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Series II. Newspaper Clippings 1940-1960

Scope and Content Notes:

Hoerr collected a large number of newspaper clippings relating to Harry J. Davenport's Congressional career as a representative for a Pittsburgh district (1949-1950). These clippings begin with Davenport campaigning in 1946, but mainly refer to his 1948 campaign and 1949 term. Shortly after Davenport won his Congressional seat, his term abruptly ended when he was accused of being a Communist. The other news clippings mainly deal with Tom Quinn and his own issues with Communist accusations and the coinciding legal proceedings. In addition, Father Rice’s involvement with the UE probe is well documented. The newspaper clippings demonstrate a great understanding of the fear of communism at the time and the way it affected the lives of the three men. This series is arranged chronologically.

Folder 23 Harry Davenport and United Electric, the Worker, 1940-1950
Folder 24 The Gazette, 1946
Folder 25 Campaign, 1946
Folder 26 McDowell-Davenport Campaign, noted, 1946
Folder 27 The Gazette, 1948
Folder 28 Campaign, 1948
Folder 29 The Jewish Criterion, 1948
Folder 30 The Gazette, 1949
Folder 31 Local 601 UE Election Involving Father Rice, 1949
Folder 32 UE Probe, 1949
Folder 33 James Matles as leader of United Electric, 1949-1975
Folder 34 McDowell Victory, 1950
Folder 35 November Election, 1950
Folder 36 UE versus IUE, 1950
Folder 37 Campaign, 1950
Folder 38 Tom Quinn, 1950-1981
Folder 39 House Un-American Activity Committee Hearing, 1959
Folder 40 Harry Davenport and Elections, 1959-1960
Folder 41 Monsignor Rice, undated
Folder 42 Tom Quinn Legal Proceedings, undated