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Subseries 2. Pennsylvania

Box 20
Folder 19 "Who Decides- Corporations, or 'We The People'?" Gas Extraction Flyer, 2011
Folder 20 Rally for a Responsible Budget Flyer
Folder 21 "In April We Take a Stand for Workers like Donnell Simmons" Clean Up Sodexo Flyer
Folder 22 Occupy: JP Morgan Flyer, 2011
Folder 23 Occupy Chant Leaflet, 2011
Folder 24 Fight Back America Flyer
Folder 25 Bring Them Home Now! Flyer, 2005
Folder 26 Thank You Snowden Sticker
Folder 27 Rally For Single-Payer Healthcare, (3 items), October 2009
Folder 28 "Why U.S. Workers Need a Labor Party" Pamphlet
Folder 29 "Dear Occupiers: A Letter from Anarchists", 2011
Folder 30 Mumia Abu-Jamal items: 2 Pamphlets, 1 Petition, 2011
Folder 31 Battle of Homestead Foundation Schedule of Pump House Events, April 2014
Folder 32 Audit the Fed Flyer, February 2009
Folder 33 $1,000,000 Bill: Biblical Outreach
Folder 34 No Bad Cops Leaflet
Folder 35 "Mobilization for Climate Justice", December 2009
Folder 36A "Something is Terribly Wrong..."
Folder 36B "Enough!!"