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Folder 24 Orr Reports, 347-365, 1980

This folder contains reports 347 through 365 which includes the following: Shatterproof Glass, Calculations of Stress and Deflection, Skylights, Ann Arbor; Tarnopol, Break in Champagne Bottle when Removing Cork; Tarnopol, Plans for Testing Pinto Backlight; Katz-Shatterproof, Review of Correspondence Glass breaks Federal Reserve, Washington, D.C.; Falconer Industries, Nickel Sulfide Stone in Glass Railing, NAFEC, N.J.; Flour City Architectural Metals., Inspection of Twin Pane Factory, Detroit, Michigan; Artistic Glass Products, Meeting at GE Allentown, and AGP, Quakertown; O'Dea Lawyer, Meeting with Three Philadelphia Lawyers, 1818 Market Street Job; Midwest Architectural Metals, Examination of 1/2 inch Glass for NiS Stones, Fair Oaks; Flour City Architectural Metals, Skylight Breakage, Cook County Courts Building, Chicago; Tarnopol, Examine Nail Polish Broken Bottle; Lockwood-Greene, Proposed Design of Glass Water Tower; Etkin Construction Co., Inspection of Spandrel Failures, Oakland University, Detroit; O'Dea Lawyer, Deposition on 1818 Market Street Job, Philadelphia; Falconer, Industries Examination of Three Separate NiS Stone Breaks; Friedman Lawyer, Inspection of Failed Windows, Portland, Maine; Webster Lawyer, Failed Insulated Glass Units, Providence, Rhode Island; Katz-Shatterproof, Glass Breakage in Insulated Units, Federal Reserve; Products Research, Inspection # 3 Broken Insulated Units, Medford, Wisconsin.