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This collection is arranged alphabetically by subject into 28 series; the list is arranged by type.

Series I. African Americans and the Left

Series II. Anarchists

Series III. Anti-War Propaganda

Series IV. Christian Socialism

Series V. Citizens Party

Series VI. Communists and Civil Liberties

Series VII. Communist Party USA (CPUSA)

Series VIII. Ethnic Radicalism

Series IX. Feminism, Gay and Lesbian

Series X. Labor

Series XI. Leftist Organizations Thought in Relation to the Rest of the World and U.S. Economics/Imperialism

Series XII. New Left Organizations

Series XIII. Other Radical/Leftist Organizations

Series XIV. Popular Front Culture

Series XV. Progressive Party

Series XVI. Socialist Labor Party (SLP)

Series XVII. Socialist Party USA (SPUSA)

Series XVIII. Socialist Worker's Party (SWP)

Series XIX. Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

Series XX. Student Peace Union (SPU)

Series XXI. Utopian Socialism

Series XXII. Vietnam War

Series XXIII. Realia: Pins and Other Objects

Series XXIV. Twenty-First Century Radical Movements

Series XXV. Democratic Socialism

Series XXVI. Food Not Bombs

Series XXVII. Populists/Pre-Populists

Series XXVIII. Radical Academics