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Series II. 1996 Attorney General Campaign, Bulk, 1995-1996 1972-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

The 1996 Attorney General Campaign documents the Fisher campaign and includes campaign analysis research, correspondence, event and fundraising information, newspaper clippings, and press materials. During the 1996 campaign season, Mike Fisher ran against Democratic candidate, Joseph Kohn; Fisher was successfully elected as the Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

The bulk of the in this series date from 1995-1996; unless otherwise noted, all files fall within this range. The most common date note is for specific dates, though occasionally materials fall well outside this range; see in particular the Opposition Research sub-series on Democratic attorney general nominee, Joseph C. Kohn.

Subseries 1. Clippings of Newspapers and Other Sources for Attorney General Candidates, 1995-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

This sub-series is comprised of articles and news clippings related to Fisher and his opponents for Attorney General. The two largest folders are Fisher's and Mike Marino, the other Republican candidate.

Folder 12 Tom Corbet news clips
Folder 13 Mike Fisher clips
Folder 14 Joe Kohn clips
Folder 15 Mike Marino clips and brochures

Subseries 2. Correspondence, 1995-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

The Correspondence sub-series includes letters, memos, and other correspondence primarily from supporters, staff, constituents, and Republican or other interest groups. It also includes a letter from Mike Marino to Allegheny County Republican Chairman, Robert W. Cramer.

Folder 16 Ads for booklets
Folder 17 Area Agency on Aging, March 15, 1996
Folder 18 African American Coalition, December 1, 1995
Folder 19 Announcements
Folder 20 College Republicans of Pennsylvania
Folder 21 County Chairs and State Committee letter draft, April 20, 1995
Folder 22 Outgoing correspondence
Folder 23 Coordinator mailings
Folder 24 Letters to editor campaign
Folder 25 Memoranda
Folder 26 National Rifle Association
Folder 27 Opponents' correspondence -- contains only Mike Marino letter, April 15, 1995
Folder 28 Pennsylvania Council of Republican Women
Folder 29 Regret letters

Subseries 3. County Files, 1995-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

The County Files sub-series are comprised of materials related to Republican supporters in various Pennsylvania counties. They include correspondence with supporters and County Coordinators, Steering Committee and other membership lists, and event information and schedules

Folder 30 Fisher campaign County Coordinator lists
Folder 31 Memos to/from County Coordinators
Folder 32 Adams County
Folder 33 Bedford County
Folder 34 Berks County
Folder 35 Blair County
Folder 36 Bradford County
Folder 37 Bucks County
Folder 38 Cameron County
Folder 39 Chester County
Folder 40 Clarion County
Folder 41 Clearfield County
Folder 42 Columbia County
Folder 43 Crawford County
Folder 44 Cumberland County
Folder 45 Clinton County
Folder 46 Dauphin County
Folder 47 Delaware County
Folder 48 Elk County
Folder 49 Erie County
Folder 50 Forest County
Folder 51 Franklin County
Folder 52 Fulton County

Box 2
Folder 1 Huntingdon County
Folder 2 Jefferson County
Folder 3 Juniata County
Folder 4 Lackawanna County
Folder 5 Lancaster County
Folder 6 Lebanon County
Folder 7 Lehigh County
Folder 8 Luzerne County
Folder 9 Lycoming County
Folder 10 McKean County
Folder 11 Mercer County
Folder 12 Mifflin County
Folder 13 Montour County
Folder 14 Montgomery County
Folder 15 Northampton County
Folder 16 Northumberland County
Folder 17 Perry County
Folder 18 Philadelphia
Folder 19 Pike County
Folder 20 Potter County
Folder 21 Schuylkill County
Folder 22 Sullivan County
Folder 23 Snyder County
Folder 24 Susquehanna County
Folder 25 Tioga County
Folder 26 Union County
Folder 27 Venango County
Folder 28 Warren County
Folder 29 Wayne County
Folder 30 Wyoming County
Folder 31 York County

Subseries 4. Finances, 1996-1997

Scope and Content Notes:

The Finances sub-series includes information on Fisher's campaign's fiscal status including expenses, contributions, and disbursements. It also includes a small amount of material on the campaign's financial plans and the Finance Committee generally.

Folder 32 Campaign Expense Reports, May-October 1996
Folder 33 Campaign Expense Reports, October-November 1996
Folder 34 Check registers
Folder 35 Contribution reports, June 1996
Folder 36 Contribution reports, July 1996
Folder 37 Contribution reports, August 1996
Folder 38 Contribution reports, September 1996
Folder 39 Contribution reports, October 1996
Folder 40 Campaign correspondence
Folder 41 Disbursement report for Jon, January 1997
Folder 42 Finance Committee structure
Folder 43 Finance Plan, June 27, 1996
Folder 44 Fundraising -- Eastern
Folder 45 Statement of Cash Receipts and Disbursements

Subseries 5. Opposition Research on Joseph Kohn, 1983-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

The Opposition Research on Joseph Kohn sub-series compiles research assembled by the Fisher campaign on 1992 and 1996 Democratic attorney general nominee, Joseph Kohn. This sub-series includes background investigations into Kohn's personal life as well as his legal and political career. Much of the material includes annotations or descriptions as to its utility for Fisher's campaign strategy.

Folder 46 Background information on Kohn's legal career, August 1996
Folder 47 Biographical, legal, and positional research on Joe Kohn
Folder 48 Kohn case research -- AIDS case, Doe v. Kohn et al, 1994
Folder 49 Kohn case research -- Amino Acid Lysine antitrust litigation

Box 3
Folder 1 Kohn case research -- Air transportation antitrust suit, 1990-1994
Folder 2 Kohn case research -- Carpet cases, 1993-1995
Folder 3 Kohn case research -- Centennial School District v. Independence Blue Cross, 1994
Folder 4 Kohn case research -- Cumberland Farms, Inc., et al. v. Browning-Ferris Industries, Inc., 1988
Folder 5 Kohn case research -- The Department of Stripper Well exemption litigation, 1987-1996
Folder 6 Kohn case research -- Scott Doe dockets
Folder 7 Kohn case research -- General Motors pickup truck fuel tank products liability litigation, 1993-1996
Folder 8 Kohn case research -- J/H Real Estate, Inc. v. Leonard Abramson, et al.
Folder 9-10 Kohn case research -- Lutheran church RICO case, 1992-1996
Folder 11 Kohn case research -- Mishel et al. v. Nutri/System, Inc., et al., 1984
Folder 12 Kohn case research -- "No" files, 1983-1996
Folder 13 Kohn case research -- Paoli Railroad Yard PCB litigation
Folder 14 Kohn case research -- Parkway Garage, Inc. v. The City of Philadelphia, 1992-1996
Folder 15 Kohn general research -- Gun control
Folder 16 Kohn general research -- John Wasilchick's opposition research proposal and report
Folder 17 Kohn general research -- Plagiarism, 1992
Folder 18 Kohn general research -- RICO knowledge, 1988-1996
Folder 19 Press releases from Fisher campaign regarding Joseph Kohn

Subseries 6. Polling Research, 1996

Scope and Content Notes:

The Polling Research sub-series contains statistical research gathered from surveys of voters leading up to Fisher's election.

Folder 20-21 Key Findings from a Survey of Voter Attitudes in the State of Pennsylvania, May 14-15, 1996
Folder 22 Key Findings from a Survey of Voter Attitudes in the State of Pennsylvania, May 18, 1996
Folder 23 Poll cards

Subseries 7. Press Releases, 1995-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

The Press Releases sub-series consists of materials generated by the Fisher for Attorney General campaign to highlight Fisher's qualification as well as to introduce him and his positions.

Folder 24 Biographical and background information about Mike Fisher
Folder 25 Positions taken by Fisher during campaign

Includes Fisher's positions on: crime, environment, firearms, senior citizens, tobacco, and women's issues.

Folder 26 Press releases, November 1995-September 1996
Folder 27 Press releases, September-November 1996

Subseries 8. Subject Files 1972-1996

Scope and Content Notes:

The Subject Files sub-series is comprised of materials of which are too small to comprise their own groupings. As such it consists a range of material including campaign stickers, balloons, brochures, and other ephemera; debates; events and agendas for Fisher; general election results; instructional guides to campaign staffers; non-Attorney General candidate information; and Republican State Committee information.

Box 4
Folder 1 Campaign ephemera and other materials
Folder 2 Election results
Folder 3 Endorsements
Folder 4 Fisher campaign agreements
Folder 5 Fisher tailgate party for PSU/Iowa game, October 1996
Folder 6 Joseph Kohn and D. Michael Fisher Bar Association debate transcript, October 17, 1996
Folder 7 1995 and 1996 newspaper directories
Folder 8 Phone bank instructions and scripts
Folder 9 Prime sponsor Bills of Fisher as a Senator and Representative, 1972-1996
Folder 10 Priority precincts
Folder 11 Questionnaires
Folder 12 Reports on campaign activities
Folder 13 Representative meeting agendas
Folder 14 Republican State Committee delegates committed to Fisher
Folder 15 Republican State Committee political brochures, 1994-1996
Folder 16 Schedules
Folder 17 Sheriffs' party affiliations of counties in Pennsylvania
Folder 18 Bob Shuster for Congress campaign materials

Subseries 9. Trips and Travels During Campaign

Scope and Content Notes:

The Trips and Travels sub-series documents Fisher's travels around Pennsylvania during the 1996 Attorney General Campaign.

Folder 19 Proposed trips
Folder 20 Statewide tour, October-November 1996