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Subseries 1. New Mexico

Box 20
Folder 1 "In the Name of Sustainability" Taos Flyer, November 2013
Folder 2 "Food Activists Cited" Flyer. Taos, June 2013
Folder 3 "Night at the Puppetista", Taos Alehouse
Folder 4 Taos Vegan Meetup, Double-sided flyer
Folder 5 Pecha Kucha Night flyer. Taos (2 Copies)
Folder 6 Freedom in Music Project fundraiser leaflet. Taos (2 Copies), August 2013
Folder 7 Code Pink Flyers (2). Taos
Folder 8 "The Message of the Bulldozers". Taos, July 2008
Folder 9 Taos World Peace Conference, May 2009
Folder 10 Taos Peace House and Infoshop Volunteer Flyers (2)
Folder 11 Global Peace Walk Brochure. Taos, 2012
Folder 12 "World Peace Week: Peace is Possible" Flyer. Taos
Folder 13 Habitat for Humanity Affiliate Brochure, Taos
Folder 14 Peaceful Skies Coalition Flyer
Folder 15 "Voices From the Land" Flyer for Sovereign Dineh Nation event (2 Copies)
Folder 16 "Stand Up!" Comment on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, 2011
Folder 17 "Restore the Constitution" License Plate Civil Disobedience Flyer, (2 Copies), September 2013
Folder 18 "The Change We Knead Now" Bake Bread for World Peace, July 2009