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Collection Inventory

Series I. American Civil Liberties Union, Pittsburgh Chapter Correspondence, 1962-1967

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains internal organizational correspondence primarily related to Kerr’s service as chair of the Pittsburgh chapter of the ACLU. It encompasses a broad range of topics, including fair housing, public school de-segregation, capital punishment, rights of the accused, employee loyalty oaths, censorship, academic freedom, student rights, school prayer, freedom of speech, and the abolition of the U.S. House Committee on Un-American Activities. Also scattered among the correspondence are news clippings, newsletters, financial reports, and meeting minutes.

Box 1
Folder 1-24 Correspondence, 1962-1967

Series II. American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania Correspondence, 1967-1978

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains internal organizational correspondence primarily related to Kerr’s tenure as president of the ACLU of Pennsylvania. It covers an extensive variety of topics including, women’s rights (the Equal Rights Amendment, sex discrimination and abortion rights), civil rights (fair housing, public school de-segregation, racial discrimination in employment), criminal justice (capital punishment, rights of the accused and the right to a fair trial), civil liberties (employee loyalty oaths, censorship and FBI surveillance), conscientious objection to selective service, and academic freedom. Also scattered among the correspondence are news clippings, press releases, meeting minutes, budgets, and election results.

Folder 25-36 Correspondence, 1967-1970

Box 2
Folder 1-24 Correspondence, 1970-1978

Series III. General Correspondence, 1956-1971

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains personal correspondence primarily related to Kerr’s law practice and political activities. It covers a wide variety of topics including the 1960 Kennedy presidential campaign, censorship, conscientious objection to selective service, civil rights, criminal justice, fair housing, affirmative action in the construction trades, school integration, students’ rights, and FBI surveillance of political activists. Included in this correspondence are copies of sixteen letters to the editor from 1966 to 1970 and texts of nine speeches from 1966 to 1968.

Folder 25-40 Correspondence, 1956-1965

Box 3
Folder 1-23 Correspondence, 1966-1971

Series IV. Subject Files, 1945-2004

Scope and Content Notes:

This series contains subject research files primarily related to Kerr’s law practice and public speaking engagements. It spans a broad range of topics, including school integration, abortion rights, affirmative action in the construction trades, capital punishment, censorship, rights of mentally ill, selective service, fair housing, rights of the accused, de-criminalization of drugs, separation of church and state, and the rights of students and teachers. Also included are some files on Kerr’s academic work at Carnegie Mellon University and Point Park College.

Folder 24-25 Abortion, 1966-1974
Folder 26 Academic Freedom in Secondary Schools, 1967
Folder 27 Americans for Democratic Action, 1970-1974
Folder 28 Black Community, 1969
Folder 29 Black Construction Coalition, 1969
Folder 30 Brown v. Board of Education, 1970-1972
Folder 31 Campisi, Carmello Case File
Folder 32-33 Capital Punishment, 1965-1985
Folder 34 Carnegie Mellon University, 1972-1979
Folder 35-36 Carnegie Mellon University, Program for Executives, 1971-1973
Folder 37-38 Censorship, 1960-1969
Folder 39 Centerville Clinics, Incorporated, Mental Health and Mental Retardation Program, Fredericktown, PA, 1975
Folder 40 Circle Program, Pittsburgh Public Schools, 1973-1974
Folder 41 Civil Commitment of the Mentally IL, 1969
Folder 42 Civil Liberties and the American Civil Liberties Union, 1967-1975

Box 4
Folder 1-2 Corporal Punishment, 1965-1977
Folder 3 Draft Deferment Case Letters, 1972
Folder 4 Drugs, 1967-1972
Folder 5 Dwelling House Building and Loan Association, 1968-1976
Folder 6 Dwelling House Savings and Loan Association, 1973-1976
Folder 7 Federal Crime Insurance Program, U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1971-1976
Folder 8 Home Rule Charter for the People of Pittsburgh, Discussion Draft, September 1973
Folder 9 Law Enforcement and the Rights of the Accused, 1963-1967
Folder 10 Lowenstein, Al, U.S. Senate Campaign, 1973-1974
Folder 11 Malone, Thomas Case File, August 20, 1975
Folder 12 Non-Heartbeating Organ Donors, 1991-1993
Folder 13-14 Non-Profit Bail Bonding Corporation, 1969-1972
Folder 15 Oskoui, M. Case File, 1972-1976
Folder 16 Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders, Inc., 1971
Folder 17-18 Point Park College, 1964-1975
Folder 19-20 Prayer and Bible Reading in the Public Schools, 1958-1965, 1982, 1991
Folder 21 Pre-trial Justice Project, American Friends Service Committee, 1968-1971
Folder 22 Retention Committee, Retreat State Hospital, Hunlock Creek, PA, 1977
Folder 23 Rights of Children, 1971-1975
Folder 24-26 Rights of Students in Private Institutions, 1961-1966, 1969-1981
Folder 27 Rights of Teachers and Students in Secondary Schools, 1969-1972
Folder 28-29 Selective Service, 1968-1972, 1982
Folder 30 Senate Bill 1, 1976
Folder 31-39 Singer, Nathan Case File, 1945-1976
Folder 40-42 Students' Rights, 1963-1969

Box 5
Folder 1 Unitarian Church, 1971-1973
Folder 2-3 Wage-Price Freeze, August 1971 - January 1972
Folder 4 Watergate, 1974
Folder 5-6 Welfare Rights, 1965-1969

Box 6
Folder 1 Civil and Labor Rights Articles
Folder 2 Elaine Mittleman, 1987
Folder 3 Personal Correspondence
Folder 4 Allegheny Bar Association Memorial Service for Marjorie Hanson Matson, Esq. Eulogy by Kerr, 1980
Folder 5 Correspondence with Carnegie Mellon University
Folder 6 Correspondence
Folder 7 Home Rule Charter Draft, 1973
Folder 8 Research on Ethics in City Government
Folder 9 Manuscript regarding Presidential Impeachment
Folder 10-11 Carnegie Tech Ideas, Fall 1966
Folder 12 Carnegie Tech, Fall 1965
Folder 13 Carnegie Tech
Folder 14-15 Zimbabwe 8
Folder 16 Ingersoll-Rand and Flow International Corporation Merger, 1994
Folder 17 City of Pittsburgh Personnel Appeals Board, 1989
Folder 18 City of Pittsburgh Personnel Appeals Board, 1980-1985

Box 7
Folder 1 City of Pittsburgh Personnel Appeals Board
Folder 2 Lawsuits against Cities as Employers
Folder 3 Lillian Roberts and William Terrell v. City of Pittsburgh
Folder 4 Ray Wolfgang Appeal, 1990
Folder 5 David M. Stangl v. City of Pittsburgh, 1990
Folder 6 City of Pittsburgh Personnel Appeals Board, 1984-1990
Folder 7 Gloria Novak v. City of Pittsburgh
Folder 8 City of Pittsburgh Personnel Appeals Board Correspondence, 1984-1989
Folder 9-15 Kerr Interview Transcripts, 2004
Folder 16 Kerr Obituaries and Articles
Folder 17 City of Pittsburgh Personnel Appeals Board Cases

Box 8
Folder 1 Correspondence with Melanie Smith, November 19, 1984
Folder 2 "The New People", Thomas Merton Center, May 1984
Folder 3 “Mr. Civil Liberties” Dinner Honoring Kerr, October 25, 1995
Folder 4 Atlantic City Casino Articles
Folder 5 Correspondence, 1993
Folder 6 Teaching Materials, 1984-1993
Folder 7 Freedom of Speech and Expression
Folder 8 Michael T. Newell v. City of Pittsburgh Civil Service Commission, 1991
Folder 9 Contact Lists
Folder 10 Personal Correspondence, 1990
Folder 11 American Civil Liberties Union, Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, Inc. v. City of Pittsburgh
Folder 12 Hate Speech
Folder 13 Free Speech and Press, 1992
Folder 14 Presidential Commemorative Print, 1995
Folder 15 Clippings, 1992-1993
Folder 16 Complaint of Judicial Misconduct, 1987
Folder 17 Letter to Working Assets Funding Service, August 1988
Folder 18 Correspondence, 1989-1994
Folder 19 Clippings, Mid-Atlantic County, July 1994
Folder 20 Thomas Paine
Folder 21 ACLU Reports
Folder 22 Mt. Lebanon Committee and Voting, 1964
Folder 23 Allegheny County Democratic Committee
Folder 24 Kerr Court Documents
Folder 25 Americans for Democratic Action, 1984
Folder 26 Baptist Homes, 1979
Folder 27 Labor and Civil Liberties, 2003
Folder 28 Grand Jury Abuse, 1978
Folder 29 George Countz v. Children’s Hospital and Servicemaster Industries, Inc., 1979
Folder 30 American Civil Liberties Union, 1977-1978
Folder 31 University Relations with Intelligence Agencies
Folder 32 Correspondence, 1970s
Folder 33 Freedom of the Press