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Series IV. Subject Files 1931-1989

Box 5
Folder 1 Eric Leif Davin, “A Reply to Piven and Cloward”
Folder 2 Lasser in New York Times Name Index
Folder 3 Henry N. Dorris, “Workers Alliance Assailed” New York Times, June 1939
Folder 4 Photocopies from New York Times, April 1941
Folder 5 Excerpt from National Affairs section of Time, August 1936
Folder 6 David Lasser, Biographical Information
Folder 7 Herbert Benjamin, Biographical Information
Folder 8 Herbert Benjamin, References
Folder 9 Page from National Affairs featuring picture of Lasser & Benjamin
Folder 10 Partial Article on Dirksen by G.H. Mayer
Folder 11 Lasser in Book Review Digest, 1931
Folder 12 Article by Lasser in Congressional Digest, February 1939
Folder 13 Davin Correspondences looking for David Lasser
Folder 14 Davin Correspondence regarding "Wonder Stories"
Folder 15 Digest of Phone Interview with David Lasser, April 1986
Folder 16 Eric Davin, Interview with David Lasser, April 1986
Folder 17 Interview with David Lasser (corrected), 1986
Folder 18 Lasser Anthology Correspondences
Folder 19 William W. Bremer, "Along the 'American Way': The New Deal's Work Relief Programs for the Unemployed", December 1975
Folder 20 Clara Severn, "We Begin to March", December 1934
Folder 21 Marjorie R. Clark & S. Fanny Simon, "The Labor Movement in America", 1938
Folder 22 David Lasser, "Socialists and the Unemployed" American Socialist Monthly
Folder 23 Museum of American Textile History Grants-in-Aid
Folder 24 William Gellerman, "Martin Dies", 1944
Folder 25 "Who was Who", Martin Dies Circled
Folder 26 "Freedom of Information- FBI Investigatory Records- Confidential Informant's Identity" Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, February 1987
Folder 27 "WPA Sit-down" Business Week, October 1936
Folder 28 "The Common Welfare" The Survey, November 1936
Folder 29 Joseph P. Kamp "Hunger March on Washington", February 1937
Folder 30 Seldon Rodman, "Lasser and the Workers Alliance", September 1938
Folder 31 "Relief Ghosts Haunt State Capitols", May 1936
Folder 32 Annual Bibliography of American Labor History, pp. 592-593, 598-599
Folder 33 Bonnie Fox Schwartz, "The New Deal and Organized Labor: the CWA and the AFL Building Trades" Labor History v. 17 n. 1
Folder 34 Walter Davenport, "Loyal Sons of WPA", October 1937
Folder 35 Eric Hobsbawm, "Workers: Worlds of Labor", 1984
Folder 36 Letter from US Department of Justice, January 1989
Folder 37 Hearings on the Economic Security Act parts 9 & 11, February 1935
Folder 38 Reference List on Old Age Pensions- Library of US Department of Labor
Folder 39 Index of The Congressional Digest, vol. 14 no. 2, 1935
Folder 40 Bibliographies Regarding Social Security/Welfare, July 1932- June 1937
Folder 41 Book References to Technocracy Movement
Folder 42 James E. Sargent, "Roosevelt, the WPA Controversy, and the Workers Alliance of America", March 1982
Folder 43 "What President Roosevelt did to the Map of the U.S. in Four Years with $6,500,000,000"