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Subseries 3. Visions of the World: CM 10th Anniversary Celebration, 1998-2001

Scope and Content Notes:

Community Media’s 10th Anniversary saw an expansion in the number and variety of the organization’s projects, and was the occasion for “Visions of the World” (1999) and “Visions of the World: Uncensored” (2000), which included an African Film Festival and a Cuban Film Festival hosting native filmmaker Estella Bravo, as well as the “Living Legends” screening (2001), highlighting the careers of filmmaker Gordon Parks, Jr. and Harry Belafonte. The “Just Us” symposium on community relations with police included a preview of CM’s Gammage documentary. Documents of film screenings include press releases and news clippings, flyers, program schedules, related correspondence and invoices.

The “Living Legends” event included two components. Community Media hosted a belated 10th Anniversary celebration March 10, 2001 at the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland, at which filmmaker Gordon Parks, Jr. was presented with a lifetime achievement award by co-honoree Harry Belafonte. A screening series leading up the event showcased the two men’s work at community centers around Pittsburgh.

The Records of the 10th Anniversary Events Committee contain a 1999 schedule for the Parks/Belafonte event; the actual 2001 event was arranged by a special Events Committee. Committee records include meeting minutes, budget and personnel reports, schedules and correspondence relating to the event, as well as correspondence and background information for the artists. Contact lists compile volunteers, staff, and private and corporate sponsors. Event Invoices are records of corporate and private donations and ticket sales. Press releases and news clippings regarding the event include a print-out of Community Media’s Web site circa March, 2001. “Living Legends” screening records include volunteer and presentation schedules, event flyers and flyer distribution lists, attendee demographics and mailing lists. Demographics were collected and opinions solicited at each event. The 10th Anniversary Event program documents the evening of March 10, 2001 in detail; photographs are filed in Series VI., Media Recordings.

Box 3
Folder 1 10th Anniversary Planning Committee Records, 1998-2000
Folder 2 “Just Us”: Community Symposium on Justice Records, 1998
Folder 3 Visions of the World, 1999
Folder 4 Visions: Uncensored, African film festival Records, 1999
Folder 5 Visions: Uncensored, Cuban film festival Records, 2000
Folder 6 “Living Legends” Event Planning Committee Records, 2000-2001
Folder 7 “Living Legends” Sponsors and Volunteers Lists
Folder 8 “Living Legends” Event Invoices, 1998-2001
Folder 9 “Living Legends” Press Releases and News Clippings, 2001
Folder 10 “Living Legends” Flyers, 2001
Folder 11 “Living Legends” Screenings Schedule and Attendance Evaluations, 2001
Folder 12 10th Anniversary Event “Living Legends” Program and Specs, 2001
Folder 13 10th Anniversary Event Evaluations, 2001
Folder 14 10th Anniversary Event Images, 2001