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Folder 13 Orr Reports, 684-710, 1988

This folder contains reports 684 through 710 and includes the following: Cooper Industries, Design of Windows for Test Cell Doors; Peter Munsing, Failure of Silex Decanter, Causing Injury; A.T. Doyle Co. Inc., Adhesion of Lamp Gasket to Cover Glass Face; Roche Dinkeloo, Design of Flat Panel to Replace Angle Panels; Paula DiMeo Grant, Examination of Two Whistler Teapots; Standard Test Lab, Design of Glass Plate for Tire Load Test; Dinwiddie Construction Co., Weld Splatter on Vision Windows and Spandrels; Mellon Stuart Co., Dew Point Tests of Windows at Airport Park; Advanced Coating Technologies, Nickel Sulfide Stone Problem at Ft. Lauderdale; David N. Dittmar, Fracture of Corning Vision Cookware; The Spectrum Group, Loan of 3/4 Inch Piece of Tempered Glass for Photo; Mellon Stuart Co., Reply to Questions in 4/19 Letter; Gerald D. Hines, Examination of Broken Insulated Window from Denver; Mellon Stuart, Meeting at Airport Office Park on Breakage; First Eq. Business, Deposition at Mobile, Alabama; Smith and Robson, Exam of Broken A-Treat Quart Bottle; Daniel M. Berger, Exam of 1986 Chevrolet Cavalier Windshield; Ashland Chemical Co., Failure of Insulated Windows in Buildings; Ogg, Jones and Desimone, Injury from Glass Window in Church Door; Hartford Glass Co., Design of Glass for Aquarium; Smith Emery Co., Inspection and Testing Glass, Interstate Fire; Bails, Pittsburgh, Pa., Glass Failure, Causing Injury at Kaufmanns; Shull, Washington, D.C., Exam of Broken Kerr Bottle; Stephen Yungblut, Glass Replacement, Skymark Tower, Texas; David T. Brady, Loaded Round Glass Plate; Falconer Glass Co., Investigation of Laminated Security Glass; Hawaiian D. and C. Co., Breakage Stain on Glass, One Waterfront Place.