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Series XXIII. Realia: Pins and Other Objects

Box 18 Anti-War Cemetery Pin
May Day, International Workers' Day Pin
Workers' Power Pin
Bring Justice to America's Fields in '76 Pin, 1975-1976
"We're here for you, you're out there for us" Pin
"Register for Peace - Indianapolis, May 22" Pin
"Peace" Pin
"Vote Socialist Workers in '72 - Jennings and Pulley" Pin
"Vote Socialist Worker in '68" Pin
"Vote Communist - Mitchell and Zagarell" Pin
"No Nukes" Pin
"Vote Socialist Workers in '72 - Linda Jennings for Pres." Pin
"Vote Socialist Workers in '72 - Andrew Pulley for V.P." Pin
"Amter for Congress" Pin

Box 36
Item 1 "E.R.A. in '76! Vote Socialist Workers" Pin
Item 2 "Death to the Shah: U.S. Imperialism Get Your Bloody Hands Off Iran!" RCYB Pin
Item 3 "Work for a Non-Nuclear World" Pin
Item 4 "Stop! Nuclear power/Nuclear Weapons" (2) Pin
Item 5 "Neutralize the C.I.A." Pin
Item 6 "No Nukes Now!" Pin
Item 7 "YSA" Pin
Item 8 "Bring Yanks Home/ Yank the Cops from Harlem/Vote Socialist Workers" Pin
Item 9 "Don't Mourn- Organize" Pin
Item 10 "Solar Employs, Nuclear Destroys" Pin
Item 11 "Moratorium IV" Pin
Item 12 "Energy for People Not Profit" People's Power Coalition Pin
Item 13 "Bring Peace to Vietnam/ Support the National Liberation Front" Pin
Item 14 "Make Love Not War" Pin
Item 15 "Political Suspensions M.A.P.S." Pin
Item 16 "Pulley for Vice-President" Pin
Item 17 "Keep Biafra Alive" Pin
Item 18 "Peace on Earth Work for Peace" Pin
Item 19 "No Tuition Tax War Profits" Pin
Item 20 "Impeach Nixon" Pin
Item 21 "Kill for Peace/Kill for Freedom/ Kill Vietnamese/ Kill,Kill!" Pin
Item 22 "El Salvador is Spanish for Vietnam" Pin
Item 23 "We're in Here for You/ You're Out There for Us" Pin
Item 24 "Peace" Pin
Item 25 "Peace Now!"
Item 26 "Caution: Military Service May Be Hazardous to Your Health" Pin

Box 36
Item 27 La Causa Pin, 1970