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Subseries 4. Polls, 1978

Scope and Content Notes:

Throughout the campaign, but especially in the summer months, the need to carefully monitor progress was essential. As Thornburgh was not well known across the state and now was opposed by Flaherty, who had previously campaigned statewide and who also had the decided advantage of far greater Democratic voter registration, meticulous polling was vital. Market Opinion Research (MOR), presented detailed information at a critical time, and in fact was used during the years of Thornburgh’s governorship as well. It was during the summer that the alarming realization that Thornburgh was 30 points behind became known within the campaign. Fortunately, however, the campaign staff successfully kept this under wraps so that the essential fundraising would not be affected. Indeed as the campaign neared its end, the 15-point gap was hailed as momentum in early October, although that in itself was worrisome. These August polls and surveys provided significant guidance at a pivotal time in the campaign itself and related to fundraising. The polls material all dates from 1978.

Folder 18 PA Voting Analysis, August 1978
Folder 19 PA Statewide Analysis, August 1978
Folder 20 Binder, PA Statewide Study, Data, August 1978