder 38 Western Pennsylvania Coalition to Support the United Mine Workers, 1972-1979

Subseries 3. National Organizations, 1965-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

Rabinowitz collected the materials of a number of social justice and activist organizations that emerged between 1965 and 1996. This subseries contains literature, fliers and pamphlets produced by these organizations and is organized alphabetically.

Folder 39 Bay Area Revolutionary Union, 1971
Folder 40 Berkeley Women's Movement, 1972
Folder 41 Committee of Returned Volunteers, 1969-1970
Folder 42 Free Speech Movement, 1965-1966
Folder 43 International Socialists, 1979
Folder 44 Italian Communist Party, 1976-1978
Folder 45 Labor Party Advocates, 1991-1996
Folder 46 National Caucus of Labor Committees (NCLC), 1966-1969
Folder 47 New Alliance Party, undated
Folder 48 New York Peace and Freedom Party, 1968-1969
Folder 49 North American Congress on Latin America, undated
Folder 50 North American Farm Alliance, 1984

Box 7
Folder 1-2 Radical Historian's Organization, 1971-1980
Folder 3 Seattle Liberation Front, 1968-1969
Folder 4 US Committee for a Democratic Spain, 1972-1976
Folder 5 The Weather Underground, 1981
Folder 6 Radical Education Project, 1968-1969