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Section: Lovestonites

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In 1929 the CPUSA expelled former Party General Secretary Jay Lovestone and a substantial group of followers including Benjamin Gitlow, the CP’S 1924 and 1928 VP candidate. The Lovestone group supported the Soviet faction aligned with Nicholai Bukharin and opposed Comintern Third Period polices which they considered (correctly) sectarian and impractical. Initially the Lovestone group considered itself a loyal opposition to the officially recognized leadership of the CPUSA, but gradually developed a separate organizational identity. Although the group’s membership never exceeded a few hundred, it had more influence than might be expected both because officials in several unions respected the advice of prominent Lovestoneites and because the group included several important public intellectuals. Lovestone went on to a career as an activist against Communist influence in the labor movement, both domestic and foreign, and an advisor to portions of the U.S. national security apparatus concerned about that issue.

Box 10
Folder 1 "Marx and America" by Bertram Wolfe, 1934
Folder 2 "The Crisis in the Communist Party, U.S.A", Statement of the Principles of the Communist Party (Majority Group), February, 1930
Folder 3 "Pro-War Communism", By Veritas, 1937