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Series XXVIII. Radical Academics

Scope and Content Notes:

The New Left was disproportionately a movement of University students. Many went on to graduate school and then became professors in various academic disciplines. In many of the academic professional organizations these New Leftists organized radical caucuses to lobby on issues like the Vietnam War or racism, sponsor sessions at national meetings, or issue their own publications. Left-wing economists, for example, organized the Union for Radical Political Economy (URPE) and published substantial newsletter. The Radical Historians Organization created a journal, the Radical History Review that is still published today.

Box 26
Folder 4 Radical Historians Newsletter no. 76(2 Copies), June 1997
Folder 5 Radical Historians Newsletter no. 38, November 1982
Folder 6 Radical Teacher. 5 issues: 8-12, 1978-1979
Folder 7 Radical Teacher. 5 issues: 15-21, ca. 1980s
Folder 8 Radical Teacher. 4 issues: 23, 30, 34-35, ca. 1988

Box 38
Folder 26 Essays on the Social Relations of Work and Labor, A Special Issue of The Insurgent Sociologist, Fall 1978