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Series II. Anarchists

Scope and Content Notes:

Several waves of anarchists participated in left-wing movements in the U.S., sometimes in tension with the Marxists who led the SPUSA, the CPUSA, and other left-wing organizations. From the late 1800s through the 1930s anarcho-communists predominated in anarchist circles. Like Marxists they considered private capital ownership inherently exploitative, but since they considered all authority illegitimate they criticized Marxists’ commitment to state ownership of the means of production. Other tendencies including syndicalism, communitarianism, and individualist libertarianism also influenced anarchist thought and practice.

Anarchist influence declined after the 1920s but small circles persisted not only preserving the anarchist tradition, but also developing new ideas that would become influential with the rebirth of anarchism in the 1960s. More recently many young anarchists seeking intellectual inspiration have gravitated toward anarchism in part because of the perceived intellectual and moral exhaustion of the Marxist tradition.

Although the collection includes examples from all of these waves of anarchism, anarchist materials are under-represented in the American Left Ephemera Collection because they could not match the resources of organizations like the SPUSA or CPUSA or even the Trotskyist parties so nearly all the material they produced appeared in very small numbers and has not been widely preserved.

Box 1
Folder 123 Alternative, V1, N3, June 1948
Folder 124 Alternative, V1, N6, November 1948
Folder 125 Alternative, V1, N9, February 1949
Folder 126 Alternative, V2, N1, May-June 1949
Folder 127 Alternative, V2. N2, October 1949
Folder 128 Alternative, V2. N3, November 1949
Folder 129 Alternative, V2. N6, February 1950
Folder 130 Alternative, V2. N7, March 1950
Folder 131 Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, 2007
Folder 132 IMPACT, The Religious Right: Corrupting the Cross and the Constitution, 2006
Folder 133 IMPACT, 2006
Folder 134 Sling Shot, 2008
Folder 135 Profane Existence - Issue #6, October-November 1990
Folder 136 Workers Democracy - Vol. 2 No. 3, September 2001
Folder 137 Soapbox - Vol. 7 Issue 3, June 2007
Folder 138 Slug + Lettuce - Issue #88, Summer 2006
Folder 139 Radical Def - Issue #6, Summer 2001
Folder 140 Fifth Estate - Vol. 39 No. 1, Spring 2004
Folder 141 The Insurgent - Vol. 18 No. 2, January 2007
Folder 142 Econews - Vol. 37 No. 7, August 2007

Box 13
Folder 29 Libertat, Butletti interior d'informancio de la Associacio Catalana d'ex-presos politics, May-June, 1978
Folder 30 Mother Earth, Vol. XI No. 3, June 1916
Folder 31 Mother Earth, Vol. XI No. 4, July 1916
Folder 32 Black Star, Vol. 1 No. 1, ca. 1975
Folder 33 The Road to Freedom Newspaper, March, 1928

Box 20
Folder 82 "Socialism!" Pamphlet, A.J. Starkweather and S. Robert Wilson, 1883
Folder 83 "Retort" Vol. 3 No. 4, Spring 1947
Folder 84 "Slingshot" Issues 104.1 and 115, 2010-2014
Folder 85 "Anarchy and Is it All a Dream?" Pamphlet, Enrico Malatesta and James F. Morton, June 1900
Folder 86 "Decentralization and Liberation in the Workplace" Greg Guma, 1976
Folder 87 "Emancipation" Vol. 6 Issue 2 No. 44, February 1983
Folder 88 "The Roman Catholic Church and the Modern Age", Reprint. F.A. Ridley, 1958
Folder 89 "Does God Exist?: 12 Proofs on the Inexistence of God" Sebastien Faure
Folder 90 "The Bolsheviks and Workers Control"- Maurice Brinton, 1970
Folder 91 "Moribund Society and Anarchy"- Jean Grave and Voltarine de Cleyre, September 1899