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Series XII. New Left Organizations

Scope and Content Notes:

In contrast to the Old Left, the New Left did not feature tightly knit organizations with bureaucratic structures, disciplined policy formation, strategic planning, or even something as simple as formal membership lists. Instead “the Movement,” as participants frequently called it, consisted of a wildly fluctuating body of free-floating activists united by a common political style and sensibility. This section of the American Left Ephemera collection includes ephemera produced by a broad range of single issue organizations, short-lived local organizing committees, ad hoc groups, and underground newspapers. Also included here are publications of the Radical Education Project, a New Left publishing cooperative—loosely affiliated with SDS-- located in Ann Arbor and later Detroit, Michigan; and portions of the National Guardian, an Old Left newspaper founded by fellow travelers in 1948 that made a transition to New Left orientation in the 1960s.

See also SDS, SPU, Vietnam,Feminism

Box 7
Folder 102 "Patching Up the Movement", A First Aid Manual, By Linda Borenstein, John Johansson and Richard Winklestern
Folder 103 "The Meaning of Economic Imperialism", By James O'Connor
Folder 104 "Stock Ownership and the Control of Corporations", By Don Villarejo
Folder 105 "I'd Rather Vote for Something I Want...", A Brief Introduction to the Human Rights Party Pamphlet
Folder 106 "The Other Israel", A Critique of Zionist History and Policy, By the Israeli Socialist Organization (MATZPEN)
Folder 107 "Free Lee Thomas & the Lansing 7" Flyer
Folder 108 "The Chairman!", Classwar Comix
Folder 109 "The People's Party" Flyer
Folder 110 "Rostow's Stages of Economic Growth through Escalation to Nuclear Destruction", By Andre Gunder Frank
Folder 111 "The Human Rights Party, Ann Arbor City Council Record" Pamphlet
Folder 112 Assorted Letterheads (5) for Various Leftist Groups
Folder 113 Monthly Planet, October 3, 1969
Folder 114 Assorted Papers (3) from the Peace and Freedom Club, 1968
Folder 115 CNVA Bulletin, May 3, 1962
Folder 116 Spring Movement, April 8, 1971
Folder 117 "How to Research Your Own Hometown", By Robert K. Lamb
Folder 118 "The Decline of American Radicalism in the Twentieth Century", By Gabriel Kolko
Folder 119 Philadelphia Free Press (2), September 15, 1969 and December 15, 1970
Folder 120 "The Earth Belongs to the People", Ecology & Power, 1970
Folder 121 "San Diego Convention Coalition", 1972
Folder 122 "Genetic Engineering", Science and Society Series, November, 1973
Folder 123 Issue!, April 15, 1968
Folder 124 34th Street, October 11, 1966
Folder 125 "The Struggle Inside"
Folder 126 "Basis of Unity for the Campus Anti-Imperialist Coalition"
Folder 127 "New Left May Day Manifesto", 1967
Folder 128 "On University Neutrality" May, 1970
Folder 129 "Suggestions for RSU Structure and Committees for Fall Quarter"
Folder 130 "Where It's At", A Research Guide for Community Organizing, By Jill Hamberg, 1967
Folder 131 Flyer for a Benefit Concert for Senator George McGovern
Folder 132 "Trashman the Avenger" Comic
Folder 133 "Call to Public Vigil and Witness" Flyer, November 1965
Folder 134 "Davin City Council" Flyer
Folder 135 "Guess Who's Coming to Palo Alto?" Flyer, April 8 1972
Folder 136 The Sewer, V.1, N.1, May 3 1967
Folder 137 The Sewer: The Van Nuys Underground V. IV, N, 5, 1969
Folder 138 Invitation letter to 23rd Testimonial Dinner of the Los Angeles Committee for the Defense of the Bill of Rights, November 8 1973
Folder 139 "Yeah A Look at the White Problem" Pamphlet, December 1963

Box 8
Folder 1 "Who Makes the Violence? a forum on Police-Citizen Confrontation" Flyer, September 15 1968
Folder 2 "Don't Shop at Hudsons Boycott Farrah Pants" Flyer, December 1973
Folder 3 An Open Letter to President Kennedy, November 16 1961
Folder 4 "The Youth Peace Corps and the Cold War" Memo, 1961
Folder 5 "The Pacifist Ethic and Humanism" Pamphlet, ca. 1961
Folder 6-19 The Spectacle - Vol. 1 No. 1-Vol. 3 No. 4, March 1974-January 1976

Box 14
Folder 24 The New Liberator, March 16 1962
Folder 25 The New Liberator, June 7 1962
Folder 26 "No More Broken Treaties" Flyer
Folder 27 La Wisp (3), May-June, 1969 and October, 1969
Folder 28 Freedom is a Constant Struggle--Defend Victims of Racism and Repression
Folder 29 Outcry from Occupied Berkeley
Folder 30 Anti-Imperialist Peoples' Communique June 19th, 1972
Folder 31 "Balls The Ungarbled Word", 1968
Folder 32 "Resistance At Penn" Flyer, April 11 1967
Folder 33 The Two Souls Of Socialism, by Hal Draper, 1966
Folder 34 People Against Rizzo Newsletter, 1971
Folder 35 General Meeting Campus Anti-Imperialist Coalition Flyer, March 1 1972
Folder 36 Peace, Freedom, Jobs Flyer, March 28 1970
Folder 37 California-Berkeley Bail Bucket Flyer