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Series XI. Leftist Organizations Thought in Relation to the Rest of the World and U.S. Economics/Imperialism

Scope and Content Notes:

Although they organized nationally based political parties, all of the Marxist parties considered themselves internationalists rather than nationalists. The SPUSA expressed this internationalism through its affiliation with the Socialist Second International. For the CPUSA its affiliation with the Communist Third International was even more fundamental to Party identity because the Comintern functioned in part as a franchising organization. The right of revolutionary activists anywhere in the world to call themselves Communist was contingent on their willingness to follow the discipline and policies of the Comintern. Therefore, not surprisingly both the SPUSA and the CPUSA paid close attention to events in many parts of the world and frequently circulated radical publications and pamphlets from other countries. Although New left organizations did not formally affiliate with bodies like the Second and Third Internationals, because the Vietnam War and more broadly Third World Revolution fundamentally shaped the New Left, New Left publications also addressed a wide range of international concerns and global issues.

Box 6
Folder 86 What are we doing in the Congo?, By Dr. Hyman Lumer, February, 1965
Folder 87 On Events in Czechoslovakia, Facts, Documents, Press Reports and Eye-Witness Accounts, 1968
Folder 88 76 Questions and Answers on the Bolsheviks and the Soviets, By Albert Rhys Williams
Folder 89 Freedom, Peace and Bread!, The Activities of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, Report by Wilhelm Pieck, October, 1935
Folder 90 Capitalist Stabilization Has Ended, Thesis and Resolutions of the Twelfth Plenum of the Executive Committee of the Communist International, September, 1932
Folder 91 Medical Relief Bulletin, Published by The Medical Bureau to Aid Spanish Democracy
Folder 92 The Social and State Structure of the U.S.S.R., By V. Karpinsky 1952
Folder 93 Toward a Land of Plenty, By A.I. Mikoyan, 1936
Folder 94 The Camp of Socialism and the Camp of Capitalism, By A.I. Mikoyan, 1952
Folder 95 Discurso Pronunciado En El XX Congreso Del P.C.U.S., By A.I. Mikoian, 1956
Folder 96 Soviet Economy, Twelve Questions Answered By P.S. Mstislavsky, November, 1962
Folder 97 The Struggle Against Imperialist War and the Tasks of the Communists, Resolution of the VI World Congress of the Communist International July-August, 1928, March, 1932
Folder 98 Turning Point in China, By Mao Tse-Tung, April, 1948
Folder 99 Whence the Differences?, A Reply to Thorez and Other Comrades, 1963
Folder 100 Long Live the Victory of the People's War!, In Commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of Victory in the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japan, By Lin Pao, 1965
Folder 101 Indo-China and World Peace, By Richard Walker, June, 1954
Folder 102 Report on the War in Indo-China, By Nicholas Read-Collins
Folder 103 For World Peace and Freedom, A Survey of the Twenty-Five Years of Soviet International Policy, By Alexander A. Troyanovsky
Folder 104 Continuous Working Week in the Soviet Union
Folder 105 Marx, Engels and Lenin on Ireland, By Ralph Fox, 1940
Folder 106 Japan's Drive for Conquest, By Grace Hutchins, 1935
Folder 107 Terror in Kenya, The Facts Behind the Present Crisis, December, 1952
Folder 108 Der Tag Begann..., Freiheit und Unabhangigkeit fur alle Volker
Folder 109 From the February Revolution to the October Revolution 1917, By A.F. Ilyin-Genevsky, 1931
Folder 110 The Next Step In Britain, America and Ireland, Speeches and Reports By Gusev, Pollitt, Troy and Pringle
Folder 111 Professionals in a Soviet America, By Edward Magnus, November, 1935
Folder 112 The Telephone and Telegraph Workers, By Hy Kravif, 1935

Box 7
Folder 1 This is America, By Derek Kartun, 1947
Folder 2 "Burning Cards and Flaming Villages", By James E. Jackson
Folder 3 Soviet Impressions, After an Interval of Eighteen Years, 1932-1950, By Dr. John A. Kingsbury
Folder 4 What Russia Did for Victory, By Sergei Kournakoff, October, 1945
Folder 5 Anti-Soviet Sabotage Exposed, By G.M. Krzhyzhanovsky
Folder 6 The Twenty-One Conditions of Admission Into the Communist International, By O. Piatnitsky, February, 1934
Folder 7 Communism in Latin America, A Report on Power Politics, By Stanley Ross, 1947
Folder 8 The Communist Party of France Manifesto
Folder 9 Les Conditions de la Grandeur Francais, January, 1959
Folder 10 L'Aggravation de la Situation Economique et Sociale et les Solutions Proposees par le Parti Communiste, January, 1959
Folder 11 La Lutte Pour la Restauration et la Renovation de la Democratie, January, 1959
Folder 12 Grasp the Weapon of Culture!, By V.J. Jerome, 1951
Folder 13 Do You Know Thaelmann?, By Henri Barbusse, June, 1934
Folder 14 The Revolutionary Crisis of 1918-1921 in Germany, England, Italy and France, By William Foster
Folder 15 Anti-Fascist Italy Speaks for a Government of Peace and Freedom in Italy!, Appeal of the "Italian National Front" at the Underground Conference in Milan, December, 1942
Folder 16 The Second International in Dissolution, By Bela Kun
Folder 17 15 Years of the Communist International
Folder 18 Our Ally The Soviet Union, By Robert Minor, January, 1942
Folder 19 Socialism Marches On in the Soviet Union, By James B. Turner, 1937
Folder 20 One War To Defeat Hitler, By Robert Minor, November, 1941
Folder 21 Japan Wars on the U.S.A., By Grace Hutchins, December, 1941
Folder 22 The Soviet Law On Marriage, 1933
Folder 23 The Assassination of Kirov, Proletarian Justice Versus White-Guard Terror, By M. Katz, February, 1935
Folder 24 Wyndham Mortimer Meets The Soviet Auto Workers
Folder 25 25 Years of Soviet Power, By Emelyan Yaroslavsky
Folder 26 The National Question in the Soviet Union, By M. Chekalin, June, 1941
Folder 27 The Red Army, June, 1934
Folder 28 Russian Women in the Building of Socialism, By Anna Razumova
Folder 29 The USSR Today, 50 Years of Socialism, By George Morris, January, 1967
Folder 30 The USSR and Finland, Historical, Economic, Political Facts and Documents, 1939
Folder 31 A History of Soviet Foreign Policy, By M. Ross, December, 1940
Folder 32 The Revolt on the Armoured Cruiser "Potemkin", By A. Kanatchikov
Folder 33 The Communists and the Liberation of Europe, By Maxine Levi, March, 1945
Folder 34 Book Publishing Under Tzarism, By M.S. Kedrov, 1932
Folder 35 The Individual in Soviet Law, By Leon Josephson, 1957
Folder 36 At the Moscow Trial, By D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P., 1937
Folder 37 Russia and the United States in War & Peace, By Daniel Howard, 1943
Folder 38 Espionage, Foreign Secret Service Recruiting Methods Against the Soviet Union, By S. Uranov, July, 1937
Folder 39 What About Russia?, An Honest Reply to Honest Questions, By Anna Louise Strong
Folder 40 What I Saw In The Soviet Union Today, By George Morris, August, 1959
Folder 41 A Tale of Two Workers, By David Englestein and Carl Hirsch, July, 1949
Folder 42 The Road to Woman's Freedom, By K. Kirsanova, January, 1935
Folder 43 Mita Sosialifascismi, Sen Historiallinen ja Teoreettinen Tausta, By Earl Browder, 1934
Folder 44 Soviet Woman, A Citizen With Equal Rights, By N. K. Krupskaya, 1937
Folder 45 Russia Our Ally, By A. Keesing
Folder 46 Protection of Motherhood and Childhood in the Soviet Union, 1933
Folder 47 New Aspects of Imperialism (2), By Peter Wieden, April, 1941
Folder 48 War in Africa, Italian Fascism Prepares to Enslave Ethiopia, By James W. Ford and Harry Gannes, June, 1935
Folder 49 This Is Our Enemy, By Peter Wieden, March, 1943
Folder 50 Spain Defends Democracy, August, 1936
Folder 51 "Speech by Harold L. Ickes Secretary of the Interior To the 2nd American Slav Congress", 1944
Folder 52 Assorted American Congress/League for Peace and Democracy Documents
Folder 53 "Draft Program and Purpose for 1939 As Submitted by the Executive Board to the National Congress", December 20, 1938
Folder 54 "How Cuba Uprooted Race Discrimination", By Harry Ring, June, 1961
Folder 55 "Italy Under Fascism", Its Economic, Political and Moral Aspects, Discussed By Professor Gaetano Salvemini and Professor Bruno Roselli, February, 1927
Folder 56 "The Fate of Trade Unions Under Fascism", By Francis J. Gorman, Alfons Goldschmidt, and Gaetano Salvemini, April, 1937
Folder 57 "Geography of Korea", By V.T. Zaichikov, 1952
Folder 58 "300 Million Slaves and Serfs", Labor Under the Fascist New Economic Order, By Jurgen Kuczynski, 1943
Folder 59 "American Economic Imperialism", A Survey of the Literature, By William Caspary
Folder 60 "The Austrian Civil War", By James O'Neal
Folder 61 "What is the Five Year Plan?", Building Up Socialism
Folder 62 "Primera Conferencia Sindical Mundial de la Juventud Trabajadora", 1958
Folder 63 "Tito's Plot Against Europe", The Story of the Rajk Conspiracy in Hungary, By Derek Kartun, 1950
Folder 64 "The Counter-Revolutionary Forces in the October Events in Hungary"
Folder 65 "Who Fights for a Free Cuba?", By Martin Kaye and Louise Perry
Folder 66 "What Next in France?", By Maurice Thorez, November, 1948
Folder 67 "The Epic of the Black Sea Revolt", By Andre Marty, March, 1941
Folder 68 "The Unity of the French Nation", By Maurice Thorez, 1936
Folder 69 "Le Front Populaire C'est la Guerre", June, 1937
Folder 70 "Cinq Ans de Dictature Hitlerienne", By N. Marceau, 1938
Folder 71 "French Miners Say", 1953
Folder 72 "How France Was Betrayed", By Andre Marty, May, 1941
Folder 73 "Where France Begins", What I Saw In Algiers, By Frank Pitcairn
Folder 74 "L'Heure de la France a Sonne", By Andre Marty, 1943
Folders 75 Pour la Veritable Grandeur Francaise, "La Lutte Pour L'Union des Forces Democratiques et Nationales", January, 1959
Folder 76 "Juifs Russes", Le Bund et le Sionisme, Un Voyage D'Etudes
Folder 77 "Pour L'Ecole de Peuple", By G. Cogniot
Folder 78 "Les Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Francais", By Fernand Grenier, 1944
Folder 79 "Des Jeunes Qui Servent L'Interet de la France", January, 1959
Folder 80 "The Truth About Korea"
Folder 81 "The Crisis in India", By James S. Allen, September, 1942
Folder 82 "Hands-Off Guatemala!"
Folder 83 "The Struggle for Liberation in Brazil", By Luis Carlos Prestes June, 1936
Folder 84 "Brazil", By Bryan Green, 1937
Folder 85 "Formosa", Fact and Fiction, By John W. Powell
Folder 86 "The Economics of Barbarism", Hitler's New Economic Order in Europe, By J. Kuczynski and M. Witt, 1942
Folder 87 "Ernst Thaelmann", The Leader of the German Workers, By R. Groetz, July, 1934
Folder 88 "El Salvador: Is There No Limit to U.S. Lies?", February 27, 1981
Folder 89 NACLA's Latin America & Empire Report, "Women's Labor, Also: Women in Chile", September, 1975
Folder 90 "El Salvador"
Folder 91 "Soviet Democracy and the War", By William Z. Foster, December, 1943
Folder 92 "Haiti Faces Tomorrow's Peace", By Max L. Hudicourt
Folder 93 "Youth in the World War", By V. Motyleva
Folder 94 "Vietnamese Intellectuals Against U.S. Aggression", 1966
Folder 95 "The Truth About Anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union", By Tom O'Connor
Folder 96 "Soviet 'Anti-Semitism' - The Big Lie!", By Moses Miller
Folder 97 "Religion Today in the U.S.S.R.", By Rev. William Howard Melish
Folder 98 Crisis in the Middle East, "Which Way Israel?", By A.B. Magil, February, 1956
Folder 99 "A Churchman Examines American-Soviet Relations", By Rev. William Howard Melish
Folder 100 "We Were There", A Report on the World Jewish Conference Against German Rearmament, June 18-19, 1955, Paris, France, October, 1955
Folder 101 Dissent, A Culture in Torment, "The Plight of the Jews in the Soviet Union", By David W. Weiss July-August, 1966

Box 14
Folder 23 Assorted "Informacion Italiana" Publications, 1944-1945

Box 24
Folder 1 "Eight Hour Work Day" August Walquist, 1908
Folder 2 "Some Basic Facts About China" Supplement, January 1974
Folder 3 "For the Unity of the International Communist Movement" pamphlet, 1963
Folder 4 IWW Songbook, 1984
Folder 5 Program of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1961

Box 32
Folder 1 "A Quotation from Chairman Mao" Supplement to 1971 China Pictorial, 1971

Box 34
Folder 3 "Solidarity with the People of Corea" Cuban OSPAAL Poster
Folder 4 "La Guinee" OSPAAL Poster